Monday, August 29, 2011

Miss me?

Okay, really, where does the time go? I will try to catch everyone up as to what has been going on.

Let's see, where to start!

The cat that went missing never did come back. I searched high and low, but nothing.

Something came off the hill and took my Silky Bantam rooster ( Bob A Loo) during the day! I followed the feather trail up the hill, then lost it. 

There is one hen who is eating eggs. Grrrrrr. Still haven't caught her, but I have narrowed it down. 

My Aunt had a stroke. Thankfully because she has always taken very good care of herself she will be fine.

My truck was down for two weeks due to a carbureator problem.

Grace is teething again and trying to walk! Talk about keeping me on my toes.

There is a suspected arsonist on the loose here in the valley! Fires keep popping up all over the place. 

My brother took me to two historic cemataries I have been wanting to go see. 

Youngest daughter is almost ready to meet Grace! Yay!!!! And she is giving it serious thought about coming over for the holidays ( Thanksgiving and Christmas).

A physic healer showed up here out of the blue. A voice kept telling her to stop everytime she drove by and one day the voice screamed at her to stop. She did stop and let me say I am glad she did! She laid her hands upon Arnold's ( donkey) face because I had said that he has been sad for a long time. I swear the next day and every day since he is a happy donkey again! She also kind of did the same thing with me. 

Made my own tomato juice from the tomatoes in the garden. Yum! 

Also made my own blackberry syrup!! I was surprised at how easy it was to make! And yes, it came out yummy.

Finally was able to buy three ton of hay to store in the barn.

The doe that I watched across the road in the field everyday won't be there anymore. I found her dead on the side of the road.

This may seem silly to some of you, but I have been trying to contact my spirit guide. I believe we all have them.

The bats have multiplied! There are so many at night now. It is so cool!

There have been some drug busts ( meth labs) close by. Ugh!

Marijuana season is just about ready to harvest and the sherriff planes and copters have been in full force.

Starting to get the shelters for the horses and donkeys ready for winter.

Fixing fences.

Washing horse blankets and now ready to repair the rips.

Found out Michael Vick wrote a book! What, on how to brutally murder a dog! That guy makes me sick.

Have been contacting designers who are still using real fur letting them know it is wrong on so many levels.

Been contacting representatives about stopping the BLM roundups and also horse slaughter.

Started a bucket list.

There has been more going on, but my brain is overloaded to remember it all.

Until next time........................

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This n that and everything in between

Howdy!! Blogger doesn't want to upload my pics so hopefully they will fix the problem soon.

As usual life has been crazy.

I bought Grace a small wading pool and she really enjoys it on these rather hot days. Her pool is in the shade in the breezeway so no worries about her getting too much sun. She is teething again! Ugh! I bought some of those homeopathic teething tablets and they seem to be helping her relieve the pain. She has also learned how to pull herself up whether it be the furniture or her crib! Next thing she will be walking and really keeping me racing around. 

My farrier was out last Friday to give all the horses and donkeys a trim. Wouldn't you just know it but two of the horses and one of the donkeys are having hoof problems. And for the life of my farrier or myself we just can't figure out why. Par for the course! I have been carefully going through everything trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

One of the outdoor kitties has been missing for four days now. I have no idea where he is. I have searched high and low for him with no sign. Sigh. One of the hazards if living in the country. Although the other night I was outside about 2 am ( one of my many sleepless nights) and noticed a new cat eating the cat food. Either someone dumped him/her off or it has been here the whole time. I do know that the cat took off like lightning when he/she saw me.

The bats are multiplying each night. The other night I admit I actually had had enough of them flying too close to me and high tailed inside.

One of my hens is an egg eater! Not good! I have it narrowed down to three as to who is doing it. It is difficult to catch the culprit in the act when there is so much that has to be done. As soon as I figure out who is doing it, well, I am afraid she will have to move on to another home. No, I don't have the heart to eat her.

The Guinea Keets are clowns. Downright comical. They prefer the company of the two older roosters and it is so cute to see them follow Stew Pot or Jeff Lewis around. Especially when the keets get out of sight of the boys they just get all hysterical and start screaming until they find them.

The garden is producing wonderfully. The other night I made blackberry cobbler and if I say so myself it was delicious! Here is the recipe I use and it is so easy.

1/2 cup melted butter poured into bottom of baking dish

3/4 cup flour
3/4 cup sugar                                  Mix together in a bowl until creamy then pour into baking dish
2 tsp. baking powder                      over melted butter
3/4 cup milk                                         

Pour whatever fruit you choose over mixture. Do not stir! Bake for 1 hour at 350 until golden brown. Eat and enjoy!  I like french vanilla ice cream on the side with mine.

The helicopters and small planes continue to fly over the valley looking for marijuana grow sites. Obviously there are a lot of them because they fly a lot!

Hunting season for bear has started so there have been a lot of gun shots to be heard. I'm not a hunter so it saddens me when I hear it. Deer season starts next month. I sure hope the buck and his does that live on the hill behind us stay here on the property where they will be safe.

Time for me to go. Grace is awake from her nap. I WILL catch up with all you of soon. Sure do miss what you have all been up to!

Until next time............................