Friday, March 5, 2010

New bed

Yesterday it was go to town and get dog and cat food. Just about everything was on sale! Yay!!!!! Dog food was three dollars off a bag. Cat food two dollars off a bag. Even the kitty litter was on sale. So, with the savings, Honey Dog got a new bed! Even the bed was on sale! Ten dollars off!! Whooooo Hoooooo!!!!
Can you tell she loves her new bed?

Now that she is the only dog in the house since Rose passed away three weeks ago, Honey Dog needed a new bed. I did not blog about Rose passing away due to the fact that I haven't even been able to say her name out loud without getting upset until just the other day. Not to say it still isn't an open wound. Sorry, no pic of Rose. Not yet.
Until next time.....................


  1. Honey Dog deserved a new bed, I can tell by looking at her. Talk about Rose when ya can.

  2. WOW, Honey Dog sure looks happy on the new cute....sorry about Rose, it is so hard to loose one of your family members.

  3. I'm sorry about Rose. Sure looks like Honey Dog is happy with the new bed.

  4. What a great bed! You can tell she loves it. My dogs would never use a bed.

  5. Oh Cindy :-(
    Sweet, precious Rose. I'm so sorry. I wish you had said something....not that I could've done anything, but I know how much she meant to you. I'm so happy I got a chance to meet her.

  6. Honey Dog looks extremely pleased with her new bed. So sorry about your loss.

  7. I loved Rose too, from a distance since I never got to meet her. I'm so sorry for your loss. Honey Dog looks so content and happy on her new bed.

  8. Joanna- One of these days I'll tell ya' all about Rose.

    Tina--Yup, Honey Dog loves that bed.

    Louise--Honey Dog is very thrilled with her bed.

    Christy--She loves that bed so much that she lets me know she wants it in the living room during the day and back in the bedroom at night!

    Danni--I am also very happy you got to meet the Princess (Rose). And I know she thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and Jim ( Roxy too).

    Morning Bray-- If Honey Doh was anymore thrilled with that bed I think she would wet herself! :)

    Inger-- I know you loved Rose. And she knew it too. Heck, I love Angel, Soldier and Princess even though I have yet to meet them.

  9. Sending you a whole bunch of hugs Cindy. And thank you for thinking of Honey Dog with the savings you had from the sales, you can tell she appreciates it very much. Love ya!!

  10. Sorry to hear about rose, our pets are and always will be part of the family. Cyber hugs to you

  11. Cattle Call FarmMarch 7, 2010 at 2:30 PM

    Sorry to hear about Rose, we just recently had a loss on the farm, our 2 kittens.I can't even bring myself to tell my girls.They just think they are at the barn. Loosing a pet is so hard because they give you so much unconditional love.Just look how happy Honey Dog is, she knows she's loved.

  12. What a happy dog that Honey is! So sorry to hear about Rose. It never gets any easier, no matter how many we share our lives with.


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