Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tails of Adulthood

My goodness these past few days have been busy! Without boring you with it all, I thought I would share a thought with you. This morning I was moving slow. No real reason other than I just couldn't get motivated. With so much to do today I suppose I was already tired at just the thought of it.
After a few cups of coffee and a shower, then out to feed everyone, eating something sounded good. However, just didn't know what sounded good.

As I rummaged around looking for something to eat I ended up grabbing a bag of chips and a container of dip.

As I was standing there eating chips and dip and looking out the kitchen window, just appreciating what a glorious day it was looking like, it dawned on me that I like being an adult!

My kids are all grown. Don't have to cook breakfast and get them ready for the day.

I realized that as an adult I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want. If I want ice cream ( which I don't really care for), then I can have ice cream instead of dinner.

As I stood there watching the donkeys in the front pasture munching away and me eating chips and dip, I remembered when I was a kid and always being told what to do. What to eat. What to wear. Etc.....

Don't get me wrong, I have known for a very long time I am an adult and can do what I want. But for some reason standing there eating chips and dip this morning, it really hit me. No kids to take care of and I can eat what I want.

Yup, I like being an adult. Oh sure, it has its drawbacks. Skin getting drier and more wrinkled. Eyebrows getting longer. A long hair on the chin every now and then. More aches and pains. Hair graying ( in my case a lot!). Hard body days long, long gone. You get the picture.
Yup, being an adult is great. You have found and kept close to your heart real, true friends. You know the ones I mean. The ones you can call or show up on their doorstep anytime day or night and they are there with open arms and big smiles.
Yup, being an adult is great. Your younger years had such lessons of life to learn.
Yup, being an adult is great. You can eat what you want when you want.
Smile. Enjoy your day.
Until next time........................


  1. How well you put that. I wouldn't go back to being young again for anything. We've gained so much more than we have lost. I am so thankful to have enjoyed the privilege of growing older.

  2. I want to keep my 53 yr old brain and put it in a 23 yr old hot body. :-) I'm wiser to a bunch of stuff now, and I know how to say NO. Dip a potato chip for me and all the old broads.

  3. Oh I so love being an adult despite the added responsibilities like paying bills and going to work, but I enjoy that the kids are for the most grown up and self reliant, I got an email from a friend today, a little older than me, telling me that they just had their first child, mind you his second marriage, but omg can you imagine to deal with all that again? I couldn't and I don't care what marriage I would be working on for eating what I want and when I want....right up my alley lol... mmmm icecream for breakfast...mmmm....

  4. I am so grateful for having lived this long, for having such great friends, for seeing the beauty of nature and life, and finding joy in a bird's song and a dog's wagging tail.

  5. Love the tails! My fav is the orange one...I have a thing for orange cats! I love my orange boy, Jack!
    And, I'd go back to being 23 again, in a heartbeat. As long as I knew I'd end up here again!

  6. its so funny, we had this exact conversation in sewing class today.
    We can do what we want whenever we want. Also we dont have to do anything, not getting kids ready for school, no cooking, no cleaning.
    I mean its all there all the time so we cant do it when we want to, not a specific time.
    being an adult is great!

  7. Wow. I kinda like this idea of getting to eat what I want to when I want to! I have a ways to go before my kids are all gone...but I think I may be able to fasten this pace by taking my snacks into the bathtub with me....

  8. Love this post! I do look forward to this, but for now i do really enjoy trying to sneak a treat without the boys knowing what mummy is doing!! hehe Love the black fluffy tail :)

  9. What could possibly be better than eating chips and dip while watching donkeys? :)

  10. Love it. Great post. Being adult is marvelous most of the time! Not having to go to school. (I know, I know there is still work, but we at least get paid for that!). Making my own decisions. Chips and Dip! Yes. The only drawback is there is always things that have to be done (esp. if you have critters) and if you get sick, no staying in bed and having Mom bring chicken soup and seven up to you. :-) Loved the tails too. So you have nine kitties? Is that all?

  11. I just recently turned 40, everyone was acting like I should keep it a big secret. I was telling everyone, I turned 40 this year. I am excited about it. I feel better than I have ever felt in my life, buy the way I had an Oreo Blizzard(icecream and cookies)from the Dairy Queen for supper.Girls had a ball game and that's what I was in the mood for. Yeah, I'm enjoying being an adult.


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