Monday, February 28, 2011

Finally and a real eye opener

Well, I finally got my wish. Snow!! Yes, that most beautiful, wonderful, peaceful white stuff. Needless to say I was thrilled.

It wasn't a lot of snow. But any snow is fine with me.

What is it about snow that is just so peaceful. Just love it.

Grace is one month old. Can you believe a month has passed! Wow! Seriously, where does time go!

With getting closer to the big 50 age, I decided yesterday to contact my one sister who lives close by and extend the olive branch. I sent her a text. We haven't spoken in two years because of mother. Haven't heard back from her, so we will see.

A few weeks back I got poison oak again. Ugh! This time I decided to try a different remedy to get rid of it. The thought of using Clearasil ( acne med) came to mind. So went and bought some and guess what? It worked like a charm! It was dried up in no time.

Going to get hay this morning and I am determined to load those bales by myself. I refuse to admit defeat due to getting older. I'll let you know if I have to eat crow on this one or not. :)

Left to get hay. Nope, didn't have to eat crow!! Ha Ha!!!!! I win!

And while I was on the way to the feed store my sister who I texted yesterday, well, she texted back. Looks like we are okay again.

In all these years that have gone by I never truly understood what a real community was all about. You know the one where everyone in the area helps one another. Since living here, even in the short time we have been here, the people of this area area amazing. They accepted us with open arms. The gal at the feed store told me if I needed to charge hay or anything else, that is was no problem. Neighbors are beginning to wave when they see us on the road or just outside. I have been so used to being one of those people, like so many, that you leave me alone and I'll leave you alone. Yup, a real eye opener for me. Have to say it is really very nice. 

Okay, time to get outside and get some chores done. 

Hugs to you all. 

Yup, as usual am going to have to catch up with you all. 

Until next time....................

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What happened!

Sorry no pics this time.

Yesterday I had to go get hay. No biggie. Paid for it and told the gal not to worry, that I could load it by myself. Went out to my truck, pulled the bales of hay out from under the shelter area, stood one on end against the tail gate for leverage ( each bale weighs about 140 pounds), and lifted. Uh, was unsuccessful at first attempt. Tried again. And again. And yet again. I finally stood back, looked at the hay ( as if it was going to say anything) still not loaded into the truck trying to figure out what the problem was. Another few more attempts and I still could not get the hay loaded. The gal who works there walked out and asked if I needed help. Um, with embarrassment I said yes. I didn't know what the problem was. I have always  been able to load those bales with no problem. Between the two of us the hay was loaded and I was on my way. On the drive back here I was perplexed as to why I couldn't load those bales by myself. Could it be that I really have gotten older and physically can't lift those bales? One day I can, the next I can't. I'm turning the big 50 very soon. Naw, that can't be it. I refuse to believe that that is why. Maybe it was just an off day.

Today there is predicted a pretty big snow storm coming in. Forecasters are saying now anywhere from 8-12 inches of snow here in the Applegate Valley. I have been waiting in anticipation all day for something to happen. And so far the only thing happening are some darkish clouds going over.

But just in case, this morning I went out and re secured the shelters for the horses and donkeys. Added another water trough just in case the electricity goes out ( we are on well and no electricity, no water). There are now 6 water troughs out there. I also fixed a bit of fencing that the horses pushed down trying to get to the grass on the other side.

After that it was double checking the chicken house to make sure all was secure there.

Then it was back into the house. Made my fave salad ( raw cabbage and shrimp) then decided to make a cake.

A little bit ago Joe, my farrier and friend of almost 10 years, called me to let me know he had just passed by and wanted to let me know that one of the donkeys wasn't walking right. I asked which one and he laughed and said one with long ears!  Out to the pasture to see who it was. Yup, sure enough, Arnold is walking slow again. Back into the house, grab the Banamine, back to the pasture and gave Arnold his meds. Arnold sure is having a rough time with his feet since moving here.  And there really is no grass in the pasture due to it being winter still. Hay hasn't changed. Hmmmm, Arnold buddy, you have me baffled.

Well, it is a little past 2:30 in the afternoon and still nothing going on outside. Oh well, I guess we will wait and see.

I have slowly but surely been catching up with what has been going on with all of you.

Until next time.......................

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So much to say!

Past couple of days have been kind of fun and interesting. Wait. Did I actually say fun? Hmmmm.

On Saturday we went up on one of the hills behind the house to cut firewood. And wouldn't you know it, it started snowing! Already wearing rain gear and warm clothing, the cutting, throwing and stacking of the firewood continued.
As I was throwing logs down the hill a beautiful fuchsia kind of color caught my eye. Thankfully my camera was with so snapped a pic of it. I don't have a clue what kind of plant this is, but the color is so vivid against all the brown and grey of winter.

On Sunday as I was headed out to feed, movement across the road caught my attention.  Again, thankfully my camera was with. Some kind of crane I am guessing. This guy stayed in that pasture for quite awhile just walking around, then he was gone.

See that reddish thing in the center of the pic? It is a hang glider over the property!  He or she, stayed up there for a long time just, hanging out! Ha Ha

Monday was a fabulously beautiful day. So fabulous that yard work was attended to.  There is a tree with red berries on it and it was filled with robins. And I do mean filled. The noise alone was fascinating as well as watching them grab those berries.

This evening the neighbor who lives on the property next to us stopped by. Turns out three of my goats had crawled under the front yard fence and were grazing by the road! She was shooing then back into the yard when I walked out. We got the goats back in, she introduced herself and said she works for the transportation department. Which is a good thing because the road, well, actually scenic highway, is one of the top roads taken care of during winter storms. And she has a horse...and she leases over 400 acres.....and she invited me to go on a trail ride with her!!! We exchanged phone numbers and she said that if a road emergency comes up, she'll call and let me know.

I have been reading about the local history around here. Found out that the author of Jonathon Livingston Seagull, Richard Bach, bought property some time ago and he with some other people  banded together to preserve the area from logging and mining. Half of the local residents were for the preservation while the other half didn't like it at all.

And speaking of 'famous' people. Remember Patrick Duffy who played on the show Dallas? Well, he owns a huge ranch a couple of towns over. And Kirsty Ally owns a ranch about ten miles from this house.

A big winter storm is forecasted for tomorrow night. Its being said we could get a significant amount of snow. Hmmmmm, guess I'll believe it when I see it.

I am hoping to catch up with you all tomorrow. Hope everyone has been happy and healthy.

Until next time........................

Friday, February 18, 2011

If it isn't one thing.

You would think I would be used to things coming up unexpectedly. So why the heck is it when I see something that needs immediate attention I sigh then shake my head!

A couple of days ago it was downright pouring buckets of rain and the wind was fierce. You could hear the wind come howling through the valley. When it was coming off the hills right behind us it sounded like a freight train. 

I decided to take a walk out to the pasture and check on the horses and donkeys to make sure they were staying as dry as possible. To my surprise everyone was soaking wet and just standing there in the rain. I soon discovered why. The temporary shelters I had put up with the help of two of my daughters when we first moved in, had collapsed. On one the wind had ripped the tarp completely off and was barely hanging on to a panel. The panel on the other one had been shoved into the next one. And so on. 

So, in the pouring rain I repaired, re-tied, re-fastened, moved the panels that were out of place back into place, etc.....   Once the shelters were up, the horses and donkeys filed under them. I even opened up the 'hospital' area so they could get in there and dry off. 

That night it started snowing. Now I adore the snow. Just adore it. But for once in my life I didn't want it to. Not yet. Here it was the horses and donkeys had gotten soaked earlier and in the morning I had to drive Grace and my daughter into town for an appointment. The one daughter who had Grace does not have a car which requires having someone drive her where she needs to go. Where we live the roads can get quite nasty in bad weather. There are lots of twists and turns and deer jump out of nowhere right in front of cars. 

By morning the snow had let up and we left for town. As usual  what I had hoped for a quick trip turned into a four hour trip. 

Got home, grabbed some wood for the wood stove and before I knew it wasps were flying around inside the house! 11 in all! After catching 9 of the wasps, yes one at a time, and setting them free outside, well, to be honest, by the time it was 10 and 11's turn, okay, I admit it, I was tired and squashed them. Sorry little wasps, but couldn't have you in the house where Grace is and I was dog tired. 

Yesterday it was another trip to town to get taxes done. Came home to find Sugar Dog had vomited in various areas of the house. Only reason I know it was Sugar Dog is because I caught her throwing up. Out came the steam cleaner and cleaned the areas she left ugly, smelly presents. Have no idea why Sugar Dog threw up, but she is back to her old self today.

This morning it was another trip to town for another appointment for Grace. No worries, just a well check this morning. Another four hours and back home. 

In the meantime this week I listed what I could on eBay, shipped some items off, tried keeping up with the house, etc...

Oh, I did have a highlight on Tuesday. I had lunch with my oldest and youngest daughter. Which I enjoyed very much. My oldest daughter is wanting to see Grace which is a step forward. My youngest, well, I had to inform her that Grace is staying, and when she calls me, yes, she will hear Grace in the background. It was basically the 'buck up' talk! After the talk I  hugged her and told her she was still my baby and that was never going to change. One of these days she'll want to meet Grace.


And speaking of Grace, she is growing like a weed. A nice healthy weed!

This weekend it is back up on the hill for more firewood. Have to get more hay too. Is it okay to say I want off this ride for awhile! Ha Ha

Until next time....................

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some me time.

Lately there has been something bothering me but haven't been able to put my finger on it. A feeling of loss of direction. A feeling of  something missing. I have been on auto pilot for such a long time now. So many 'to do's' and 'have to's' on the list that I am only taking care of the basics.  

As I was watering the horses and donkeys, Hoody Dude, my horse, walked up to say hi. As I was petting him I ran my fingers through his mane and was appalled at what I found. It made me feel so bad.

There were two huge mats in his mane. In all the years I have had horses and donkeys I have never let their manes get  like this. This is mat #1.

Mat #2!

As I was combing out his mane it hit me what the heck was was missing. It was some 'me' time. It has been such a long time that I did what I wanted to do. Not what was on the list of things to do, but what I enjoyed. Brushing and just being with the horses and donkeys gives me peace. No time restraints. No have to's. Just enjoying.  Hoody Dude's mane looks much better now.

This is what came out of his mane after all was done. Geez, that is a lot of hair! Sorry buddy.

Hoody Dude enjoyed the attention and grooming as much as I did.

Before I knew it some of the donkeys and AJ, my daughters Mustang mare, wanted to be groomed too. 

When I finally came back into the house I had a huge smile on my face. Content. Happy. 

On Tuesday my oldest daughter and I are going to drive to the University that my youngest attends and go visit her. And even take her out to lunch!

So, I suppose the moral of this blog is the fact to not forget to do what YOU want to do. Take a bit of time every now and then and enjoy what YOU want.

Until next time...............

Friday, February 11, 2011

What's your smell?

                                           What scent puts a smile on your face? Brings back a flood of memories? Makes all your anxieties melt away for a few moments? One that makes you just feel all warm and cozy?   

For me, it is the smell of a horse. 

Until next time..........................

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Honey Dog checking out Gracie. Honey Dog is 8 years old and has never liked children, yet here she is accepting Gracie just fine. In fact, Honey Dog doesn't like it when any of the other animals gets too close to Gracie.

I'm sure most of you were wondering how long it was going to take for Gracie to meet the horses and donkeys. Well, it is time. Here is Cookie introducing herself.

Another surprise was Mr. Worm being very gentle with Gracie. Mr. Worm at one time was dumped off at our old house and he had turned feral. It took me about 6 months to finally be able to pet him. Ever since that first pet, we have  formed a bond. 

More pics tomorrow of Gracie meeting the other critters around here. 

Until next time................... 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shhhhhh. Don't tell.

Shhhh. I should be finishing up gathering all the documents and receipts to get the taxes done, but am taking a bit of a break from the paperwork. Like most people tax time is no fun and stressful. Yuk!  

Yesterday morning Arnold didn't want breakfast and that is an immediate red flag that he is on the verge of colicking again. So, out to the pasture armed with halter, lead rope, mineral oil and Banamine. After a few minutes he was all taken care of. When I went out to check on him he was passing a good healthy poo.  Seeing that I knew he was okay. By dinner he was feeling much better. Like you, I pay close attention to the poo part of owning animals. It tells you a lot!

Have no idea what type of flowers these are, but with this super mild winter we have had, the plants and trees are thinking it is spring time.

My horse decided to somehow darn near shred his blanket which I found in the pasture. So, the next warm day we have I'll be out there sewing it back together.

This may sound gross but I'll tell you anyway. The outside cats have been very very good at catching rodents and birds. So much so that I now have a bucket designated for all the dead bodies. Everyday I take the bucket up to one of the hills behind the house to feed the fox up there. If the fox knows food is up there, he or she will stay away from my chickens. Well, that is my thinking anyway. So far so good.

Grace is doing wonderfully. 

Oh, oh, I just noticed that I have 100 followers now! 100!!! How sweet! I am honored! Thank you to all 100! 

Okay, I suppose I had better get back to tax time paperwork. It's not doing it by itself even though I did mention to that pile of papers it was more than welcome to finish itself up! It appears the papers listen as well as the dishes do!  

Until next time.................

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Answers and a question

Thank you for all your comments about the newest addition to the family.
A special thank you to Jim, Ron and Sophie. And another special thanks for the good hearty laugh from John ( Going Gently).

Mother and Grace have settled in nicely. Grace is a wonderful baby. 

When you walk into the house, you can see that a baby lives here with all her stuff! 

Surprisingly my dog, who doesn't like anyone, has taken a very protective roll over Grace. 

In answer to a few questions that were asked. Yes, I taught all three daughters about birth control, std's, drugs, etc.... It just so happens that the daughter who lives at home and is now a mom, didn't listen!  

Yes, I am married and have been for awhile. I did raise my three daughters by myself when they were younger. If you ask hubby, he will tell you that sometimes my independence  bothers him. He knows I am fully capable of doing everything a man can do except pee standing up! He does get frustrated with me when I take care of things that need to be done and don't wait for him. Why wait for anyone when I can do it myself! Just my nature I suppose.

Now I have a question for you!

Yesterday morning while I was taking care of the outside cats and the chickens I found this...............


bird, dead in the workshop area. I don't know what kind it is other than I believe it to be of the hawk family. I haven't had time to research it so if any of you know what kind, I'd appreciate it.

Well, have to go. Family is going over to visit Grace in a little bit.

Until next time....................

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blind sided

Just when things were starting to fall into a routine, we got blind sided on Sunday. One of those heart stopping, knocked down, shocking moments.

My 27 year old daughter who still lives at home was complaining of being constipated Saturday night so I told her to take some mineral oil. Hey, if it works for a horse and donkey when they are colicking, it would work for her. Throughout Saturday night she kept complaining about her stomach hurting. Well, if you haven't done your 'business' in three days, then yes, your stomach is going to hurt.

Sunday morning she was still in pain and said she still hadn't done her 'business'. I rummaged around the animal medicine cabinet and found some laxatives. Gave her some and then asked if she needed to go to the hospital. She flatly said no to hospital.

A few hours later she went into the bathroom and the next thing I hear is her screaming for me. I ran in, she was sitting on the toilet and she informed me that something was coming out of her female area. When I looked my first thought was her female parts were coming out. Then in the same thought I knew what was happening.

She moved slightly and in an instant a baby fell into the toilet! Yes, a baby!!

I yelled at her to get on the floor, reached in a grabbed the baby ( who wasn't moving at all), turned  the baby on the side and starting cleaning the nose and mouth area and yelling for hubby to call 911. 

The 911 operator walked us through what to do.  Hubby brought me a shoestring to tie off the umbilical cord. Thankfully a bath towel was hanging within reach so wrapped the baby up.  The next thing we knew 5 or 6 paramedics were in the bathroom. The Calvary had arrived!!!

Not much can get me into a state of shock, but after the Calvary arrived, that is exactly what happened. 

They were taken to the hospital. I made phone calls letting a few people know. My oldest and youngest daughter went into hysterics when I told them.

Off to the hospital we went. Both daughter and baby are fine.

When daughter was questioned about whether she knew she was pregnant or not, she claims she did not know. However, I have serious doubts about that!

In answer to your question, no, I did not know. I suspected it while we were moving into this house, but she assured me she wasn't, that she had gained weight. She has always had a problem with her weight.

So, within a few short hours, we became Grandparents to...........

Gracelynn Kay

Not only did I get to be there for her birth, my daughter let me name her Grace. Because if it wasn't for the grace of God, the Angels and the Universe, Grace wouldn't be here with us.

And now the house has gone from a house where there were no children anything items to a house that has filled up with baby items thanks to the kindness and support of the community, paramedics, firefighters, friends and of course family. 

Both daughter and Grace are back home and we are having to settle in to a whole new life. The dogs and cats have reacted very well to a new addition. Well, I did set them down one by one and explained what happened so they wouldn't be shocked when Grace came home. 

My oldest and youngest daughter still are angry and refuse to come out to the house. They assured me they are not angry with the baby, but at their sister for not fessing up she was pregnant and putting Grace into danger for 9 months with no prenatal care, smoking throughout the pregnancy and not eating healthy. I do have to agree with them to a point about the disregard for Grace while in the womb. But now it is after the fact. Grace is a healthy baby and right now that is all that is important.

It may take me awhile to catch up with all of you. This may sound strange, but I have missed you and keeping up with what is going on in your lives. 

Until next time...............................