Wednesday, March 31, 2010

House Guest, Cleaning and More

Where does the time go? Geez, I tell myself to post everyday and before I know it several days have past. The last couple of days have been busy. Yesterday it rained and snowed, although the snow did not stick. ( sad face). Maybe next winter I will get my much beloved snow! The other day I was out in the stall area writing down everything that needs to be done as soon as the weather gets warm enough. Stalls need to be washed, mats scrubbed, more granite in the breezeway, etc....

As I was standing there jotting down everything I noticed a clump of something in one of the horses stalls. Hmmmm, what the heck is that! It was the start of a birds nest made with horse and donkey hair. I have no idea where it came from otherwise I would have put it back, but with so many trees and the bird houses around, well, I just didn't know. I put it by the barn door in case a bird wanted to take it. But before I did that of course a pic had to be taken.

There are a couple of wonderful Donkeys that chew on wood. Well, they finally managed to eat through the top of a pole that is out in the front pasture. The pole is cemented into the ground and to be honest, I just don't want to dig it out. But I also don't want half a pole sticking out of the ground where one of the horses or donkeys could hurt themselves on. A few years back I remembered seeing an article in a horse magazine where old brushes were screwed onto trees for the animals to rub on. Well, why not use that same idea on the pole! So, into the barn, rummaged through an old box and found some brushes that are no longer used. Yeah, I know, why still have them when they weren't being used.

I'm one of those people who hold onto something because I just know there is going to be a use for it. And sure enough this time those old brushes would get used. Although I was only able to put on two rubber brushes before my electric drill battery needed to be recharged. Later today or tomorrow I'll put the other brushes on.

We have a house guest for awhile. This is Otto. He belongs to my middle daughter and she had to find him a temporary home for awhile. Where she lives there are no pets allowed. Well, the landlord found out and it was either get rid of the cat or get evicted. Hence, the reason why the cat is here. As soon as she finds another place that accepts pets she will take her cat back with her. This guy acts like he has lived here his whole life!

And speaking of cats, that reminds me of litter boxes. I don't know anyone who likes to dig through litter for cat poo and I really don't like that chore. It is the dreaded chore!

Anyway, I use the clumping litter and it works great, but, a few of the cats insist on pushing all the litter aside and then they pee on the bottom, then they cover it up. Well, the pee sticks to the plastic bottom and a pooper scooper just isn't strong enough to scrape it off. When I was at the auto parts store an idea popped into my head. An ice scraper to scrape the wet, sticky litter off the bottom. So, I bought one and guess what? It works like a charm! Make sure you get a long handle one so your hand doesn't actually touch the litter as you are scraping. ( Don't ask me how I learned that one). lol

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Cattle Call Farm, I can't leave comments on your blog. I have tried everything. And I want to leave comments!!! Help!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Silent Sunday

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Friday, March 26, 2010

My Dog

This morning as I was reading blogs and drinking coffee, I looked down to see my dog, Honey Dog laying right next to my chair. Wherever I am, she is. A big smile came across my face as she lay there so content. She is my shadow that's for sure. I think I have talked about her before, but since I love her so much, she is worth talking about again.

She is very protective over me. When we are home alone and she hears a sound out of the ordinary she gets really close to me and starts growling and barking. Heck, she still barks at my oldest daughter when she walks into the house.

Honey Dog is not good with kids ( not that that many kids ever come here), but when there is a kid, I have to put her out into the playroom. Whenever friends come over, I ask them to wait before coming into the house so I can put her up, or I tell them that there is a dog in the house that is very protective and not to make any sudden movements until Honey Dog checks them out.
She is part German Shepherd, part Boxer and part Pit Bull. She is a great dog. When she was younger, before I got her, she had been attacked by a neighbor dog who ripped her face up pretty good. She is missing a small piece of her upper lip and she has scars on her belly from another dog that attacked her.
We have a game we play. All I have to do is hold out my hand and start wriggling my fingers and say, "Tummy time" and she knows what's going to happen next. She gets her tummy rubbed.

Honey Dog is seven years old now and is having trouble with her hips. So she gets pills everyday to help her. One of them is Fish Oil which is great for her joints.

She has one funny little quirk that cracks me. Whenever I get the nail clippers out to trim my nails, she gets very upset and starts whining. Therefore, I cannot trim my nails in front of her. It upsets her that much. You ask if I can trim her nails? Nope. I believe that when she was younger she had a really bad experience with having her nails trimmed which has resulted in her getting very anxious when she see clippers. Thankfully we have a cement area that she has to go through to get to the yard and that keeps her nails short enough.

Here is Honey Dog and Doug. He is the only cat that she allows to get close to her. Oh she is good with the other cats, but tolerates them. Doug for some reason she likes. Go figure.

And speaking of Doug. Yesterday he went to the vet to get neutered. Last night the only way he would sleep is if I was holding him. When I had to get up and do something he would follow me weebling and wobbling until I picked him up and sat back down.
This morning after the sedative wore off, well, I think the look on his face says it all!

As the morning wore on he was coming around to his old self. This is him wanting 'uppy'. When he wants to be picked up he meows very loud and stretches himself up my leg to tell me he wants up. Of course I pick him up every time. Who can resist that face! Ha Ha
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Given an award

Thank you Tina at My World According To Me for this award. And also thanks for helping me actually getting the award pasted onto mine! :)

1. You must accept the award.
2. Thank the person who gave you the award.
3. Add a link to the person who gave you the award.
4. Paste the award on your blog.
5. Write 10 things about yourself that others might not know.
6. Pass the award on to 10 others.

Okay, now for the ten things others might not know about me. Ready? Alright, here goes.
1. I have a phobia of going to the movies, so haven't been to a theatre in years.
2. Always wipe down the handle and that fold up/down seat thing on shopping carts with disinfectant. And never put anything into that seat thing. Do you know how many poopy diaper butts have sat in it!
3. Will not help any homeless person standing on the street holding a sign will work for food/need gas/help a veteran/ etc..... ( I do donate to the food banks and Goodwill). Reason I don't donate is simple. If ten cars and hour each gave that homeless person on the corner one dollar each, and they stand on that corner for ten hours, that equals 100.00 tax free money! Add that up in a weeks time! There are more reasons but that is the kicker for me.
4. Face all the canned and boxed foods in the pantry in order.
5. Gag to the point of nearly throwing up at the smell of a skunk.
6. smoke cigarettes. ( I know, filthy habit. Don't smoke in the house, car, around children and animals).
7. Love the history of old buildings.
8. Fascinated with King Ludwig ll of Bavaria.
9. Afraid of turkeys and geese.
10. Terrified of spiders.
I pass this award to:
On the Way to Critter Farm
Living Retired in Western New York State

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Out the window

The grass is growing fast in the yards next to the house. Instead of firing up the mower I decided to mow the grass organically! No engine noise, no toxic fumes and the grass gets fertilized. I brought Arnold, Cookie, Doughnut and Pearl over from the pasture so they could eat the grass down. What a sight to see donkeys in the yard right outside the house.

Doug staring at Pearl wondering what the heck is that!

Baby Worm also wondering what that is next to the house.

Squirrel was really interested. She kept going up and down the window sill meowing and kind of chattering.

Doug and Squirrel in total awe of those longeared, funny smelling creatures.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chicken Stampede!!!!!!

First an update of yesterday's event with the neighbor dog. All the chickens are fine today. I had a talk with the neighbor Dad and explained what happened. He was very apologetic, offered to replace my hen, and told me that when he got home the kids were gone leaving the new dog inside the house. They didn't leave a note or call him to let him know what had happened. He was very embarrassed and might I say a lot mad at the kids for not saying anything! I told him that if he was going to let the dog out to please let me know so I can lock my chickens up. He told me that I didn't have to lock up my own chickens on my own place just because of his dog. He will make sure that the incident of yesterday will not repeat itself. Oh, and while the dog was left alone it ate their big window mini blinds, part of the living room chair, etc.... He was not a happy camper!! On to today's event. Since it is a beautiful Spring day, and the chicks are getting bigger I thought it was time they venture out of the coop into the big world. Well, sort of the big world. I have an x-pen that I put around the door of the coop to keep them from wandering off too far.
Oh my they were so happy to get out. Little Inger and Bonnie were talking away and the chicks were just a chirpin'. They all started doing the chicken scratch dance. They were all so happy. I stood there watching them enjoy their first day 'out'.

This is the x-pen.
As I am standing there getting a kick out of watching them, the next thing I know one of the chicks was squeezing itself through the wire! As I was pulling that one back a second one did it, then a third. Of course all at different places! So here it is I am grabbing chicks left and right only to notice that Shortbus has seen what is going on and is seriously considering young chicken dinner! By this time three chicks have escaped out of the pen. Little Inger is frantic because her babies are out of reach. The babies are screaming because they can't find their way back in.

I ended up putting the remaining chicks, Little Inger and Bonnie back into the coop. Then opened the side of the x-pen and shoo'ed the chicks back, opened the coop door and in ran the chicks. Yes. Yes, it was a chicken stampede.
As you can see in the expression on Shortbus he was a bit disgruntled he didn't get a meal.

I walked back into the house to grab the camera and I see a line of donkeys along the side of the chicken coop fence. Apparently they were standing there the whole time watching the chicken stampede!
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Neighbors' Dogs!!!!!

This morning has not started off well at all!!!! I had to drive up to the feed store and when I pulled into my driveway I see the one neighbor boy with a dog by my chicken coop. Then I see what appears to be one of my hens laying next to the coop.
We kind of have a long drive so by the time I pulled up to the house, I saw that one of my hens was indeed dead next to the coop. The neighbor girl was at the front door apparently ringing the door bell. She looked right at me and informed that they had just got a new dog yesterday and it got loose and you guessed it, came straight over here. Which meant it had to jump the fence. The little boy had put a leash on the dog by this time but it wasn't doing a lot of good. The dog was lunging and trying to get my cats!!!! By this time I had had it. Here it is their dog had just killed one of my hens and now was trying to get my cats! Completely uncontrollable dog! Then she looks right at me and asks if I would help her get the dog back over the fence!!! That was the last straw. I looked right at her and told her that her f***ing dog came onto my property and killed one of my hens and then tried going after my cats! I asked her if my chickens or dogs go onto their property! Uh, no!!!!! I told her to walk her damn dog down the driveway, around the fence line and take it home and keep the damn thing there! ( I did apologize for using the 'F' word in front of the young boy. She said she was sorry and walked back next door with that dog!
This is Jan who was killed by the dog. I found feathers all over the hay barn along with pieces of her! She had marks and missing pieces everywhere except for where her hen apron was. I felt so bad. I am guessing she tried getting to the safety of the coop but with the chicks I keep it closed during the day because the chicks aren't old enough to come out yet.
Then I realized I couldn't find my other chickens so I started hollering for them. I found them all except for Stew Pot. They were shaken up but thankfully unharmed. I put every one back into the coop to realize I didn't see or hear Little Inger, Bonnie or any of the chicks! When I walked into the chicken house there they all were huddled up into the furthest corner. They were all so scared. So, I calmed down all the chickens and chicks and went searching for Stew Pot.
It took some time before I finally found him. I kept hollering his name and lo and behold he started crowing! I followed the sound and found him across the road very upset. So, how to get him to come back across the road without getting hit by a car. Across the street I went hoping that he would either follow me back or I could get him across by shoo'ing him across. After a few minutes we both made it across the street and he took off straight to the coop. Other than a few ruffled feathers he is fine.
Can you tell I am really ticked?! The neighbors get a new dog ( when they have three already they keep in outside kennels and do nothing with), and I lose one of my best hens. I feel so bad I wasn't here to help her. Now I am nervous about letting them out at all. But I can't keep them locked up, that wouldn't be right.
Oh, and I accidentally washed one of the gate openers this morning! Wonder what else the rest of the day holds!
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Sunday, March 21, 2010


For the last several days I have been pondering. What you ask? Easy enough question. Pondering as to where the responsibility really lies for all the horses and donkeys sent to the slaughterhouse. Or the countless cats and dogs being killed at animal shelters. Pondering how I would word this particular post. Does the finger point to the owner? There are times when our pets both large and small have to go to a new home. Financial reasons are usually the top reason. Or maybe little Suzy doesn't want her horse anymore maybe because she is out of horses, or the horse she has isn't serving the purpose she had in mind anymore ( even though that same horse has given unconditional love and years of enjoyment), etc....
Does the finger point at the person who won't get their dog or cat fixed to prevent unwanted litters? The excuse of it's good to have a cat have at least one litter of kittens is a huge farce! That is plain ridiculous. Or he was born with them, and that is what makes him a male! Stupidity. These same people will say to themselves that they can find a home for the puppies and kittens. Really? Is that why there are so many unwanted dogs and cats at the animal shelters?

Is it the animal control officers fault he/she has to kill dogs and cats to make room for more surrenders and strays because there aren't enough homes for the unwanted ones?

Is it the auctions or kill buyers fault that horses and donkeys end up there to be hauled to Canada or Mexico to get slaughtered? Is it the person who is doing the actually killing to blame? Is it the truck drivers fault who haul the horses and donkeys to the slaughterhouse?

Let's face it, there aren't enough people either able or wanting to bring in all the unwanted animals. And those that do, know their limits even though they want to save every animal and place it into a forever loving home.
I understand that animals sometimes have to be placed into another home. I understand that there are liars and crooks who will tell you that your animal is going to the perfect home, and they turn around and sell you horse or donkey at an auction not giving a rat's behind what happens after they get their money. Or they take your dog and use it as bait to train fighting dogs. It is not the Pit Bulls fault it fights! It is trained to fight. Which is another subject that gets me going. I'll save that for another day.
Another subject that really gets me fired up is our Mustangs being rounded up to go to holding pens and hopefully get adopted. And while they are being rounded up, some are dying from it. Yes, another subject for another day.
Back to what the original point of this blog is about. Where does the finger point? Or does it get pointed at all? What can be done about it?
What really got me riled up about responsibility is there is a beautiful gray mare who is pregnant at the kill lot back East and her chances of having someone bail her out before she is loaded up and headed to the slaughterhouse is pretty much zero! I have seen her face in my mind for two days now and it has bothered me a lot. Wondering how such a beautiful girl ended up at the kill lot. And all the other horses that end up there each and every week. They came from somewhere. They all had owners at one time in their lives. Maybe their owners really don't know. Who knows.
Anyway, I wish I had the solution to having every dog, cat, horse, donkey, etc... be in a loving home. It just tears me up knowing that so many are dying needlessly.
All of the pictures in this blog are animals I have rescued. The two horses after getting healthy have since been placed into other responsible, loving homes.
I apologize for probably not getting to one particular point. My mind has a tendency to get overwhelmed when I am passionate about something.
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

You know Spring is here when.............

Spring has sprung here in Southern Oregon. The trees are flowering. The birds are singing. And the horses are shedding. Today is a brilliant blue sky day and a good time to get out and help the horses rid themselves of their winter coat. Pewter is in serious need of a good brushing. Which she thoroughly enjoyed.
See all the white stuff? That is just some of the hair that came off of Pewter. A slight wind came up and blew a lot of it around. And now that there is a lot of hair on the ground, the wild birds will come down and carry it off to start making their nests. Which I think is pretty neat.

AJ checking to make sure that she is next. She loves to be brushed and loved on. Your arm will tire out before she is done being groomed. Heck, even if you don't have a brush in hand she comes up right beside you and before you know it, she has put her butt in your face to scratch!
Some of the donkeys got brushed, but they don't shed as early as the horses do. They all still have winter coats on. Before I know it they will be lined up wanting to get groomed to help rid themselves of their itchy winter coats.
On another note, the other day I was at the auto parts store and the guy behind the counter was saying that quite a few women are buying wasp spray as a defense against attackers. Wasp spray? Really? Yes, wasp spray because the spray shoots up to twenty feet away! Makes sense to me!
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cats,cats everywhere

Have I turned into the Crazy Cat Lady?

Here is a pic of each of the cats here. All were rescued in one form or another. The oldest are 13. The youngest seven months. Without going into each one's story, I'd like to introduce you to them all. Ready?
Mr. Worm


Laura Bubooshka


Mr. Smith

Baby Worm ( no relation to Mr. Worm)




Trashcan or Trashman



Shit Shit


No, they don't all come in the house. There are only 5 strictly inside cats.
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