Monday, March 1, 2010

Sounds and growth of Spring

The weather here in Southern Oregon has been to say the least, very mild. Not much rain and very little snow in the mountains. I was going to post about something else, but changed my mind and took this video to share.

I try to have either horses, donkeys or goats eat the grass down rather than use the mower. Looks like it is time to bring a critter next to the house to eat all that yummy grass!

For those of you dealing with the horrible, nasty snowstorms, hang in there. The sounds of mowing will be heard soon enough!

Until next time...............


  1. How can anything be that Green???!! Unbelievable and I am trying very hard to imagine that we eventually will be green. Why does it still seem so far away!!???

  2. Nice grass is still all white here, can't wait to smell fresh cut grass for the first time, unfortunately we do need to use a mower, I don't have any donkeys or horses. :( I am so jealous. lol

  3. As you know, we've had much snow this winter, the other day I heard one of the old-timers say, "I'd rather be pushing a lawn mower than a snow shovel."

    If I landed in your patch of green grass, I'd fall to my knees and kiss the ground and Maggie!

  4. That's beautiful! We can usually get away with not mowing until the first of May. So, I'm "green" with envy.

  5. Wow, is that what grass looks like? I thought it was white since that is all I have seen for the last 3 months. Keep your fingers crossed, we are supposed to have sun this weekend, of course we are supposed to get more snow tonight. Big surprise. lol

  6. Hi Maggieeeeee! :-)
    Yup, I recognize that green. 'Cept, where's your MUD? We've got a lot of that, too, from all the rain that keeps everything else all green! :-)
    our lawnmower is broken...eeeeeek!

  7. Time to move dogs out and goats in. Our grass just started to grow a little here in the canyon. And I will have to MOW!!

    So who are those two lovely doggies?


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