Saturday, January 30, 2010

And then there were three

On the way to check on the baby chicks late yesterday afternoon a lone bee was to be found. I thought it was dead, but nope, it was moving. Geez, it is January and already a bee is to be seen. And yes, it was moving ever so slowly.
Ta Da! And now there are three babies! Well, by the looks of them they are not White Silkies. I collected the eggs shells and looked at the colors. Well, for sure there is one Americauna baby. Pretty sure there is one Mottled Houdan and quite possibly a Polish Lace. The only eggs left are the White Silky eggs to hatch.

Aren't they adorable?
Stay tuned!
Until next time.......................

Friday, January 29, 2010


Look what I saw this morning when I went out to the hen house! Could it be a hatched egg?
YES!!!!!! A tiny peep, peep sound was heard and look what is under Bonnie!

A beautiful just hatched chick! Hmmmmm, don't think it is a White Silky baby. Wonder what breed baby is. Time will tell.
Stay tuned for further hatches!
Until next time.................................

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Looking at the world from a differant view

Danni, the hen in the middle of the pic has one heck of a sense of humor! She makes me laugh everyday! I do believe the pics will explain themselves!

Every evening Danni does this. The other girls just sit there like normal hens, but not Danni! She has to look at the world from a different view.
9 days and counting for eggs to hatch! Hmmmm, I wonder if one of the chicks will be a Polish Laced like Danni is! Now that would be fun to have two comics here.
Until next time................

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Big Boys Get Into It

Every now and then the 'big boys' get into a fight. Ozzy and Trash are brothers. We rescued them and their sister three years ago when they were about five days old. They were bottle babies.
They are very close, but every so often a scuffle breaks out between them. Ozzy weighs close to 20 pounds and Trash is a close second.

When these two get into it, the term, " The fur flies" is literal. Fur was flying everywhere. My vacuum is going to love all that fur!

I usually let them work it out themselves so long as there is no bloodshed and it doesn't get really out of hand. Thankfully their fights only last a few minutes.

Once they get it out of their system, they each go their separate ways for awhile and before you know it, they are snuggled up to each other as if nothing ever happened.
10 days to go for eggs to hatch!!!!
Until next time.......................

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not yet.

Miss Kitty followed me inside the girlie coop to help check Little Inger and Bonnie. Miss Kitty staring at Little Inger and Bonnie.
Awww, look how cute they are snuggled up to each other.

Uh, Bonnie I see an egg. Is it possible the babies are beginning to hatch?

Nope. Not yet. Darn it. Must not be enough room for all those eggs!
11 days to go for hatch date.
Until next time............................

Monday, January 25, 2010

It is the little things......

My best friend gave me this cartoon years ago. I keep it on the fridge and to this day it makes me laugh. I have a fear of clowns which is why I like this cartoon.

Just wanted to share a little thing in life that makes me smile everyday.

12 days to go for eggs to hatch!

Until next time................

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Is this enough?

Since today is raining it is a good day to do some indoor chores. After dusting it was time to get out the vacuum. But first all the cat toys had to be found and put back into the toy box. Do you think the cats and kittens have enough toys?
Rose is wondering why the cats have so many toys. What makes them so special! Well Rose, my dear, you and the other dogs don't play with toys anymore.

Of course Squirrel has to drag out her favorite toy. Thanks Squirrel, but I do need to vacuum.

I put the toy back into the box and look who is taking it back out! Good ol' Squirrel.

I put it once again into the toy box and Squirrel is thinking, um, nope, this toy, THIS toy does not belong inside the box.
You guessed it, I gave up. If she wants her toy out so badly then fine, she can have it. It will only take a moment to pick it up to vacuum.
You don't suppose the cats and kittens are a tad bit spoiled do you?
Until next time......................

Friday, January 22, 2010

Help Yourself!

Normally I do not eat breakfast, but this morning a warmed up danish just sounded really good. As I was sitting here enjoying it and checking my ebay, company showed up. First it was Rodent(left) and Jovi (right). Rodent has never jumped up onto the table. Well, that is until this morning. Apparently he wanted a bite of danish too.
Before I knew it, Squirrel ( far left) and Ozzy ( far right) decided to join the other two. Ozzy is thinking that the danish is looking pretty tasty!

Jovi dives in and takes the first bite.

Since Jovi took a bite, Squirrel takes one.

Looks like my 'company' is enjoying breakfast.
The kittens and cats know that they are not allowed on the table while we are eating. It is a no no. I must have just been really tired, or amused, since all I did was sit back, grab the camera and take pics. What danish they didn't eat was given to the chickens.
Until next time....................

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Seeing Double

Yesterday late afternoon I went in to check on Little Inger and her eggs. To my surprise I walked in to see Bonnie ( the other White Silky) stealing an egg from under Little Inger! Once she stole one egg, she went for another one and got it! Then she sat down on 'her' two eggs right next to Little Inger. Pleased as punched she was. Bonnie is in the front. Little Inger is in the back.

Bonnie has shown no signs of being broody so this was a surprise. Looks like she wants to be a mommy too!

This is going to be such a surprise when the eggs hatch and watching Little Inger and Bonnie raise 'their' babies together. And also what breeds the babies are going to be. For sure there will be White Silkies.

Hatch date is still no later than Feb 6. Figured we would still use that date since Bonnie is stealing eggs!

Until next time.....................

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Today it has been very windy. And with wind, comes energy. The dogs getting outside and actually playing.
Rose trying to grab a toy from Maggie.

Starting to pant after real exercise!

A huge crow landed in the tree and these silly dogs thought they were going to get it!

Sugar aka The Tick aka Baby Beluga now, is all tuckered out.
Our dogs really do go outside! They don't always just lay around. Okay, a lot of the time that is where you will find these spoiled rotten dogs. Snoozing on either a couch or a bed. What a dog's life!

Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Only January!!!

It's only January and there are signs of lice on two of the donkeys here. Yes, lice!!! This is the first time I have had to de-louse the donkeys so early in the year. Geez, it is winter here isn't it?! Well, the so called winter we have had here in the valley hasn't been much of one at all. Temps have been on the warm side. A bit of rain here and there. No snow to speak of. But, the combination of what rain we have had and the warm temps is the perfect breeding grounds for lice! Usually it doesn't have to be done until March. Out to the barn to the medicine cabinet to get the lice powder.
See the bald patch between Arnold's nostril and upper lip? Yup, tell tale sign of lice.

Another obvious sign is the raggedy-ness of the coat. She is always the first to get lice. In fact, there has never been a problem with lice here until she came. So, this morning was dusting all the donkeys. Let me tell you, it is not easy sprinkling lice powder on them. It is so funny how they know when I have a treat or the dreaded powder or wormer! Sorry, no pics of the actual dusting. A lot of it is run by powdering! You know, I walk non chalantley around, wait for them to come to me and then start sprinkling. After the sprinkling, then it has to be rubbed in for the powder to do its job. By that time it really does become a challenge. It took awhile, but it got done! I win!!!!!

And since the donkeys had to get dusted, guess which bunch was next? Look at those sweet, unsuspecting faces!! Hee Hee
And in 10-14 days the process needs to be done again!!
Until next time.......................

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Persistence and the cats

I have no idea what got into Persistence this morning. Even though he is not my dog, he is over here all the time. This here is Goat. She is a pretty laid back kitty.
Persistence is trying with all his might to get Miss Kitty to play. He tries and tries to talk her into it.

He even shows her how much fun it will be.

Aw, come on. Play with me. Pleeeeeeze!!!

Play, play play!
Right after I took this pic, Miss Kitty had had enough and chased Persistence right into Goat, who in turn took off after Persistence chasing him straight into Stew Pot the rooster who chased him off back to me. Darn camera wasn't fast enough to catch all that.
Persistence then looks at me as if to say. " Um, all I wanted to do was play. What in the heck just happened there!"
So far I have not seen Persistence near any cat or chicken after what happened this morning.
The more that little dog is here the more I am really taking a liking to him!
Until next time........................

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Two Losses.

Well, 2010 isn't starting off so well. Can you see Cookie Cat inside the giraffe? Sadly we had to put her to sleep last week due to a tumour in her mouth which turned out to be cancer. She was estimated to be about 12. One Christmas morning some years ago I found her on our front porch. She was so skinny and scared and obviously had had kittens recently. I looked for the kittens, but couldn't find them. Someone had dumped her and her babies out like garbage. She sure was a cute little girl.

This is Apollo. It isn't one of the best pictures of him. He started having trouble breathing yesterday so off to the vet to find out he had fluid starting to build around his heart. Probably caused from a tumour. There was no cure so the decision was made to let him leave this world peacefully surrounded by those of us who loved him so much. Last year he was diagnosed with cancer in his eye and had to be removed. We started calling him the Pirate Dog. I know, not original. He was ten.
This is not a sad post. Just a tribute to a Cookie Cat and a Pirate Dog.
See you two on the other side.
Until next time...............................

Friday, January 15, 2010

Stop it! I'll do it!! I mean it!!!

Ah, kittens! Stop touching me! Just stop it!!!!
I mean it! If you touch me again I am going to beat you up!

I am not kidding! Don't even think about touching me! You'll be sorry! I'll do it!!

I told you that you would be sorry! Now I am going to kick you butt!!!
Nothing like having rotten kittens in the house!
Until next time...................