Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Catching up

Oh my gosh it has been a few days since I posted. A lot has been going on. To try to put it in a nutshell, our toilets backed up and had to call a plumber. Thank goodness it didn't cost a fortune. Turned out it was a clog in the main line going into to the septic. I ordered some hen aprons or hen saddles as some sites call them. Pretty impressed with the fabric. Appears to be a canvas which is nice and sturdy. Stew Pot is getting overly amorous with the three Americana hens. Poor Eva will not come out of the coop and now Rachael and Jan's backs are beginning to show signs of, um, too much lovin'!

Tomorrow morning the girls will get to try on their new clothes. Not going to attempt to put the aprons on in the middle of the afternoon. Going to have to wait and catch them a bit off guard in the wee hours of the morning. Should be quite a show!

On Sunday we drove up North to look at a an older truck I can use to haul hay and grain and whatever else I need. Yes, I have a truck now, but it is a newer model and to be honest I started processing the expense cost of if and when it breaks down. An older vehicle can be worked on here at home whereas a newer one has to go to the mechanic. Between paying a mechanic plus the parts, well, it is not cost effective to keep my truck any longer.

I have named the 'new' truck Monroe. He is going to work out just fine. And the best part, if something breaks down, it won't cost an arm and a leg to repair! Yay!!

Also, I have been on the search for another dog. Not a Boxer. I love the Boxer breed, but after losing Rose, well, no more Boxers. I have been to the animal shelter several times now looking for 'the one'. So far, nothing...yet. Some nice dogs have been there, but either they don't get along with cats, which is a must, or they don't get along with other dogs, another must. Several times a day I search Craigslist, but alas, nothing there either. I know in my heart when the time is right, 'the' dog will be there waiting. Somewhere, someplace, 'the' dog will be there.

The weather forecast keeps saying we are going to get snow. Um, not yet! So, if all of you who don't want the snow, please wish it here. We need it!!

Until next time...............................


  1. I hope Monroe works out well for you, your reasoning sounds very practical. All this frou-frou junk on the new vehicles can be such a money trap, when it starts getting a few years on it. I'm real sorry to hear about Rose too, know that must be so difficult. And you are correct--the right dog will be there at the right time. Sometimes it's a little hard to be patient though. careful and specific what you wish for.. ha ha. I thought I might add 'a kitten' to the family and ended up with SIX! ;-)

  2. You need to have someone taking pictures of you putting the aprons on your hens. Good luck finding a new dog, you'll know when it's the right one.Like the truck, everyone needs a farm truck, I was finally able to get mine out of the barn today. I have had to hall everything in my SUV, the girls say it smells like cattle feed.Sorry, no snow to send, the last of ours is melting off, it was 70 here today. Yay! But with good there's bad, suppoesed to have rain showers for the next 14 days. Oh well, maybe it will green things up around here.

  3. Monroe looks pretty reliable.

    I had a dear Golden Retriever and when it came time to get another dog, I just couldn't get a Golden Retriever because I didn't want it to feel like I was replacing her. Just went in different direction - TERRIERS! or TERROR-iers.


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