Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In a nutshell

Has it really almost been a month since my last post? Wow I am terrible now at keeping up with it.
So, in a nutshell this is what has been going on this past month.

Grace turned 1 on January 31st. Wow, a year has gone by already. Now the sperm donor ( can't call him a dad since he hasn't contacted or seen her since June of last year) requested a paternity test. The DNA test was done and are now awaiting the results. I am guessing sperm donor is trying to get out of paying child support. Um, that is not going to happen! He IS going to pay child support...period! And while all this is going on I have to listen to Grace's mother go on and on about this and that and everything else.

Week before last I had my hands full with medicating Mr. Worm for an infection in his right back leg. Poor guy couldn't put any weight on his leg and I thought at first it was broken, but nope, just an abscess in his joint. He is all better now.

The same week Mr. Worm was getting meds, Cookie donkey came up lame. She wouldn't put any weight on her right back leg. There was no swelling, no cuts, no abrasion, no foreign object in her hoof, nothing.  I checked her hip and it wasn't that. She just wouldn't put any weight on it. So, twice a day I soaked her hoof and put an antibacterial spray on it and gave her meds for the pain. After the first few days of soaking her hoof she decided she didn't want to do that anymore so it was a tug of war. Whatever was wrong with her she is better now. Thank goodness.

This is a bad pic, but it is of the wood that we could cut for firewood off of the BLM land. So with a chainsaw the logs were cut into smaller pieces, loaded up onto the truck and trailer, brought home and stacked. It took quite a few trips but now we have wood to last the rest of this winter.

My youngest daughter has decided not to study abroad this year. She is going to apply next year but not to study in Germany. Now she is thinking England or Australia! So for two weeks it was getting her prepared to leave this year, and now she decided to postpone it.

There have been two more shootings in town where the police shot and killed two individuals. One was a fugitive trying to outrun the police and the other charged an officer with three large knives while wearing a bullet proof vest. The crime is ridiculous here now. It used to be a nice quiet town, not anymore.

I have had several people stop and ask if any of my donkeys are for sale or up for adoption. Nope. So I have been trying to find them donkeys but for some reason finding any around here is almost impossible.

There is a fox family living on the hill right behind the house so can't let my chickens out anymore. Slowly I have been building a larger enclosure for my girls so they will be safe from the fox family and they can get out into a bigger area rather than being cooped up.

One of my brothers who lives only a few miles away was dumped by his girlfriend and now he is partying and drinking everyday. He calls or shows up drunk. I am about ready to grab a step stool ( he is over six feet tall and I am barely five four) and shake the shit out of him and tell him to grow the 'f' up. He is 36 and time to stop his pity party crap.

I have also been busy getting hay, going to town, doing the everyday chores ( which will be another post), and everything else that comes up.

I hope all of you are doing fantastic. And yes I still need to catch up with everyone.

Until next time................................