Monday, April 25, 2011

Stick a fork in me I am done!

You guessed it, no pics in this post either. I have contacted blogger help so hopefully they can explain why I am unable to download images. I have tried everything under the help section. Ugh!

On Saturday what did I see? How about the ignorant horse owners walking the mare and foal down the road again! And this time it was more of a close call than ever before. Now that the foal is older she is wandering more and more away from mom. Curiosity. Sure enough a big white truck came barrelling down from around the curve, the owner of the mare and foal isn't paying any attention to what the foal is doing and sure enough the foal is meandering looking at this and that.

The white truck never slowed down, just veered off to the right of the road in the gravel ( which is right next to my pasture fence) and continued on his way. I heard the guy yell something at the truck but that was it.

After closing my mouth due to my jaw being dropped open, I got downright angry. If those ignorant horse owners continue walking the mare and foal on a busy highway, chances of that foal getting hit is high. And with my horses and donkeys in the pasture on this side of the road, it is only a  matter of time before the foal wants to meet them. Can you say an accident waiting to happen!

I have fumed over this latest incident for two days now. I have two options.

1- Punch those ignorant horse owners across the head then write with a permanent marker the word 'Idiot' on their foreheads. I know, that wouldn't do any good but hey, it would give me a frustration release. Or.......

2- When I see the idiots leading the mare on the road, to stop whatever I am doing and go across the road to at least stop traffic. The last thing I want to see is that foal getting hit.

Okay, enough of that.

On Friday I had lunch my my best friend who is actually a sister to me. Anyway, we had a wonderful lunch in Jacksonville, then sat on the steps of one of the historic buildings and chatted for about three hours.

My allergies have been horrible this year. And am pretty sure it is due to a whole lot more pollen here in the Applegate Valley than it was at my old house.

Oh, and my brother came over yesterday, went up on one of the hills behind the house, came down to inform me that both hills are covered in poison oak! Um, so much for trail riding up there.

I still haven't found Goat kitty. Hope is fading.

Garden spots are ready for planting. Just have to wait until the rain and wind stop.

Until next time............................

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Garden, Chicks and a missing cat

Ugh, once again no pics. For some reason I cannot get blogger to upload any of my pictures. Going to have to investigate as to why. Hopefully next time there will be pictures to share.

Little Inger is doing wonderfully with her instant family of 12 Americana chicks and as of today her children increased to 6 Frizzle Bantam chicks. Making it a grand total of 18 chicks for her to raise! And she is loving every moment of it! Have to say that the Americana chicks have some serious ravenous appetites! There are now 2 pans of food as well as two smaller containers for their treats ( veggies, a bit of fruit, cooked oatmeal, etc).  I swear when they hear me coming those chicks start chirping up a storm! They know I am coming with treats!

Thanks to the rototiller there are now two garden spots getting ready to be planted. A few more times of rototilling and it will be ready. I am soooo excited!! Real honest to goodness tasty tomatoes. Variety lettuce. Lemon cucumbers. Peppers. Corn. And on and on.

Goat, one of our older outside cats has been missing for three days now. I have searched and searched for her, but sadly haven't found her. Sigh.

The other day as I was walking out towards the pasture I look up to see the people who own the mare and new foal coming out of another driveway leading the mare and letting the filly run all over the place. No big deal right? Um, they were leading the mare on the road. Which is a scenic highway and very, very busy!! The guy was was leading the mare and his wife is lolly gagging way behind not paying any attention. Next thing I know a car came speeding around the corner, the filly was all over the road and thankfully the driver saw what was going on and stopped. The wife finally starts waving her arms around to get the drivers attention. Um, driver already stopped. After a few more minutes the husband gets the mare and filly back into the pasture, the driver of the car said something not so nice to the wife and all I could do was shake my head.

Tomorrow I am having lunch with my best friend in the historic town of Jacksonville. 

And speaking of the historic town of Jacksonville, I just read that the town is expecting over 60,000 tourists this season!! And the season will be starting about next month. Being as there is only the scenic highway to get to the nearest city I foresee some exciting and possibly frustrating times going through Jacksonville. 

Until next time............

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A steal of a deal and chicks

For some reason pics won't upload. So, once again no pictures. Sorry.

Gosh the past few days have been busy! Got more blackberry bushes cleared out. For those of you who don't have to deal with out of control blackberry bushes, well, consider yourself lucky! They are awful! The plant, not the berry. Anyway, while putting all the vines into a burn pile I looked up and saw a young doe standing there watching me. I don't know what it is but I love deer. Such peaceful, serene, quiet creatures. 

The garden hasn't been planted yet but now it is just a matter of waiting for the weather to clear up enough to rototill. And speaking of rototillers, there was a steal of a deal on one listed on Craigslist. I'm talking a steal of a deal! The guy who was selling it said the wheels wouldn't turn and that the engine never shut off. Well, for the price I couldn't pass it up so bought it ( hoping it would be a somewhat easy fix), brought it home and my brother came over and got it running like new in less than half an hour! Yay!!!! Doing a happy dance! I own my very own rototiller!!

The Americauana chicks finally came in yesterday. All 13 of them! After picking and catching my chicks at the feed store and ready to pay I noticed a sickly chick. Knowing no one would want that one, I traded one of my healthy chicks for the sickly one. The gal asked me why I did that. Well, why not. The little chick had been through enough and survival wasn't likely. The least I could do was not let it die alone and uncared for.  The chick made it home, but shortly after passed away. I named her Phoebe, said a prayer and buried her where the other hens that passed away are buried.

Little Inger, my absolute fav chicken has been sitting on dud eggs for awhile now. So, knowing she loves to be a mama, I picked her up, put her into the trough set up for the chicks to see what she would do. The look on those chicks faces really was hilarious. They have not seen a mama chicken before so they just didn't know what to do. After a few minutes Little Inger started clucking to them and before long all 12 chicks surrounded her. Little Inger is happy, the chicks are happy and I know this sounds a bit selfish, but it is a bit easier for me.

This afternoon I am watching Grace for a few hours while her mother goes to lunch with a friend. Thankfully she is such a joy to be around so am looking forward to some 'us' time.

Hope everyone is doing well. Yet again I must catch up with all of you. I sure have missed ya'!

Until next time.....................

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Is it me or what?

I'm thinking I should just stay away from people or learn how to keep my mouth shut.

Sunday I met one of the owners of the mare and foal that are across the road. He came over to introduce himself and to say that he and his wife used to live here. He babbled for a bit about the house then he said something not so nice about the landlady. Again, people are entitled to their opinion but I immediately spoke up and informed him that the landlady was an Angel in my eyes and to please not say anything more about her and besides, it isn't my business what happened between them and her. 

Then he informs me that him and his wife own 23 horses scattered throughout the valley because they don't have a place to put them all together. Okay, fine. Then he says that he and his wife don't work and haven't in quite a few years. Okay, fine. Then he says that he and his wife have rented over eight different places in the last four years. Okay, fine. Then he says that him and his wife are janitors at the big Christian church about ten minutes away. They don't get paid money for their work because they are working for God. Okay, fine. He then says that they breed their horses, but it has been difficult selling the offspring. Duh! Really?

Then he asked if I own all the horses and donkeys in the pasture. Yes. I briefly explain that I rescue animals and that they were all rescues ( except for my Paint and my daughters mare). He then asks if we are renting or buying this place. Renting I say. Then I went ahead and  briefly explained about losing my house and having to find a place to rent that would accept this many animals. I told him that giving them up was never an option and I would have lived in a travel trailer on some friends property to ensure they stayed with me.

Okay, here it comes. He looks right at me and says, " You really should have found them good homes and even now if a good home comes along you should give them away".

Really? This guy is saying for me to give away my animals that I have rescued when he in turn has his horses scattered all over the valley, is breeding the crap out of them knowing full well the horse market is near non existence, has no income, etc....

That was it! I actually felt my blood boil. My head start to throb and my temper rising. Instead of reaching out and slapping him alongside his head ( which believe me I wanted to), I firmly told him that all these animals came into my life for a reason and that I made a solemn promise that they will all live out the rest of their lives with me where they will forever know love, respect, full bellies, etc... And on top of that, they are all God's creatures and we as humans are to help and protect them.  ( Yes, I threw in the Religious part in there due to him saying he was a good Christian.)

Please know that I am in no way saying anything bad about all Christians, just the hypocritical ones! And I seem to be running into them more and more.

I am wondering if I have a sign on my forehead that says, " Go ahead give it your best shot to piss me off" or maybe it says, "This is a test of the patience kind so go ahead and spew your ignorant thoughts". Hell, I don't know!

It probably doesn't help that I am concerned over something else so is making my patience a tad thin.

Seems all I have been doing the last few posts is ranting and raving and venting. Sorry.

Until next time...................

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Heated discussion and a head shake

Let's first start with the head shake.
Friday morning while I was out feeding the horses and donkeys the neighbor across the road hollered to get my attention. To the fence I went. She informed me that one of the mares in the front pasture gave birth sometime in the night. 
When I saw the foal, which is very cute, I commented on how tiny it was. Yes, foal's are small, but this one is more pony size small. The mare is average height and the stallion is also of average height. 
She then informed me that the foal is part Arabian, Quarter Horse, Pinto and Cob. Oh, really! And the mare is not wanting to let the foal nurse. Oh really! She then said that they were going to try to catch the mare and put her and her foal up by the barn. Good idea since they are out there with the stallion and another mare. 
I had to go to town and was gone most of the day on Friday. When I returned, the mare and foal were still there but had been penned up in a small corner of the pasture. Hmmmm. 
Um, what happened to putting mama and baby up by the barn.
Come to find out the mare is uncatchable. There is no shelter at all. Not even a tree!
Okay, so what I shake my head about is the fact that way over 100,000 horses are sent to slaughter every year! The horse market is in the toilet but yet people continue to breed. Come to find out the people who own the mare and foal breed all their mares every year. Last year they were lucky to sell one of the offspring. But were unable to sell the rest. And they bred all their mares again for a new crop of mixed bred foals for this year.
Why keep breeding horses just because you have a stallion and mare. These horses aren't even one breed! They are mixed breeds. Needless to say I was and am still aggravated over the whole irresponsibility of it all.

Now on to the heated discussion. Keep in mind I was still aggravated over the foal and mare.
On Saturday there is a yearly parade called the Pear Blossom. It's been an annual tradition for many years. Well, this year one of the entries was Gay Pride. They were turned down by the parade committee. But quite a few people really were pissed they weren't allowed to be in the parade so the morning before the parade it was announced they could be in it.
That's when all hell broke loose in the community!
There were comments from good Christian folks that they would not attend because they didn't want their children exposed to Gays! If they only knew how many people they meet who are Gay and don't even know it!
Well, someone close to me made a derogatory comment. After a few minutes of listening to this persons point of view I had had enough. Now don't get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their own personal beliefs. But this particular person had told me years before that they did not have a problem with Gays. Now all of a sudden there was a problem! And then this person brought up the whole religion thing. That is when I blew up. This person has not been religious the whole time I've known them. Now all of a sudden religion is brought up! Really!
A heated discussion enveloped and lasted quite awhile.
When I firmly believe with my heart and soul in something, nothing, but nothing will make me back down. And you can bet I didn't budge! Although I did walk away from the discussion leaving the other person some things to process in their minds!
Don't worry, this did not end our relationship. We've known each other for too many years!
This all happened on Friday and it wasn't until today that I could actually write about it here. A few other things happened on Friday that got me on a roll too but will save that for another time.
Maybe I should have titled this blog, " Yet another rant!". 
Until next time...................

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Snowing in April

So much for getting ready to put the garden in. It started snowing last night and then again this morning. Not a lot of snow, but too cold and wet to till the soil.

As much as I adore snow, the thought of putting a garden in is more exciting right now. The main reason I am really wanting to plant is our food supply is getting more and more tainted/unsafe to eat. Seems every time the news comes on there is another recall of some type of food product. Especially where the meat is concerned.

I mean come on, how sanitary is a slaughterhouse! It's not like they kill one animal, then clean the area thoroughly, then go on to the next animal. That's not how it works.

I am actually leaning more and more to becoming a vegetarian. As it is I don't eat much meat anymore. After watching videos taken at slaughterhouses all I see are the faces of the animals.

Whoops, looks like I got off track there!

Back to the snow. More is expected tonight. I hope the weather forecasters are wrong on this one. I have to drive Gracie and her mom into town tomorrow morning for Gracie's vaccinations. Then it is to the grocery store. Me thinks I know someone who is going to be rather cranky tomorrow! And I'm not talking about me!! Although it might be! 

Until next time.......................

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Have you noticed........

Have you noticed
that when you are still half asleep in the morning you go to set your coffee cup down on the coffee table and there is a cat laying there giving you a look?

Or when you are in a hurry, call for the dog and the all of a sudden can't hear you? But if you have food in your hand you don't have to say anything?

Or every so often you find a potato chip that is as big as a baby's head?

Or you have to catch a horse that  99% of the time she'll walk right up to you, but then there is that 1% of the time when you get the look and the run away and catch me if you can?

Just had to share a few of my thoughts. All thanks to one of the dogs who I took outside to do her business and she all of a sudden lost her hearing!  She was too busy eating either cat poop or chicken poop!

Until next time....................

Monday, April 4, 2011

Who would have thought.

Yesterday we went to visit some dear friends. By the time we got back it was time to feed. I loaded up the hay into the Gator and drove to the big pasture. As I drove through the gate something caught my eye. I stopped to see what it was. There in the one water trough I keep filled for the deer, was my dear White Silky Bantam, Bonnie, floating in it. She had drowned.

I scooped her up and as silly as it sounds I tried giving her CPR. But sadly it was too late. Or I just didn't do the CPR correctly on a chicken.

After burying her I kept thinking as to why it happened. I've had chickens for 2-3 years now and have never had a chicken get into any of the water troughs. Heck, I never even gave it any thought as to any of the chickens getting into one and drowning.

So, today I am going to come up with something to place into all water troughs so it won't ever happen again. I'm thinking of placing  2x4's with attached pieces of wood for footing so if any animal falls in they would at least be able to get out.

Animals really do keep us on our toes.

Until next time...................

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Friday's Tour

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my oldest and youngest daughter at the Jacksonville cemetery. It was established in 1860. Thousands of tourists along with locals visit the cemetery every year. 
The history and the craftsmanship of the head stones is fascinating. There are sections throughout the cemetery such as Masonic, Catholic, Jewish, etc...
I know, some of you think it is morbid to visit a cemetery, but others also find it fascinating. Stew over at and John over at  I'm sure will like this post today.
Hoping you will enjoy the pics.
The Krause family was one of the first to settle here in the valley back in the 1850's.

Just like the headstone on this one.

This is the marker for the Paupers section. There are no headstones in the section. The last man who was hung in Jacksonville is buried here somewhere.

The quality and craftsmanship of some of the old headstones is quite remarkable.

I hope you enjoyed the visit today. In the near future I will post more pics of the cemetery. By the time we left I had taken 124 pics!

Until next time.......................................

Friday, April 1, 2011

I love it when they're small!

Couldn't help but to see if Gracie would fit in the big cup.
Yup, she sure did.

Until next time........................