Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stare down

As the babies are growing bigger by the day I have been watching to see how many roosters and how many hens there are. Well, pretty sure there is one for sure rooster out of the first three chicks that were born. What do you think? As I was leaving this morning to pick up my youngest at college I see Mr. Worm ( on the right) and Shortbus ( on the left) sitting on top of my daughters truck.
It was a definite staring contest going on. Shortbus looks away first.

Then Mr. Worm looks away.

Obviously Mr. Worm won the contest. Shortbus is leaving.

Mr. Worm giving the last 'look. He wins this round.
I was going to try the hen aprons on the girls this morning, but couldn't due to having to drive my daughter to college. Tomorrow morning for sure they are going to wear their new outfits.
Oh, it kind of snowed a bit last night and early this morning. The surrounding hills/mountains have snow on them but sadly nothing stuck on the valley floor.
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  1. I love the names you picked for your

  2. I am making a wild guess here, but yes, it looks like a rooster... 'Least when I had the ones with the long tails, they blossomed into boy birds... Shortbus. I would like to hear the story behind THAT name...


  3. I love the names you come up with too. I guess the big chicken must be the rooster. How they have grown! See some snow fell in Oregon after all and winter isn't over yet!

  4. keep that snow on your side of the Mississippi.

  5. Me ( Tina)- Thank you. Slowly but surely I'll introduce everyone here. The cats seem to end up with the oddball names. lol

    Cat--Shortbus got his name because he isn't all there in the head. Someone dumped him and his friend off two summers ago. I noticed pretty much right off that he was slow. Him and his friend went to the vet to get fixed and vaccinated and come to find out Shortbus has a BB lodged in the back of his head! The vet said it isn't hurting him and the damage was already done. Hence the name Shortbus. We all watch out for him.

    Big Inger-- Yes we did get some snow....finally! I should be grateful for the little bit we got. :)

    Joanna--I'm trying. I'm trying to keep it out this way!! lol :)

  6. With that look I can see where "Mr." Worm got his name.How did you come up with that one??


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