Thursday, March 18, 2010

You know Spring is here when.............

Spring has sprung here in Southern Oregon. The trees are flowering. The birds are singing. And the horses are shedding. Today is a brilliant blue sky day and a good time to get out and help the horses rid themselves of their winter coat. Pewter is in serious need of a good brushing. Which she thoroughly enjoyed.
See all the white stuff? That is just some of the hair that came off of Pewter. A slight wind came up and blew a lot of it around. And now that there is a lot of hair on the ground, the wild birds will come down and carry it off to start making their nests. Which I think is pretty neat.

AJ checking to make sure that she is next. She loves to be brushed and loved on. Your arm will tire out before she is done being groomed. Heck, even if you don't have a brush in hand she comes up right beside you and before you know it, she has put her butt in your face to scratch!
Some of the donkeys got brushed, but they don't shed as early as the horses do. They all still have winter coats on. Before I know it they will be lined up wanting to get groomed to help rid themselves of their itchy winter coats.
On another note, the other day I was at the auto parts store and the guy behind the counter was saying that quite a few women are buying wasp spray as a defense against attackers. Wasp spray? Really? Yes, wasp spray because the spray shoots up to twenty feet away! Makes sense to me!
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  1. About the wasp spray -- there was a lot about it going around the internet/email circuit a while back. I'll see if I have any of it in my emails. Talk about brushing, while I have no horses or donkeys, I do have that big white and furry critter, Samson, that's coming to visit this weekend. I guess I better get my brushes ready. Saw some flowery trees in town yesterday, so it's coming.

  2. I am so envious that you have your own horses and donkeys......that is so nice.....lots of work but so much fun and love to go around...hope you are enjoying the nice spring weather. Here in Ontario it has been really nice for the last few days, but I am sure there are a few more snow storms to blow our way. :(

  3. I had fur flurries all around this past weekend too with the horses and goats all getting a quick brushing...well except for Elle's baby who we couldn't catch during flight ;) Pewter and Sly have the same body type...thanks for sharing the picture it makes me feel better about Sly's weight.

  4. Since we have had a few warm days here I have noticed the cows rubbing against trees and stumps trying to shed some of their winter fur. Our new bull Jim just loves it when I scratch his back as hard as I can. I told my daughter she will have to get her horse out over spring break and give her a good rub down.

  5. I cut Mike's hair outside so the birds can have it. I kid Mike that the birds will have GRAY nests. And we leave the dogs and goats hair for the wild birds.

  6. The birds are singing songs of happiness I'm sure. :) Everyone loves spring! Hooray!


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