Saturday, March 6, 2010

Someone needs more sleep!!

I was taking pics of all the kitties sleeping today because they were just so darned cute.

When I took a pic of Mr. Smith sleeping, he woke up.

Um, I think he NEEDS his beauty sleep!! lol

Until next time.....................


  1. awwwww he is so cute......looks like he got mad at you for disturbing him lol.....

  2. Ohhhh, poor Mr. Smith. Such a sleepy boy. Need I add, cute as a bug, sleepy face and all?

  3. Now that's a sad looking cat! He's asking you to just leave him alone, please, and let him sleep!

    My orange cat, Jack, always sleeps upside down - when he wakes his hair is all up in the air, and he always wakes slowly, so he's all groggy and slow. I always laugh at him when he very first gets up.

  4. Oh my gosh, let that poor kitty SLEEP, would you? lol
    Funny picture! :-)

  5. Oh, who's keeping who awake now......

  6. That picture made me smile....poor, sleepy kitty.

  7. That picture is too funny. Poor Mr. Smith, can't even get a good nap, which he obviously needs! I'm sure I look about the same when I have to get up from a nice nap!

  8. That's one sleepy cute is that?


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