Monday, May 14, 2012

Knock Knock...........

Still there?

Very busy month.

We finally were able to get this monster of a pump running to use for irrigating the pasture.

We had to dig the water hole deeper and clean it out of all the years of sludge and grime. Now that the pump is ready to go as well as the foot valve, all we need to do is dig out all the pipe with sprinkler heads out of the blackberry bushes, hook them up to the risers and the pasture will be irrigated! Hooray!
After we finished cutting up the logs, the thought of splitting the wood by hand was really not an option. So we rented a wood splitter. Talk about a life saver! All we had to do put a whole piece of wood onto the splitter, pull the lever and voila, split wood! Me thinks I want one!

Grace has been 'helping' by being outside while a lot of chores are getting done. She sure is growing up.
You just don't see an old house go down the road everyday!

Since Little Inger is an official house chicken I felt so bad she was alone so I went and bought her some chicks to keep her company. Now there are house chicks! As soon as they get older they will go outside to the coop and I will probably buy her some more chicks.

I have also been battling hoof abscesses in one horse and two donkeys. Lots of poultices being made and put on hooves. Thankfully now that the dry weather has arrived it has really helped clearing up the abscesses.

One of my donks really does not like his feet picked up and it is such a task to get his feet trimmed. I usually call the vet out and have him sedated, but this time around my farrier and I decided his feet were going to get trimmed and that was that! So after an hour of cowboy skiing ( which translates into me holding onto the lead rope while my farrier tried picking up his feet and the donkey pulling me from one end of the pasture to the other), the donk finally got wore out enough to get his feet trimmed! Although my farrier quit trying to pick up his feet and enjoyed the show of me refusing to let go of the lead rope and getting drug around! He knows I don't give up a challenge!

The garden areas are rototilled and the garden is planted! Yay!!!!

One of my brothers who lives close by asked to move in for awhile. Of course I said yes, but as it turned out he found another place to move to.

There has been a lot more going on but I will spare you of all that.

I hope you are all doing great. And again I want you to know I really do think of you daily! I really do!

Until next time...........................