Saturday, December 31, 2011


Another end to another year!

Have to say 2011 had its share of surprises and challenges. Grace being the biggest surprise.

Wishing you all a year full of......... 







May 2012 be the beginning of wonderful things.

Happy New Year to you all.

Big grin!!

Until next year!!!!!   

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Busy as usual

Can you believe the end of 2011 is just days away! What a year! And where the heck does the time go? Seems the older one gets, the faster it goes.
Yup, as usual I have been busy. Always, always something to do.

Ever since moving here Arnold's feet have become a daily challenge. Some days he walks just fine, others he can barely move.  Thank goodness I know what is going on so basically it is just dealing with his laminitis issues. I have talked about laminitis before and let me say, it keeps you on your toes on a daily basis.

And it isn't just Arnold's feet I have to watch constantly, it is also AJ's feet! Who would have thought that a Mustang would have issues with laminitis! Arnold and AJ are always on the radar.

My dear friend Sue, who had a major stroke almost three years ago, comes out to get donkey therapy. Her and her husband bring out goodies for the donkeys which as you can see those donkeys really enjoy! Sue has come a long way since her stroke. Feeding and petting the donkeys has helped with her hand eye coordination.  Oh and yes, I know the fence is leaning which is an ongoing project to keep it up until we can sink some wood posts this spring and run new livestock wire. I sure do miss the wood fence at the old house.

Grace's first Christmas. Can you believe she is going to be a year old at the end of January! Not only is she walking and running everywhere, she also climbs onto everything she can. Talk about keeping me hopping! I am teaching her colors, shapes, numbers and the alphabet.

Grace's mother, my middle daughter, needs to get her priorities in order. There are days I just want to punch her in the face! 

Just recently found out that some friends are losing their house to foreclosure. This truly saddens me because they are in the mid 60's.

I have decided that when we plant out garden next year, we will plant extra veggies for friends and whoever else needs them. I have already started asking friends what veggies they like so I can make sure to plant them. Going to check into donating fresh veggies to the local food bank.

Every evening a Buck and his four Does graze in the front yard. What a beautiful peaceful sight to see.

I have to go over to my oldest daughter's house soon and help her git rid of a spirit that has decided to hang out.

My youngest, who has OCD worse than my oldest daughter and myself has been keeping me busy helping her get through her crisis's. I have figured out why she has steadily gotten worse over this past year. It is all due to Grace's mother being an idiot and not telling anyone she was pregnant with Grace. For some reason the delivery of Grace in the bathroom triggered something in my youngest.  Slowly but surely progress is being made with my youngest.

Now that horse slaughter is set to begin in the USA, horse theft will be on the rise so I have decided to freeze brand the horses and donkeys. I am working on a brand to have made and then register it with the state of Oregon. I want a visible mark on the horses and donkeys to hopefully deter theft.

Okay, I don't want to bore you with the ramblings of a tired mind so will end this post now.

Here is a hug for each of you. Everyone can use a hug!

Until next time.........................


Monday, December 5, 2011

Animals, animals, animals

What does Grace, donkeys and the Gator have in common?

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! Two of my donks jumped the fence day the other day, got out into the road and stopped traffic. Thankfully some of the drivers got out and helped me get the donks back onto the property. Put the donks in the front pasture ( which isn't all fenced). Ran back to the house, grabbed Grace who was in the stroller this whole time, ran into the house, put Grace in her car seat, ran back outside, strapped Grace into front seat of the Gator with lead rope, drove up to the barn, loaded up hay, drove to back pasture, grabbed lunge whip to get the other donkeys and horses away from the gate, drove through gate, spread hay into back pasture, drove back to front pasture leaving back pasture gate open, with lunge whip in left hand and driving with left hand while holding onto Grace's car seat with right hand herded the two escaped donkeys into back pasture. Then it was fence fixing time with baling twine ( which is all I had on the Gator). Yup, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

I had to rehome the Guineas. For some reason they kept going out onto the road and yes, they too would stop traffic.  I did not want them getting hurt or worse killed nor did I want to get sued for causing an accident, rehoming was the best option. They also had become vicious towards my chickens. The have been gone a few days and although I am glad they are gone, I do miss those stupid birds.

A few weeks ago as I was locking up my chickens for the night I heard rustling in the leaves behind the coop ( which is right by the house). As I was securing the door to the coop I hollered out to the outside cats that I was going to feed them as soon as I was done ( thinking it was one of the cats wanting dinner). As I walked out of the coop I looked up to see what I thought was a stray cat. Upon further looking it wasn't a 'stray' cat, but a Bobcat! He looked at me. I looked at him. He bounded up towards the barn, stopped and looked at me again, then was gone. I was so excited to see him. My adrenalin was pumping and I ran into the house to tell everyone what I had just seen. The next day I realized that having a Bobcat that close to the house was not a good thing.

Now that hunting season is over the Buck and his does are coming down off the hills and grazing in the front pasture. In fact one of the does was grazing right in the front yard!

Last night as I was having the last cigarette of the day I heard crunching sounds in the yard by the walnut trees. Hmmmm, what the heck! After getting a flashlight I found out what was making the crunching sounds. It was a huge squirrel eating the walnuts that had fallen on the ground.

I seriously love and enjoy all the wildlife.

Oh, one more thing. The pic of Grace, well, to me she looks like Curly from the Three Stooges in this pic.

Until next time..............

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Yup, it's me! Took some time but think I am alright now. John ( Going Gently), thank you! Also a thank you to Ron, Jim, Sophie, Tina, Lilla, Rachael and my Sister Connie.

A lot has been going on not only in life, but mentally as well. I needed time to regroup and figure out what the hell was wrong with me. There was a pretty big problem with hubby's and my relationship. It's been a year since I lost my house. Grace is ten months old now. Well, let's just say everything finally came to a head.

I have always been a strong person, but there for awhile I didn't feel I was. And that bothered me! I knew something wasn't right and had to figure it out.

Slowly things started to surface. And when they surfaced it was like a volcano! Just erupting up and out. Wow! Yup, a lot of anger and resentment was unleashed.

I was angry as hell for losing my house. Angry that my one daughter didn't say a word about her being pregnant and having to deliver a baby in my bathroom! Angry that I didn't feel I was taking care of my horses and donkeys the way they were used to at the old house. Angry at my hubby for several large reasons. Angry that Grace's mother was in fact taking advantage of me as far as Grace was concerned. Angry that I allowed myself to get into such a depression ( which is what it was ) and put my life on the back burner.  Angry that for the past year I have been unable to help more animals in need. Angry at how society has crumbled. Let's just say I was damned angry!

It's funny, but when you realize what is going on with yourself you can see it in a whole new perspective!

So, instead of pushing the anger further down any longer, it was unleashed!  Once I let it out, said what needed to be said, I threw it out to the universe to be rid of it. Not saying it is all gone, but a lot of it is.

Now instead of  dreading 'what the hell is next' in life. Instead of trudging on an uphill battle in the mud getting worn out.  I have decided that I want to see what is on the other side of the hill! Whether it be good or bad I want to see it. And what's over the next hill, and the next. Sometimes alone, sometimes with someone else, but getting to the top and seeing.

There is so much more going on but will leave for that for future posts.

Big, big hugs to the folks I mentioned in the beginning of this post. You may not know what you did for me, and that's ok, because I know what you did!

Until next time.............................

Thursday, October 27, 2011


So much going on these days. It surprises me I remember to even breathe!

I have some personal issues going on which I am having to ponder on. Kind of like being at the crossroads.

However, I can't stand at the crossroads forever so I need to start making some choices.

Lately I have had the urge to travel. Which is rather odd for me since I don't like to travel and I dislike driving!  As a kid we moved a lot from state to state, city to city, etc... which is why I don't like to travel.

Just jumping into a small motor home with my dogs and cats sounds wonderful. Although the thought of leaving my horses and donkeys saddens me. 

Anyway, just letting you know that I am taking a hiatus for awhile to sort some stuff out.

I will keep up with what you are all doing when I can.

Hugs to all of you.

Until next time.............................

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

History Find, City Folk and another Experience

Day before yesterday as I was outside I noticed several people feeding my horses and donkeys over the fence. Um, not acceptable. So out to pasture to have a chit chat with these folks. As I walked closer the woman asked if I didn't mind if they fed the horses and donks some carrots they had. Well, yes I do mind. They should ask before feeding anyone's animals. Well, come to find out the couple had travelled all the way from the Los Angeles area to attend the local church out here. Wow, really! They were telling me how beautiful it is here compared to down there. Yes, it is beautiful here. The husband then looks at all the blackberry bushes and asked if it was okay to pick the raspberries. Um, they are blackberries, not raspberries, but yes go ahead although there aren't many berries left anymore due to the bears pretty much picking them off. When I mentioned the word bears, his eyes got big as saucers and asked me where they come from. Well, off the mountains I told him. Then he starts looking around for bears! Sorry, but by this time I am giggling. I had to tell him that the bears come down in the evening and early morning so the chances of him seeing one are pretty low. They thanked me, I told them to have a good trip and if they wanted to feed animals in a field to please ask the owner otherwise there could be some really nasty trouble for them.  City folk!!! :)  

Looky at what was found close to the house. It is an old, old window weight!!! There have only been two house built on this property. The first one built about 1870, the second one ( which I live in) was built mid 1950's, And I can say that the windows in this house have no window weights! I don't know how to date window weights, but am hoping it is from the original house.

Another find was this pick ax. Pretty sure it isn't antique old, but with all the rust it just looks good with the other pieces I have been finding.

October not only means Halloween, it also means pumpkin seeds for us humans and the shells for the donkeys.

Now for another ghostly experience.

A few years ago some friends gave us a car they had no use for. Turned the car into the work car to save on gas. One day I had to go to town so decided to use the car rather than my truck. As I was warming the car up I looked into the rear view mirror and much to my surprise there sat an elderly woman, short blue/gray hair, wearing a blue shirt and was staring straight into the mirror. Not much will make me jump, but I can say when I saw her sitting there, well, I was startled.  Startled enough to get out of the car! For some reason she really took me by surprise. After a few minutes I got back in. Nothing. She was gone. 

Nothing else happened for a few days, then she showed up again. This time hubby was driving and I was in the passenger seat. Being more aware of her, I wasn't startled this time around. In my mind I asked what she wanted. She informed me that she loved her car and was trying to get in contact with her daughter, but that her daughter wasn't paying attention because she had so much on her mind. She wanted her daughter to know to not back down, that she was happy and everything was going to be fine.

I contacted our friends and casually asked about the car. They informed me that her mother had recently passed and that she had loved that car! Really! She also told me that ever since her mother had passed she had been having problems with some members of the family trying to bully her into going against her mothers' wishes.

Okay, by this time I couldn't keep my mouth shut anymore. I told her what I saw in the backseat and the messages got. I also told her that her mom has been trying to contact her. I gave my friend  a description of the woman I had seen. She got up, came back with a picture and yup, I saw her mother! I told my friend to open her mind and look for signs. Sure enough, her mother came to her and everything worked out.

We still have the car, but the mother has since moved on now that business was taken care of.

Until next time.........................


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Responsibility and another ghostly experience

I was reading on the Internet about Muhammad Ali and his wife suing the former owners of the house they bought because they say the former owners weren't truthful about the house. Um, correct me if I am wrong, but isn't that why one hires a home inspector before purchasing a house?  Something is dreadfully wrong with society these days. Everyone is blaming someone else, suing over ridiculous things and acting like a victim.

No wonder our society is in the crap hole. No one wants to take responsibility. For instance, that woman who sued McDonald's because she burnt herself when she spilled a cup of coffee she purchased. Duh, the container says HOT CONTENTS! Or the  people blaming the fast food industry because they are fat. Hello, no one forces anyone to eat at fast food places. It's a full conscience choice to stop and order and eat the food. Or how about the folks wanting to pull all unhealthy cereal off the shelves because our children are fat. Well, who the hell is buying the damn cereal? Yup, the parents/guardians. Don't want your kid to eat certain foods, then don't buy it!   I would love to hear someone stand up and say, "Yup, I did it". End of story. No excuses. No blame game. Just a simple, "Yup, I did it". 

Whoops, looks like that was turning into a full blown rant!  

Here is a ghostly experience I needed help with.

At my last house ( the one I lost last year), there was a Native American spirit who used to sit on top of the barn. I saw him the first day I went to look at the place, but dealing with spirits my whole life I didn't give it a second thought. He was there the second and third time I went to look at the house.

While we were moving in I would catch glimpses of him. After about a year he started to move around a bit. When he peered in the kitchen window it startled me a bit, but got used to it after awhile. Then he moved to the one living room window and stare in. Okay, fine, he could watch tv with us if he wanted to.

Then he started falling my youngest daughter around outside. At first it was okay. But then he started to attach himself to her. Wherever she went, there he was. When she was riding in the arena, there he was. When she was mucking out stalls, there he was. When he started to follow her to the front door of the house I had had enough. I didn't want him inside the house!

He was a young man, mid twenties, beautiful black hair, no shirt, buckskin pants and was very sad and alone. Well, I had never dealt with an Native American spirit before so knew I was going to need some help. I contacted a friend who is Native American and she in turn asked her Elders what to do.

She got back to me and told me what needed to be done.

I waited until everyone was gone, brought out the sage I had purchased, lit it and walked the entire property saying prayers and letting him know it was okay to go to his People. He had been forgiven for whatever he had done while on this earth and it was time to go. I then headed to the barn, still burning the sage, had a nice talk with him ( one sided), said some more prayers, again told him he needed to be with his family and wished him happiness. I also thanked him for not scaring my youngest, but that he just couldn't attach himself to her. It was time to forgive himself since he had already been forgiven by his family.

After a bit, I walked out of the barn and felt a peaceful presence. Then it was gone and so was he. He never came back. Whatever he had done while he was living was what was making him stay while in spirit. Since he never came back I hope he found his peace.

Oh, there is a church behind the property and while I was saging and praying, well, you should have seen the looks and stares I was getting! I had chosen a Sunday to do all this.  Priceless!!

Until next time.................. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happenings and another ghostly tale

Before I know it time has slipped away again. Geez!

The other night I received a phone call from my youngest daughter informing me that she was sitting on the side of the freeway with a flat tire. She had just purchased new tires a month ago so I called the tire place to have them go out and take care of it. The tires are still under warranty. So anyway, I call, explain the situation and was told that because it was after hours it was going to cost between 140.00 and 180.00 dollars for them to go out and take care of the tire. Really? Wait a minute, tires are under warranty so why the charge at all? Well, was told that during business hours there is not charge, but after hours there is a charge. Seriously?

So, hubby and I hooked up the car trailer, drove clear to the other side of the valley, tried putting air in the tire, only to find out that the inside wall had blown out. Put the car on the trailer, went to my oldest daughters house, dropped off car and youngest, drove back here and by this time it was close to ten o'clock at night!

Tire was replaced free of charge the next day!

The local library was having their annual book sale so you know where I went!!!  For three dollars I got two boxes of books! I say, come on Old Man Winter and Mother Nature because I am ready! Ha Ha

For the past month hubby, my brother and I have been trying to figure out how to fall this old, dead tree so we can use it for firewood. Problem being is the tree is between the old dog kennel ( where the donkeys go to get out of the rain) and the pump house. Falling the tree backwards is also not an option due to it being too steep to haul the wood up. So it has to fall forward. Hmmm.

I have to share a story about the Guineas. I am keeping them free range 24/7 now due to them being mean to my hens. The other day they went into the garage snooping around. Throughout the day I noticed that they were still in the garage. What the heck! As I was getting ready to feed the horses and donkeys I noticed that those Guineas were still in the garage. Okay, what is going on. Then it dawned on me that they couldn't figure out how to get out of the garage even though the inside door leading out to the breezeway is always left open! I had to open the outside garage door to let them out! Um, not so bright in my book!

Another quick story about one of the dogs and Grace. Sugar Dog ( pictured here) was a rescue years ago along with her sister Honey Dog. Both dogs have not been around small children so I was concerned how they were going to be around Grace. Well, no surprise to me that Honey Dog will have nothing to do with Grace. However, Sugar Dog has turned into the best kids dog! Grace crawls all over Sugar Dog, chases her around the house, and as you can see doesn't mind one bit that Grace has a hold of her tail.

Okay, now on to another ghostly experience.

Years ago I was driving alone past a cemetery when all of a sudden I felt a presence in the car. At first I ignored it. But when the door locks in the backseat went up at the same exact time, then a few minutes later slammed back down I knew I wasn't alone. I gave it a few more minutes to see if anything else was going to happen and sure enough something else did. I heard breathing coming from the back seat! Okay, that was enough for me. I pulled over, opened the back door and told the 'man' in the back seat that I knew he was there and asked him what he wanted. There was no response. I asked again. Still no response. So, I figured if he had nothing to 'say', then he needed to go somewhere else.

I informed him that I tried to help, but with no help from him  he needed to either go to someone who he knew and that they may be able to help, or he needed to move on to the other side. I waited for a bit, knew he was still sitting there, so had to tell him that he was not coming home with me and that he had to get out of the car. After a little bit I felt him get out of the backseat and disappear. I have no idea who he was or why he chose my car to get into. He knew he had passed on. Once I knew he was gone, I continued on home.

Until next time........................  

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Anger issues and another ghost experience

I seriously need to rant a bit. Hope you don't all mind.

As a lot of you know Michael Vick brutally murdered dogs, financed a dog fighting ring, etc.... Yes, he spent time in prison. But not for brutally and intentionally murdering dogs he deemed unfit. He even through a few of his families pets into the ring to be used as bait dogs just because he thought it was funny.

Okay, here is my rant. In my book he is the lowest of the low. He sickens me daily. And it seems he is all over the Internet on how much money he is making, what a 'golden boy' playing football, etc... Every time I see his name or his face I get so angry.

What the hell has happened when someone who is a scumbag can get away with what he did? Yes, I know he did time in prison. He did time just like Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton did time. A joke is what it was! A joke!

Yes, I know he will have to answer in the end for what he did in life. And that in itself is gratifying to me. Although, I really wish he would pay some sort of price while he is here on this earth. 

I will never understand how a, um, 'celebrity' can get away with murder and not pay the consequences.

Okay, I know, I really need to get over this Vick issue. And I am trying. What I am happy about is, he was brought out into the light for the public to see what a demon he is. A lot of his dogs have been rehabilitated and are now living the lives they should. Happy ones!

Alright, enough of the negative rant. I actually do feel better now. Thanks for listening.  

Now on to another ghostly experience. I have had so many in my life that I am randomly going through my memory and picking some.

Some years ago I was driving my middle daughter to work and my youngest was in the backseat. We passed an accident on the road on our way. It was recent. The ambulance had just left and there were a few police cars still at the scene.

Just as we drove by, a woman ( spirit) showed up sitting in the backseat with my youngest. I knew immediately that this woman was in the car wreck and didn't make it. She was very confused. Her hair was disheveled. She just sat there. I didn't say anything to my kids because I sure as heck didn't want to freak them out! I continued our drive, dropped my daughter off, and headed back home, the whole time this woman was still sitting there.

Since I couldn't tell her she had passed due to my youngest still in the car, we continued on home.  

As soon we got home I took my daughter into the house, told her I forgot something out in the car and walked back outside. Sure enough the woman was still there.

I opened the back door, gently told her that she had passed on and for her to go on to the other side. That it was okay and she would find peace as soon as she got to the other side. I also told her that her family and friends would get through their grief, but that they would be okay. I also thanked her for not scaring my kids.

She looked at me, then vanished. That was the one and only time I saw her.

Oh, on the news that evening sure enough they had the wreck on, and sure enough the only one who didn't make was a woman. Hmmmmm.

Until next time.................................

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A personal ghostly experience

Well, since it is October and that means Halloween, what better time than to share another spirit/ghost experience. The pic above I found on the Internet. 

When I was about 23 I bought my first house. It was built in the early part of the 1900's, added onto about 1920 and the last part was built about 1927. Take my word for it, it was a rundown, drafty, not so great house, but I could afford it so I didn't care.

After living there awhile I began to hear voices. No, not in my head! Ha Ha  At first I couldn't understand them, but after awhile I could make out words.  Then the pots and pans started rattling at night.  I just knew it was an older woman who lived in the house when it was first built. She obviously liked to cook at night! I found out years later that the original owner's wife loved to cook at night!  

Since the house was so old it needed some renovations done. I started taking the layers and layers of wall paper down. Then it was tackling the old linoleum. You know, that really old, thick, colorful linoleum. Ugh, that was a chore!

Well, sure enough once the renovations started, the ghostly activity became quite obvious. That's when the footsteps started. They would come from the back end of the house, walk down the hallway, then stop.  

At first it was a bit unnerving, but dealing with ghosts/spirits my entire life it just became normal. 

I didn't feel any malevolent spirits so I didn't worry about it. Thank goodness my kids never heard or felt anything.

After living there about 5 years the activity grew.  Then the footsteps outside in the gravel driveway started. At first I thought it was someone sneaking around the house, but after a few times of being outside and hearing the foot steps I knew it wasn't a living being.  With time I got used to that too.

There was one room in the house, the pantry, that I really did not like. I mean, I really did not like that room so I avoided it. Nothing was stored in there and I kept the door shut. I could feel a rather malevolent spirit in there. I figured so long as the door was shut and no one went in, everything would be fine.

After a few more years went by the energy became thick. The old lady in the kitchen wasn't coming around much. The talking pretty much came to an end. I got an uneasy feeling.

It was about this time that my first marriage came to an end. No, it wasn't the house, it was that he was a raging alcoholic and got into drugs really bad. He ended up putting a bullet in his head one night in a room that was built onto the house. Better his than the kids or mine!!!!

Anyway, not too long after that happened the energy in the house got real bad. I went and bought some camphor blocks and placed them in all the windows and above the doors. Things settled down for awhile.

Then it all started up again. I was working ten hour days. One night I came home after work, the kids were spending the night at some friends, I walked into the house through the back door, was walking down the hallway when I saw a small, black shadow figure in the living room. You could see the living room from the hallway. I stopped,  the figure looked at me, then walked to the right of the living room. I ran into the living room looking for what I had just seen only to find nothing. Oh, just to let you know, I was not tired or exhausted or anything like that. I know what I saw. In fact, I can still see it in my mind right now and it still gives me the creeps.

Seeing that black shadow figure was it for me. I was done with that house. There was no way I was having my kids live there anymore. Within days I found another place to move, packed up and moved out.

I rented that house out for a few years. And what is strange is every couple who rented it ended up divorced or split up. Then the house sat empty for about a year. A friend of mine wanted to go through the house and prove to me that there was nothing wrong with it. So in he went, only to come out with a puzzled look on his face. He told me that there were spider webs everywhere, except for where a person would walk. It was as if someone was hanging out in the house since it was empty. I asked around the neighborhood if anyone was squatting in the house. I was told by several people that yes they saw homeless people go in, but they didn't stay more than a night. After awhile no one went into the house. Not even the homeless would go in it! But yet the spider webs were everywhere except where one would walk.

I sold the house and property years ago. The house was torn down. A subdivision is suppose to be built there. I hope the next house built on the land has no ghosts!

Okay, that is just one experience in my life. I will share more on my next post.

Until next time...................................


Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Ghostly Experience

What a shock that I am posting sooner than my usual two week intervals! Surprise! Ha Ha

Some of the veggies from the garden. Couldn't help but take a pic because it is so colorful.

This is the end of the garage. As you can see the shiny side is newly painted whereas the other side is the old paint ( which I found out this place has not been painted since it was built in the late 50's). Yes, I chose pretty much the same color only because this color just really fits the house and the scenery.

This is the end of the house before.

Final result ( end of garage).

End result at end of house.

If you look towards the upper left hand side of the brick pillar you can see something poking out. It is a squirrel!

The squirrel climbing to the top.

Squirrel on top.

Not sure how many of you believe in ghosts/spirits but I have a story to share.

While hubby ( I know, I rarely mention him) was finishing the painting on the ceiling in the breezeway a big drop of paint fell onto the cardboard protecting the cement, but some of it hit the cement. His first thought was to clean it up asap, but he realized there was no rag close by. The next thing he knows, is a rag was thrown from the garage area, hits his arm and falls to the ground. He said "Thanks Honey" and cleaned up the paint. Then he realized I was in the house with the baby and there wasn't anyone out there but himself!   He didn't tell me what happened to him right away because he is close minded, and didn't want to admit something supernatural helped him. As he told me what happened all I could do was grin ear to ear. I then asked him if he believes in the other side now, and he said yes he does. He also doesn't think I am a crackpot now when I tell him I 'see' people who have passed on. A big step for a very close minded individual!

Hmmmm, I don't think I have mentioned to you that I can 'see' people who have passed on. I know, I know, some of you think I have an active imagination, but ever since I was little I have been able to 'see'.   I can also 'see' or 'feel' when something is going to happen to someone who I am close to. It is usually a word or two associated with a certain person or sometimes it is a visual.  I always contact the person I get a feeling about. If any of you are interested I'll share some of my experiences on my blog. And I would love to hear your experiences!

I really should be out scrubbing the inside of the chicken coop, but I really wanted to blog right now.

Until next time................................

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Everyday is something

What a crazy last couple of weeks! We made arrangements with the landlady to paint the house for a reduction in rent. She supplied all materials and we supplied the labor. It was a win win situation. But wow, I had forgotten how much work is involved in painting a house! It was all worth it. Took two weeks to do it, but the house sure does look good again. And this may sound silly but the house appreciates all the care it is getting. Poor thing hasn't been painted since it was built in the mid 50's!

My horse hasn't been urinating right for about a month. So I had the vet out to see what the heck is going on. My first thought that he had a bean ( a wax ball in his sheath), nope that wasn't it. Then I thought maybe it was stones in his bladder. Nope, that wasn't it. Had an ultrasound done and still couldn't find out what was going on. So a blood panel was done. Well, turns out he is anemic! He isn't drinking enough water. So I have been making sure he is drinking. If the water doesn't do the trick, well, then it is something way more serious such as cancer. Time will tell.

My youngest and myself went to the Jacksonville Historic cemetery. One of our favorite places to go. I really liked this grave site. It really fits in well with the history of the town of Jacksonville, which was a gold rush town back in the mid 1800's.

You might have to double click on this picture. I was amazed that new growth has sprung out of an old burnt out dead stump. This tree is in the middle of a very old grave site.

Grace is starting to take her first wobbly steps. Eeeeeek!!!!  I bought two doggie gates to keep her blocked in the dining and living room areas. And now that she is growing taller, she can reach more stuff! My gosh I had forgotten what little ones can get into and how much stuff has to be put up higher.

My youngest daughter and I here at the house. I had taken her to the one and only authentic German restaurant around for her 21st birthday. Well, her birthday isn't until the end of October, but with my schedule and hers this was the only day we could go to lunch. Have to say, the food was delicious!

So far the foxes have not had any more chicken lunches or dinners. I have been keeping the chickens locked up in their coop area and only letting them out every now and then. My thinking is if they aren't let out everyday, it may confuse those darned foxes that there isn't a chicken meal to be had everyday!

The Guineas are so big now. And I think I have made a mistake in getting them. I got them to be watch birds, but it sure as heck isn't working out that way. Those Guineas sound the alarm at everything! And I do mean everything! Oh no, a leaf is falling, sound the alarm. Oh no, a cat just ran by, sound the alarm. And they are picking on certain chickens! Um, no, not acceptable. Although I do admit they make me laugh with their antics.

The resident bear is getting pretty close to the house now thanks to all the blackberry bushes close by.

In a few weeks marijuana plants will be harvested which means there are going to be a lot of busts going on. The Mexican cartel lurk in the mountains and protect their crops. A few years ago there was a fire fight between them and the law. Hmmmm, wonder how bad it will be this year!

My notebook computer has been down for awhile and was having to use the old bulky desk top. And talk about slow! But hooray, my notebook is up and running like a champ now.

Well, I have more to say but don't want to bore you. Time to get outside and get some chores done. Me thinks it is time to pick more blackberries for more syrup!

Tomorrow it is suppose to rain so am going to catch up with all of you then.

Until next time........................... 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Chickens-0 Foxes-5

It's on like Donkey Kong now!!! The beginning of last week was not a good one for my chickens. I lost five roosters during the day to the foxes that live up on the hill behind the house. They got Stew Pot my old rooster plus four young roosters I was going to rehome. Ever since then I have kept the remaining chickens and keets locked up for their own safety until I build a fence around their coop. Jeff Lewis, my remaining big rooster was attacked but luckily got away. He hasn't uttered a sound since then.

I have been talking to the neighbors who have chickens and they all have said the same thing. They feed the foxes to keep them away from their chickens. I was feeding Fabio fox ( who resides on the hill behind the pasture) but haven't done it in awhile. So, I am going to start leaving food out for the foxes in hopes that if they have full bellies they will leave my chickens alone. Oh, I did have my brother pee around behind the irrigation ditch where there is a fox trail. And thanks to John over at Going Gently I am going to get some men's hair from a local barbershop and sprinkle that around too.  

On a lighter note, here is Grace growing up! She is actually starting to grow hair now! She has begun to stand without help and that girl can move quick doing her crab like walk. The stains on her dress are from blackberries.

Speaking of food, if you want to make a delicious tomato sauce for your Italian dishes, grow some Cherokee Purple tomatoes, then cook them down in a big pot with just a dash of salt. No other seasoning necessary!  Oh, and German Striped tomatoes are scrumptious! Slice them up and serve. Yummy!!!!

Caught the cats being entertained by watching a chicken on the railing. This was before the all you can eat fox meal!

RIP Stewpot!

Of course I have to add something about animals. Did you know that fabric softeners, bar soaps, lip gloss, crayons, dog and cat food and many other products have, are you ready for this.........tallow ( also called paste) from ground up dogs, cats, rats, squirrels, etc.???  Not all of the above mentioned products have dog/cat tallow in them, but quite a few due! Please check to see what ingredients are used in the products you use. Downy and Dove bar soap are just two of the products with 'paste'/ tallow in them. Rather than posting the link to the You Tube video, if you want to view it just go to You Tube and type in What Happens to Unwanted Dogs and Cats. It was a real eye opener for me!

Mother Nature is showing her ugly high temp side this week.  Very much looking forward to Fall.

Until next time.............................

Monday, August 29, 2011

Miss me?

Okay, really, where does the time go? I will try to catch everyone up as to what has been going on.

Let's see, where to start!

The cat that went missing never did come back. I searched high and low, but nothing.

Something came off the hill and took my Silky Bantam rooster ( Bob A Loo) during the day! I followed the feather trail up the hill, then lost it. 

There is one hen who is eating eggs. Grrrrrr. Still haven't caught her, but I have narrowed it down. 

My Aunt had a stroke. Thankfully because she has always taken very good care of herself she will be fine.

My truck was down for two weeks due to a carbureator problem.

Grace is teething again and trying to walk! Talk about keeping me on my toes.

There is a suspected arsonist on the loose here in the valley! Fires keep popping up all over the place. 

My brother took me to two historic cemataries I have been wanting to go see. 

Youngest daughter is almost ready to meet Grace! Yay!!!! And she is giving it serious thought about coming over for the holidays ( Thanksgiving and Christmas).

A physic healer showed up here out of the blue. A voice kept telling her to stop everytime she drove by and one day the voice screamed at her to stop. She did stop and let me say I am glad she did! She laid her hands upon Arnold's ( donkey) face because I had said that he has been sad for a long time. I swear the next day and every day since he is a happy donkey again! She also kind of did the same thing with me. 

Made my own tomato juice from the tomatoes in the garden. Yum! 

Also made my own blackberry syrup!! I was surprised at how easy it was to make! And yes, it came out yummy.

Finally was able to buy three ton of hay to store in the barn.

The doe that I watched across the road in the field everyday won't be there anymore. I found her dead on the side of the road.

This may seem silly to some of you, but I have been trying to contact my spirit guide. I believe we all have them.

The bats have multiplied! There are so many at night now. It is so cool!

There have been some drug busts ( meth labs) close by. Ugh!

Marijuana season is just about ready to harvest and the sherriff planes and copters have been in full force.

Starting to get the shelters for the horses and donkeys ready for winter.

Fixing fences.

Washing horse blankets and now ready to repair the rips.

Found out Michael Vick wrote a book! What, on how to brutally murder a dog! That guy makes me sick.

Have been contacting designers who are still using real fur letting them know it is wrong on so many levels.

Been contacting representatives about stopping the BLM roundups and also horse slaughter.

Started a bucket list.

There has been more going on, but my brain is overloaded to remember it all.

Until next time........................

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This n that and everything in between

Howdy!! Blogger doesn't want to upload my pics so hopefully they will fix the problem soon.

As usual life has been crazy.

I bought Grace a small wading pool and she really enjoys it on these rather hot days. Her pool is in the shade in the breezeway so no worries about her getting too much sun. She is teething again! Ugh! I bought some of those homeopathic teething tablets and they seem to be helping her relieve the pain. She has also learned how to pull herself up whether it be the furniture or her crib! Next thing she will be walking and really keeping me racing around. 

My farrier was out last Friday to give all the horses and donkeys a trim. Wouldn't you just know it but two of the horses and one of the donkeys are having hoof problems. And for the life of my farrier or myself we just can't figure out why. Par for the course! I have been carefully going through everything trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

One of the outdoor kitties has been missing for four days now. I have no idea where he is. I have searched high and low for him with no sign. Sigh. One of the hazards if living in the country. Although the other night I was outside about 2 am ( one of my many sleepless nights) and noticed a new cat eating the cat food. Either someone dumped him/her off or it has been here the whole time. I do know that the cat took off like lightning when he/she saw me.

The bats are multiplying each night. The other night I admit I actually had had enough of them flying too close to me and high tailed inside.

One of my hens is an egg eater! Not good! I have it narrowed down to three as to who is doing it. It is difficult to catch the culprit in the act when there is so much that has to be done. As soon as I figure out who is doing it, well, I am afraid she will have to move on to another home. No, I don't have the heart to eat her.

The Guinea Keets are clowns. Downright comical. They prefer the company of the two older roosters and it is so cute to see them follow Stew Pot or Jeff Lewis around. Especially when the keets get out of sight of the boys they just get all hysterical and start screaming until they find them.

The garden is producing wonderfully. The other night I made blackberry cobbler and if I say so myself it was delicious! Here is the recipe I use and it is so easy.

1/2 cup melted butter poured into bottom of baking dish

3/4 cup flour
3/4 cup sugar                                  Mix together in a bowl until creamy then pour into baking dish
2 tsp. baking powder                      over melted butter
3/4 cup milk                                         

Pour whatever fruit you choose over mixture. Do not stir! Bake for 1 hour at 350 until golden brown. Eat and enjoy!  I like french vanilla ice cream on the side with mine.

The helicopters and small planes continue to fly over the valley looking for marijuana grow sites. Obviously there are a lot of them because they fly a lot!

Hunting season for bear has started so there have been a lot of gun shots to be heard. I'm not a hunter so it saddens me when I hear it. Deer season starts next month. I sure hope the buck and his does that live on the hill behind us stay here on the property where they will be safe.

Time for me to go. Grace is awake from her nap. I WILL catch up with all you of soon. Sure do miss what you have all been up to!

Until next time............................

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bats and Why do people do that?

Every evening I make it a point to be outside to watch the bats. Amazing little critters!

After hundreds of pics I finally managed to capture one! Ever try to photograph a bat in flight? All I can say is it is hard. They move so quickly and quietly. I have counted a dozen or more that swoop in and take care of the bugs every evening. And in case you are wondering, yes, the bats get very, very close sometimes!

What is it about donkeys in a field that people in cars just have to bray at? On a daily basis there are at least four or so cars that go by and passengers hang out there windows and bray at the donkeys! As if the donkeys care! If it were the same cars then they would be locals. But they are different cars so am thinking tourists. All I can do is laugh because knowing how intelligent donkeys are, here it is people are making fools of themselves. If only the 'brayers' knew how wonderful donkeys are!

Yesterday a lady who adopted two donkeys from me three years ago contacted me telling me that she has to give up the donkeys ( the two she adopted and one she raised from a baby). Her husband passed away suddenly and now she is in financial difficulties. I had to let her know with a heavy heart that I am unable to bring them here ( explaining my own situation about losing my house), but I would contact some donkey people I know who may be able to help. I feel so bad because I can't bring them here and help her out. Sigh.

Also yesterday I found out that some friends are in foreclosure of their home. Another big sigh. I wish I could help more than just having a shoulder to lean on and letting them know I really do understand what they are going through. It is devastating! And it takes a long time to get over it, if ever. Life gives you lemons and you make lemonade, but really, how much lemonade can one person take!!! Lol!!

Until next time...........................

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

She's mobile!

Grace is a few days away from being six months old. My goodness the time has gone by. And she is mobile now! Now she is really keeping me on my toes!

This is the first Anaheim pepper that I picked  last night dinner. I love Anaheim's. It was grow, pick, roast, stuff, bake and eat! Yum!  

Have to say once again, I am getting a kick out of the Guineas. They are hilarious.

This doe is out in the field every day. She has a fawn now, which is hidden in the bushes. There is something about deer that every time I see one I just smile.

Last week the Internet was off and on and the down for the count. The technician came out and found out that the signal was being blocked by some tree branches. Now I am back up and running.

I'm sure you have a read or heard about Amy Whinehouse passing away. In my humble opinion, I found it not shocking to read about it. After what she did to her mind and body it really was only a matter of time before this happened. May she find peace on the other side as well as all the others who have passed at such an early age due to poor choices.

Last week there was a tragedy here locally. A father of four stabbed his wife and two of his four children then set the house on fire to cover up the crime. The community has been in shock over this. The children ranged in age from age two up to nine years. I will never understand how anyone can harm a child. The piece of shit father is in the hospital and as soon as he is healthy enough, his ass is getting arrested. Personally I say bring back public hangings for crimes like this!

There has been so much more going on but this would turn into a lengthy novel.

Time to round up Grace who has made it into the dining room.

Until next time.......................

Monday, July 18, 2011

Video of my old cat

Turn up your sound so you can hear him. Wanted to share a video of what my old 16 year old cat, Mr Smith Big Fat Cow Cow, does when he gets petted. He doesn't have many teeth left which makes it that much more funnier when he is enjoying his petting.

Until next time........................

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Helicopters, Keets, Yard Sales,Reminders

Earlier this week I heard a helicopter very, very close to the house. Upon investigating where it was I found it hovering right above one the hills on the property. It hovered for awhile, then slowly made it's way down the property onto the next property. After several phone calls I found out it was a Sheriff's helicopter and that they were looking for marijuana grow sites! I don't have a problem with that at all, however I do have a problem when they spook my horses and donkeys! A few days later there was another helicopter on the other side of the road on the hills over there doing the same thing. After asking around a bit I found out that this area is a hot spot for illegal growers! Personally I don't care if you smoke the stuff or not, but when comes to a safety issue, well that is another thing.

The Guinea keets are growing so fast and they are hanging out with the older hens and Stew Pot the rooster. I have to admit I am really thrilled with the keets and their sense of humour. The other day I watched one keet jump up onto the car trailer, settle down, then looked to the left and saw a pine cone right next to him/her and that pine cone scared the bejeebers out of him/her! I laughed so hard.

Yesterday we stopped off at a few yard sales. This is one of my finds. An old dial up phone. One of my daughters asked me if that was a real phone and I had to laugh. Yup, sure is real. Had one of these when I was a kid. She laughed commenting that it would take forever to dial out. Oh, and I actually remembered my Grandmothers phone number when she had a dial up. Goes to show you how old I am!

This is another yard sale find. An Outback hat which is going to come in very handy this winter. Best part was I hardly paid anything for it and it is already broke in!

I would like to say a big thank you to Tina over at for the surprise in yesterday's mail. Tina donates her time to the Donkey Sanctuary in Canada. And did you know that for only $50.00 a year you can become a Guardian of the Sanctuary. They do wonderful work for all longears! 

The garden is coming along beautifully. Everyday you can find me checking those tomato plants for the first ripe tomato. Not yet, but there are a few who are getting close. Come on tomatoes!!

Speaking of gardens, are there things you look at that remind you of people you know whether personally or through a blog? When I look at my garden I think of Flartus over at
When I see my Guinea keets I think of Lynn over at Chickens I think of John and Danni
When I see something beautiful I think of Jim at as well as Ron and Sophie at
When I see a cow I think of Jim at
When I think about family it goes naturally to my Sister at
Well, you get the idea. There is something everyday that reminds me of all of you.

Oh, of course my blog wouldn't be finished without of course and animal awareness bit. How's this one for you. Did you know that horse thieves are now using moving vans such as UHaul trucks to move stolen horses! I bet you won't look at another moving truck/van the same anymore wondering if there is a stolen horse or another animal inside of it!

Okay, time to get some chores done. Always know that I think of each of you daily!

Until next time.....................