Monday, March 4, 2013

Whew! Going to be a great year!

Yup, as usual life has been busy.
I swore this year was going to be a great year and so far it is going pretty good. A lot of work, but going to be worth it.
I have made arrangements with the owner of the feed store to sell items for her on ebay. And, she is now going to advertise on her website that there is an ebay option for people who want to sell their items. I get a nice percentage and she gets a percentage. A win, win for everyone. And yes, it is keeping me very busy. Between taking care of everything that needs to be done here , fighting for animal's rights and now more sales on ebay, I am busy.
  Grace now has her own desk right next to mine! Now she can 'help' me by working at her own desk rather than mine.

Every now and then I check out Craigslist. Well, a few weeks ago as I was perusing the farm and garden looking for hay when  I ran across an ad for an eight year old Arabian cross gelding. Out of curiousity I clicked on it to see that one of the horses I rehomed a few years back was the horse listed! The asking price wasn't very much and I seriously thought about gathering the money together to buy him back, but after much processing I decided it wasn't financially acceptable. The cost of hay has risen sharply and as it is, feeding the herd that is here now is hard enough, adding another large mouth to feed just wasn't doable. All I can do is send it out to the universe that Jeff finds a great home.

Now with tourist season right around the corner I have decided to install several security cameras as well as an electric fence. With the opening up of horse slaughter plants, I am taking no chances of anyone stealing any of my horses, donkeys or goats. And I am pretty sure everyone around here knows or has heard through the grapevine that I do pay attention to who goes by, and that I do/will confront anyone who stops in front of the pasture. 

I am also going to learn how to use a compound bow! No, not to shoot anyone with hit, well, unless they are trying to steal one of my animals! Just to learn how to use one! 

Well, I had best get to doing chores and making money. 

Hugs to you all!  

Until next time................... 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Knock. Knock. Anyone still there? I am back!

Well, it has been quite a long time hasn't it since I last wrote anything. When I looked at the last date even I was shocked it has been this long. Everyday I tell myself to at least write a quick hello to everyone.  But alas, I don't. So, this time I am. Just a quick one right now.

Grace just turned two. Yes, two! She had her two year old check up and she is perfect! Yay! Her mom is still unemployed. Still no child support.

I woke up January 1st and decided right then and there that this year I am taking it by the horns and climbing the ladder. A very dear, dear friend of mine somehow sent me such energy through an email that it was downright amazing!

All the animals are doing good. We lost several cats over these past few months, but other than that, all critters are happy and healthy. A friend of mine needed a home for two of her goats, so yup, the goats are here.

I am also quitting smoking! A 30+ year habit is hard to quit, but it is going to happen. And you can bet I have my days where I just want to kick someone's ass!

Selling on Ebay is going pretty good thanks with the help of the gal who owns the local feed store. She gives me items to list, I sell and make a precentage. It's win win for the both of us.

Yes, I am still a warrior for the animals.

Thanks to Facebook I have been able to keep up to date with Jim, Ron, Sophie, Tina, Lilla and others. And I think of John, Stew, and many others everyday.

Like I said this is a short one.

Until next time........................