Thursday, March 11, 2010

What an adventure!

Whew!!! What an adventure this morning putting the aprons on the three girls! This is what Rachael's back was starting to look like thanks to amorous Stew Pot.
Hard to see Eva's back, but hers is the worst.

After corralling Eva inside the hen house, shutting the door, turning the heat lamp on low so I could see and after several failed attempts to catch her, I finally wrangled her. She was not happy! Not knowing exactly how to put the apron on I'm sure it took longer than it should have. Ever so gently I put it on, adjusted it and let her go.

Jan wasn't any easier than Eva was. But eventually on hers went too.

Rachael was the real handful. I felt so bad, but ended up catching her by grabbing her tail feathers as she darted by. She fought a whole lot more than Jan and Eva did. She even got in a couple of pecks on my hand!
Surprisingly all three took to wearing them right off. Stew Pot isn't so sure of those 'things' on their backs and has yet to get intimate with them.
Eva still doesn't want out of the coop so she is still inside wearing her apron. Rachael and Jan wanted out right now, so out they went.
For those of you who have put the aprons on your hens, how long do you keep them on? Do I need to take them off every night and 'dress' them every morning?
As I was putting the aprons on, for some reason the thought crossed my mind as to what our ancestors would say about putting clothing on our hens!
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  1. Well I think they look very "in style", I haven't even heard of an apron for chickens, I don't know anything really about farm I am learning a lot here....

  2. Since last spring when I went through this and had to put 6 saddles on my 9 hens, I've learned it is ever so much easier to go into their coop at night when they're roosting and put them on. No muss, no fuss. :-)
    They look great and looks like they'll really protect your girls!

  3. now a video of that endeavor would of been quite the Hoot!! I think those are terrific inventions,,but I would think a person should leave them on for several days anyway. Don't know why it would hurt in this cool weather,,but in the warm weather...that would simply be too hot! I know nothing of aprons,,but what a good way to handle those boys! :)

  4. I think they look good and sturdy, we'll see how the girls are doing with 'em in a few days. The aprons should really help the problem - STEWPOT!

  5. I'm anxious to see how they hold up. They certainly look sturdy enough. And, yes, I would have loved to have seen a movie of them going on.

  6. A video after they had the aprons on would have been classic! I recently sold 3 roosters to give my girls a break - since then things have been quieter. I believe I have 3 or 4 roos left (I'd have to count...) One day I'm sure I'll be asking you for apron guidance... Keep us informed!

  7. They look great! I too wonder what the older generations would say if they saw your chickens. Still if it works it will be worthwhile.

  8. Me (Tina)-- You are a farm girl at heart otherwise you wouldn't be helping with those wonderful longears. As for chickens, well, I am also learning as time goes on. :)

    Danni--You had to dress 6 hens! Geez, and I was frazzled after dressing three! Thanks for the tip.

    Deb--I actually thought of video-ing it all, but unless you wanted to sit through a movie, well, figured pics would do. Besides, under my breath a few choice words came out! :)

    Joanna--Yes they do seem to be sturdy. Haven't seen Stew Pot try anything yet. Ha, maybe the girls will get a rest while they are dressed! :)

    Louise--The movie would have been a true comedy!!

    Lynn--I keep telling Stew Pot if he keeps beating up the girls, well, he might be introduced to Mr. Crock Pot!! :) lol

    Angela--I can just imagine what the old generations would say about us newbies! lol But hey, if they work, then they can say what they want! lol

  9. Cindy, I have used hen aprons on my girls too. It was so funny watching them try to walk the first time with them on. They kept walking backwards. I used the hen aprons that have the strap across the chest. I think I would not use those kind again though. I would just use the ones that slip under the wing. What kind did you get? Did your girls try walking backwards with them? I kept mine on for a couple of weeks. I haven't had to use them yet this year, but I might have to fairly soon since it's Spring and the roosters are getting roudy. Good luck with them. Kim Clemons


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