Thursday, April 29, 2010

Winner announced

Congratulations Kathy at Cattle Call Farm Blog!!!

You are the winner of the name contest.

Please send me your address to so I can send your gift box out asap.

And thank you to everyone who suggested a name. With so many critters that show up quite often, the chances of another naming contest is likely to happen.

Until nex time..............................

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2 More Days Before a Name is Picked!!!

On Thursday the name for our resident ground squirrel will be chosen. Send in your name suggestions and I will write them down and put them into the can. The name that is chosen will be sent a gift box!!
Even if you have already sent in a suggestion, send in more if you thought of any new ones.

This is kind of exciting!!!!

Until next time..................

Monday, April 26, 2010

Shaking my head!

Today is a shake my head and a 'why didn't I think of that day'. Before I get into what the main subject is, it is official, Jeff Lewis ( the one in the center of the pic) is a..........Rooster!! Darn it! :( So, I will wait to see who else is a rooster and then place an ad to move them to other homes. I know, I know, the chances of someone actually wanting a rooster to just be a rooster is slim. Most likely they will end up as dinner for someone. Although I will not want to know that, I will kindly ask the person(s) getting the roosters to lie to me and tell me that they are going to a good home. Some things I have a very difficult time dealing with and sending an animal to its death is one of them. Even though I know the truth. I would keep them if I could, but having two roosters now, it just isn't an option.
Some time ago I posted about what at first I thought were ducks to find out were a pair of Egyptian Geese. Yesterday, late morning, I glanced out the kitchen window to see the female up by the barn. But the male was no where to be seen.

So I snuck around the front of the house and took a few pics of her. Once she noticed me she walked off down the driveway and back across the road. Worried about the male I waited until she was out of sight then also walked to the road. Checked the ditches for the male and thankfully nothing. I am hoping he was hanging out where he couldn't be seen.
I get up pretty early in the morning, but at 4:30 this morning I woke to the sounds of chewing.......on the house! What the hell! The sound was right next to one of the bedroom windows. So, I lifted the blinds to see Cookie the donkey staring back at me! After doing morning chores, a walk to the back of the house revealed she, and I am certain her cohorts, have decided to start chewing the wood around the windows!

Obviously it has been going on for a bit and just didn't pay attention to it. As I was standing there thinking why would they start chewing on wood, they have plenty to eat, plenty to do to keep them occupied the light went on in my head! Duh, there is no salt block in the yard! And the donkeys have been in the yard now for four days. Oh man, I should have put one of the salt blocks in for them. I make sure there are three kinds of salt blocks available in both pastures year round for everyone. A regular plain salt, mineralized salt and a selenium block. Well, it is suppose to rain later today so the donkeys are going back into the pastures for awhile.

Have you ever noticed a smell and just can't find it? You look for it but just can't seem to pinpoint where it is originating from.
This morning I found the smell. And yes it was a shake your head moment.
See the darker coloring on the bottom of the screen door? Yup, that's where the smell is. I have noticed the discoloration for awhile now, but disregarded it due to the age of the door.
Be happy that there is no such thing as 'smell a blog'! I do believe either a stray tomcat is spraying or one of the raccoons is spraying marking their territory.
Well, as of a little bit ago I reclaimed 'my' territory. No, I didn't pee on it ( although that would have been a trick in itself!).
I washed it down with soap and water, poured vinegar on it, sprinkled baking soda on it, sprayed some Simple Solution on it, then a quick spray with Febreeze. have to say, MY door smells much better! Take that cat or coon!!

Little Inger is being broody again. And why o why does she insist on sitting where the poop is from the other chickens when they are on the roosts. Come on, there are so many more clean places to be broody.
No, she is not going to get to hatch eggs this time. Sorry Little Inger. Not until the other chicks you raised are bigger.

Just before I came in this morning, just watching the chickens, I heard rustling in the oak tree right next to me. Without looking I turned the camera on, raised and pointed in the direction of the sound.

This is what was in the tree. At first I thought it was one of the hawks hanging around, but it is just one of the three crows that live around here. Whew, thank goodness just crow and not a hawk!

Until next time.......................

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Name Suggestions

The pic of the purple flowered tree is for John and Going Gently ( and of course for those of you who might be interested). I have no idea what the name of the tree is so if you know, please share and let me know what kind it is. Thanks.
I have mentioned before of a ground squirrel who lives in the wood pile. Apparently the ground squirrel is unaffected by having cats hanging around and staring at it. Well,it does help that he can duck inside the pile at a moments notice and be safe. As you can see in the above pic, three of our outside cats are, we'll call it 'hiding' in the greenery watching the ground squirrel.

And here is the ground squirrel staring at the cats. This little guy has become used to me standing out there and not bothering it which lets me get pretty close.

So, I was thinking since obviously we have a resident squirrel hanging out, that it is time to name it. I have no idea if it is a he or a she.

If you would all like to play along, how about posting name suggestions for our ground squirrel. I will write them down with the name who suggested it, place the suggestions into a can. Then in a few days draw a piece of paper out of the can and whatever name is drawn will be given to the squirrel. And........
Whichever name is picked, whoever suggested it will get a gift box! No, it won't be the squirrel inside the box!! Ha Ha
Okay, so let the name suggestions begin!
I forgot to mention. You can suggest as many names as you want. Each name will go onto a separate piece of paper. The more suggestions, the more chances you have at winning the gift box!!
Until next time.....................

Thursday, April 22, 2010


This morning as I was taking care of some outside chores I started noticing the colors around the property. With Spring here, Mother Nature is showing her colorful side between weeds, bushes, flowers and trees.

Until next time....................

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dental work on a horse

This morning the vet came out to give all the horses and donkeys their vaccinations. And Pewter needed to have her teeth floated. Meaning, she needed some dental work done. Her teeth were a bit long and needed to be filed down. Pewter was just given a sedative and is starting to get sleepy.
This contraption looks very medieval, but it keeps the mouth open so the vet can start filing. And no, it doesn't hurt the horse.

An electric filer is used first.

After the electric file is done, the medieval contraption comes off and it is time to use a hand filer.

One last check to make sure all the teeth have been filed.

The whole process took about half an hour.

Pewter is resting in her stall for about an hour or so until she comes all the way out of the sedative.

The video is of the vet using the electric file. If you don't like the sound of a dentists drill ( because that is what it sounds like), then please don't watch.

Until next time......................

Monday, April 19, 2010

Busy Weekend

Why aren't the weekends longer? They just seem to fly by. And before you know it,Monday has arrived. On Friday it was time to go to town and get cat food, dog food, cat litter, horse grain, salt blocks, and chicken food. Getting it is the easiest part. Unloading it all and putting it where it belongs takes some time.

In a much earlier post I mentioned about having a house guest ( Otto the cat). well, Otto is now back with his owner, however, my oldest daughter rescued several cats from her neighborhood about a month ago. Not too long ago one of her neighbors asked her if she owned the cats hanging around her house. She told him that no they weren't hers, but she was feeding them and had them fixed and vaccinated.

He told her that since they weren't hers that he was going to trap them and take them to the county and have them put to sleep. And when the neighbor told her what he was going to do, she just couldn't let that happen. She brought in two of the strays inside her house and asked if she could bring one out here. Of course I said yes. So now we have another cat. Introducing Smudge settling in like she has been here forever.
On Saturday it was time to clean the inside of the chicken house. Old shavings out. New shavings in. As I was carrying a bucket of the old shavings out I heard Canadian Geese. For once I was able to get a picture of them flying over our property. They are the dark dots in between the 'v' branch. There are times that a few of them fly so low you can hear the sounds of their wings.

After taking care of a lot of other chores over the weekend I paused and saw all the horses and donkeys in one area of the back pasture. As I stood there watching them, the thought 'picture perfect' came to mind. It was just so peaceful and serene watching them.

One more thing I would like to mention. Over the weekend I have become more involved in speaking up against horse slaughter. I know, not a very good way to end a post. But it is something that I believe shouldn't happen. The horse is a majestic animal that should not be slaughtered. The horrors they go through is downright stomach turning. I send in donations to help get horses out of kill pens.

If you would like more information how to help horses and donkeys not go to slaughter, please let me know. There are several organizations that I can refer you to.
Okay, more chores to get done.
Until next time......................

Friday, April 16, 2010

Me and my shadow

Yesterday afternoon was gorgeous. Perfect weather. And since it was so beautiful, outside I went to just sit and watch the horses and donkeys and chickens. As I was sitting there enjoying a picture perfect day I noticed a shadow behind me. Pictures speak for themselves.

Until next time................................

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Inside looking out

The past few days have been cloudy and raining off and on so the donkeys had to go back into the pasture until the weather cleared up.
And today it is a very nice day. The grass around the house needs to be mowed, so..........
you guessed it! Four of the donkeys got to come out of the pastures and start their job of mowing. Since it is so nice I have the front door open. I walked around the corner and saw this scene. Cookie and Doughnut staring in, while Doug, Jovi and Ozzy staring out.
Doug and Ozzy are fascinated with Doughnut. And it appears Doughnut feels the same about the cats.

Pearl had to come up and see what all the interest was.

Doug and Ozzy not moving a muscle. Too much interesting things going on outside.

Pearl is a very intelligent girl. She observes everything. Which is why I have to put a latch on all the gates because she learned how to open them!
The look on her face tells me she is trying to figure out how to open the door. For good measure, I keep the screen door locked! The last thing I want is a donkey inside the house!!!

Until next time...................................

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mornings here.

Thought I would share some of the morning feeding with you. But first I want to share a proud parent moment. My youngest daughter is a Freshman in college and yesterday she received a letter from the President of the University letting her know that she is on the President of the University Honor's list for earning a 4.0 GPA! Well, my daughter has always maintained a 4.0 GPA all the way through school. Can you tell I am a proud mama!! :)

On to the videos. First video is of Arnold. Second is of Doughnut and Cookie. Third is self explanatory. Normally it is way more noisy, but of course when you start video taping or taking pics they don't do their 'normal routine'.

Hope everyone has a great day/evening. Share your smile! :)

Until next time.................

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another Scare

What is it with having animals in your life and the big scares they give you?
Yesterday I was over the top busy with paperwork so didn't go out as often as usual to check on the chickens.
Late afternoon I ventured out there to check on everyone. All I have to do is call 'babies' and all the chickens come running.
After calling for them I always do a head count. But after several times counting one of the black and white babies was not there.
I searched everywhere and after awhile I found black and white baby feathers. And a lot of them!! Oh no. Crap!! This is not a good sign. I tracked the feathers until I couldn't find anymore. My heart sank. It appeared that a hawk or something large took my baby. So I locked up the rest of the chickens with my head hanging low and a heavy heart. All the while kicking myself for not taking the time to check on them more often. Trying to come to terms that when predator birds are in the area and chickens are wandering around the inevitable is going to happen.
Since it was almost time to get ready to start evening feeding I figured to just go ahead and start right then and there. My oldest daughter had called earlier so I returned her call as I was getting ready to feed. As I was telling her about what had happened to one of the babies I heard a chirping sound. Then it got louder!
I looked down to see that baby who I thought had been eaten was standing next to my boots staring up at me just chirping away.
I hung up on my daughter and reached down and picked up the baby. He/she was so scared. He/she tucked its little head into my jacket. Then it was time to look for injuries. No blood. No scratches. Both eyes still there. The only thing I found was that the tail feathers were gone. Whatever had tried getting the baby didn't succeed. I still don't know what tried eating the baby. A mystery I shall solve!!
The chick in the middle of the pic is the one without tail feathers.

I had to buy a new camera. The old one finally gave out. So of course I had to play with it. This is Bob-a-loo the White Silky Rooster.

Little Inger's close up while I was holding her.

And while I was standing there taking random pics I noticed movement to my right. This was taken about two feet away. That Ground Squirrel didn't seem to mind me being that close.

One of the cats came along and noticed the Ground Squirrel so it ducked back inside the wood pile. Um, I see you hiding in there!

Until next time................

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Donkeys in The Yard!!!

Before we get to the donkeys I wanted to show you how my chickens are locked up every night. The end of the x-pen is pushed up against the coop.
The outside door of the coop has two latches on. The kind of latches where you have to pull them back to unhook them.

The chickens are locked up behind these doors. Well, not actually locked up. Just a bolt holding the clasp shut. I am hoping with these precautions the raccoons will not bother the chickens.

Okay, on to the donkeys. Since they did such a great job 'mowing' the grass behind and on the side of the house, well, why not let them into the front of the house and start mowing there too! As you can see Doughnut ( black one) and Arnold ( grey) are enjoying munching on the grass. Shortbus ( cat in the background) is oblivious to the donkeys.

Kirby ( black cat) wasn't too sure of Doughnut being so close so he scooted on by to the front door.

Cookie checking out the exit driveway area to see if there is anything good over there to eat. Not to worry, we have gates on both the entry and exit driveways. Arnold in the background checking out the neighbors dog. Yes, the same dog that killed one of my chickens!

And speaking of the neighbors dog. Well, he thought that he would bark and lunge at the fence when the donkeys were standing there. However, it didn't take that dog long to realize that he was outnumbered as well as outweighed. And also that the donkeys were not running from him. After a little bit the dog walked off and sat down and just sat there. Not making another sound!

Now who would have thought that donkeys liked cat food! Before I knew it Cookie and Doughnut had walked to the front door and helped themselves to the cats' food. Yes, I picked it up! Not too sure how cat food would settle with a donkeys stomach. Better safe than sorry.

My oldest daughter, Jennifer, turned 29 on Tuesday. Since she had to work that day we celebrated her birthday yesterday ( Friday). I made Chinese food and baked a cake.

I tried making a cat cake. One that looks like one of her cats. But do you think I could find a picture of Patrick ( her cat)? Nope. So, I guessed at his markings from memory. He doesn't have a tail due to his previous horrible past before Jennifer adopted him. So that is why there is not tail on this cake.

Cake sure didn't come out looking much like a cat, but if I say so myself, it tasted pretty darned good!

Until next time............