Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Out the window

The grass is growing fast in the yards next to the house. Instead of firing up the mower I decided to mow the grass organically! No engine noise, no toxic fumes and the grass gets fertilized. I brought Arnold, Cookie, Doughnut and Pearl over from the pasture so they could eat the grass down. What a sight to see donkeys in the yard right outside the house.

Doug staring at Pearl wondering what the heck is that!

Baby Worm also wondering what that is next to the house.

Squirrel was really interested. She kept going up and down the window sill meowing and kind of chattering.

Doug and Squirrel in total awe of those longeared, funny smelling creatures.

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  1. Love your organic lawnmowers! One day I'm going to have my own! The cats' reactions were comical.

  2. Best kind of lawnmower to have. No fuss, no muss, no work. Cats crack me up. They're so nosey that you wonder how they ever survived in the wild.

  3. I love how cat's get this look of wonder and curiosity when they see something "alien" enter their world and wish everyone would have natural ways of lawn mowing!

  4. OMG I would just love that, longears all around me up close and I am so envious.

  5. Well, it kept the cats entertained, and out of trouble, too.

  6. But what about the goats? They would love the green stuff too. I am still putting my organic mowers in my back yard each night. They love it. I can't wait to get a longear when the countdown calendar ends.

  7. I cannot believe just how lush and green your land is!

  8. AHHH, the best of both worlds. Mowed and fertilized, now if you could just teach them to cook and clean you would have it made.(lol)


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