Friday, March 26, 2010

My Dog

This morning as I was reading blogs and drinking coffee, I looked down to see my dog, Honey Dog laying right next to my chair. Wherever I am, she is. A big smile came across my face as she lay there so content. She is my shadow that's for sure. I think I have talked about her before, but since I love her so much, she is worth talking about again.

She is very protective over me. When we are home alone and she hears a sound out of the ordinary she gets really close to me and starts growling and barking. Heck, she still barks at my oldest daughter when she walks into the house.

Honey Dog is not good with kids ( not that that many kids ever come here), but when there is a kid, I have to put her out into the playroom. Whenever friends come over, I ask them to wait before coming into the house so I can put her up, or I tell them that there is a dog in the house that is very protective and not to make any sudden movements until Honey Dog checks them out.
She is part German Shepherd, part Boxer and part Pit Bull. She is a great dog. When she was younger, before I got her, she had been attacked by a neighbor dog who ripped her face up pretty good. She is missing a small piece of her upper lip and she has scars on her belly from another dog that attacked her.
We have a game we play. All I have to do is hold out my hand and start wriggling my fingers and say, "Tummy time" and she knows what's going to happen next. She gets her tummy rubbed.

Honey Dog is seven years old now and is having trouble with her hips. So she gets pills everyday to help her. One of them is Fish Oil which is great for her joints.

She has one funny little quirk that cracks me. Whenever I get the nail clippers out to trim my nails, she gets very upset and starts whining. Therefore, I cannot trim my nails in front of her. It upsets her that much. You ask if I can trim her nails? Nope. I believe that when she was younger she had a really bad experience with having her nails trimmed which has resulted in her getting very anxious when she see clippers. Thankfully we have a cement area that she has to go through to get to the yard and that keeps her nails short enough.

Here is Honey Dog and Doug. He is the only cat that she allows to get close to her. Oh she is good with the other cats, but tolerates them. Doug for some reason she likes. Go figure.

And speaking of Doug. Yesterday he went to the vet to get neutered. Last night the only way he would sleep is if I was holding him. When I had to get up and do something he would follow me weebling and wobbling until I picked him up and sat back down.
This morning after the sedative wore off, well, I think the look on his face says it all!

As the morning wore on he was coming around to his old self. This is him wanting 'uppy'. When he wants to be picked up he meows very loud and stretches himself up my leg to tell me he wants up. Of course I pick him up every time. Who can resist that face! Ha Ha
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  1. I realize you have to be careful with HoneyDog but sounds like nobody is gonna get to you without coming through HoneyDog first. She sure sounds smart about things. I have three terriers that just "know what they want to know."

  2. Never too much about the pets! You could write about them every time and I would be pleased. I love these photos - so! expressive.

  3. Yes Doug is really cute, and who can resist a face like that. Jack does the same thing, he wants to be picked up constantly and usually right when I am in the middle of something else. He is my cuddle baby.

  4. HoneyDog sounds like a wonderful dog, and you can certainly see your love for her in your writing. I would love to have a dog, but, with four cats, one of whom is the original "scardy cat," I think that is out of the question.

  5. Honey Dog looks a lot like my Captain D. He also has a phobia about his feet, which makes nail-trimming an ordeal. He is better than he used to be, however. We used to have to take him to the vet and have him sedated just to trim his nails! No idea why he is so weird about it b/c we rescued him as a small pup. Over the years, we have worked with him and we can now do them ourselves, but he's still quirky about it! I can just hear Doug saying, "Mom, pick me up puhleeeeze!!!"

  6. Loved the story of Honey Dog. She sounds like a great companion and she knows that she is loved and well-treated. Good on ya! We have an Aussie female that we rescued from a neglectful situation in which she nearly lost the sight in one eye and had a shocking case of mange. She developed many behavioral issues and we feared that we would have to have her put down. But we've managed with her now and I'd say she's about 6 or 7. We can't take her to a groomer b/c we're afraid she'll bite and when we have to take her to the vet, we have to muzzle her and sedate her before they can do anything to her. I usually have them trim her nails then. I love her dearly and worry about her. Like all dog lovers, we just want her to have the best quality of life possible. Anyway great snippet about your buddies. Ken and Mary Berry of Fancyfibers Farm

  7. Honey Dog wouldn't be a liitle spoiled now would she? Nothing better than a great protector. Bo is the same way with me, Fluff is a good alarm, but his bark is all he has going for him. Just look at him and say boo and he will run.

  8. I love those quiet times when you just really appreciate the companionship and love that our little furries give us. It sounds like Honey Dog is happy with her purpose in life---taking care of you. I love Doug. What a beauty and it sounds like he is quite a cuddle bug. He reminds me of my Meshach.

  9. Honey Dog reminds me of my dog Angle. She loves sitting on my lap when I'm using the computer every now and then she will press a few keys making me crash and start fresh, but I still let her sit up here. Small Jack Russell, she don’t take up much room.

  10. Doug is a beautiful cat, got as real soft spot for cats. Not that Honey Dog is not pretty. They all ask for so little love, food and a safe place to sleep and give so much don't they.


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