Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cats,cats everywhere

Have I turned into the Crazy Cat Lady?

Here is a pic of each of the cats here. All were rescued in one form or another. The oldest are 13. The youngest seven months. Without going into each one's story, I'd like to introduce you to them all. Ready?
Mr. Worm


Laura Bubooshka


Mr. Smith

Baby Worm ( no relation to Mr. Worm)




Trashcan or Trashman



Shit Shit


No, they don't all come in the house. There are only 5 strictly inside cats.
Until next time................................


  1. Yep, it's official. You qualify as the crazy cat lady! But that's OK, you're in good company. We used to have 15 cats, now we're down to 9, so I can totally relate. And all of ours were rescues too. You have a nice looking bunch of felines there and some very creative names!

  2. Don't know....maybe one more would qualify you ;) Pretty kitties for sure!

  3. Omg are a crazy cat lady...but oh how cute are they all. WOW. I love every single one of them, I guess I have some catching up to do with only five lmao....I love all their names...too funny.

  4. Lilla--Glad I am not the only Crazy Cat Lady! Having 15 at one time yourself you can relate to how crazy it gets with that many!

    2CF-- Ha Ha. no intention of getting anymore!

    Me ( Tina)- I try to be creative when it comes to names. Some of them I didn't name. My oldest and youngest daughter came up with a few of them. Better watch what you say, you may end up with 15! lol :)

  5. This post totally made my nose tickle and my eyes water! LOL
    Your kitties are all so sweet - I wish I could hug them all, but then I'd need 2 boxes of kleenex and my inhaler, so I'll just admire them from afar (and through your stories)!

  6. I love Cats!! They are all georgous!! The most we ever had when i was a youngen was 2, i managed to talk my parents (who love cats aswell) around to letting us get another! The most pets were 2 cats and a dog and some fish! lol. We only have 1 pet at the moment our beloved dog. I'm trying to talk be around to getting another pet. He doesn't like cats. So i'm trying for some fish or a bird for the boys! hehe

  7. whats wrong with being a crazy cat lady. Love your kitties and some great shots.
    We only have 3 cats, Id love some more but hubby said considering we also have dogs, geese, chickens, goats,sheep and cattle that 3 cats are enough.
    Oh well.
    give then all lots of cuddles from us all.

  8. I love a cat with attitude...oh wait...they all have attitude now don't they!
    What good photos and it seems you even caught their personalities in each very good!

  9. Crazy cat ladies, are ladies who wouldn't be able to even label themselves as "crazy". No, I think you're just a patron saint of cats. Thank the Goddess for people like you who love our wonderful feline friends and has a good sense of humour about it ; ) They're all beautiful. And my two cats, highly approve!

  10. i love your naming convention.

  11. Danni--When you came to visit and having all these cats I know it was tough on your allergies. I agree, when it comes to the cats, afar is best for you! :)

    John--You got that right! He can be a mean one at times!

    Cass--Your hubby will come across the one cat who he will fall in love with and then he will realize how wonderful they are. Hmmm, a bird or fish. Hmmmmm, choices, choices.

    Angela--You have quite the herd yourself! I gave each one of the kitties a hug from ya'. Well, except for Rodent and jovi. They are still very standoffish!

    Deb--Yup, they all have their own attitude. Some a bit more aggressive than the others. But that is what makes them all differant.

    Chook--Thank you.

  12. Ya know I'm not sure where the cut off is and a person slides from being 'just' the cat lady to the crazy cat lady... but I think we are both either right at the line or slightly over.. ;-) But hey, theres worse things in life and those cats do tend to keep things interesting! I have three (should have four, but one of them moved down to my Mom's!) outside and eight inside. For years there were just two inside then suddenly with this bunch of kittens it shot up to eight. Has been quite the adjustment. Anyway, loved your kitty pictures!


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