Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hanging Around

Just to let you all know, Gabby goat is fine. She was pretty exhausted after yesterday, but today she is back to her normal aloof self. Here is Shortbus trying to get into the chicken coop.He even went so far as to give me the 'pretty please' look. Um, sorry buddy, not coming in. Not with babies in here. Once they grow up, then you can come in while I clean like you did before.
Every morning after I let the other girls out for the day, I dig up some dirt and grass, put it into a bucket and carry it to the chicken coop for Little Inger, all ten babies, Bonnie and Eva. Since they can't go out yet, I try to bring the outside to them so they can dig for bugs, get some natural greens and just scratch the dirt to give them something to do.

This morning Rodent and Jovi were tearing through the house playing. Here is Rodent just hanging around.

Rodent and Jovi thinking they can 'get' the other one if they both climbed up the shade. They can smell each other. They can hear each other. But for some odd reason they can't get one another. Silly kitties.
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Kathy ( Hereford Maid) ---- In case you are reading this post, for some reason I can't leave any comments on your blog! Any suggestions?


  1. I'm going to make very sure that my cats don't see that last picture. Don't want to give them ideas.

  2. lol....aren't kitties the silliest? It is so much fun to watch them play even if they tear up the house while doing so.

  3. I love kittens, every now and then my 12 year old thinks hes a kitten and will run aroung the house and try to jump up on the arms of the couch. But then he remembers he is old now and just jumps up on the couch itself first. It so funny.

  4. sweet little baby chicks! and your kitties are quite rambunctious! about no comments...certainly no computer whiz but what about pop sure to allow them...might help...otherwise have no your problem and an answer will come up.

  5. Good morning Cindy, not sure about post. I have been getting other post. I will send you my email to get more info.
    PS, Like the cat pictures.

  6. Aww... your cats look as nutty as ours! We have one that loves to be out on the back porch, but we always know when he wants to come in b/c he jumps and hangs on the (wooden) door. I still laugh when I go to the door and see him peering through the shades as if to say "Well, are you going to let me in or NOT?!"

  7. I love the chick pics - they are getting big! They grow up so fast, don't they? Your kitties look very wild! And I thought mine were wild - not so much!

  8. Is that Little Inger in the top photo? I just love the chicks and what a good mom you are, giving some stuff to play around in. The cats are great too, doing what cats do best at that age.


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