Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chicken Stampede!!!!!!

First an update of yesterday's event with the neighbor dog. All the chickens are fine today. I had a talk with the neighbor Dad and explained what happened. He was very apologetic, offered to replace my hen, and told me that when he got home the kids were gone leaving the new dog inside the house. They didn't leave a note or call him to let him know what had happened. He was very embarrassed and might I say a lot mad at the kids for not saying anything! I told him that if he was going to let the dog out to please let me know so I can lock my chickens up. He told me that I didn't have to lock up my own chickens on my own place just because of his dog. He will make sure that the incident of yesterday will not repeat itself. Oh, and while the dog was left alone it ate their big window mini blinds, part of the living room chair, etc.... He was not a happy camper!! On to today's event. Since it is a beautiful Spring day, and the chicks are getting bigger I thought it was time they venture out of the coop into the big world. Well, sort of the big world. I have an x-pen that I put around the door of the coop to keep them from wandering off too far.
Oh my they were so happy to get out. Little Inger and Bonnie were talking away and the chicks were just a chirpin'. They all started doing the chicken scratch dance. They were all so happy. I stood there watching them enjoy their first day 'out'.

This is the x-pen.
As I am standing there getting a kick out of watching them, the next thing I know one of the chicks was squeezing itself through the wire! As I was pulling that one back a second one did it, then a third. Of course all at different places! So here it is I am grabbing chicks left and right only to notice that Shortbus has seen what is going on and is seriously considering young chicken dinner! By this time three chicks have escaped out of the pen. Little Inger is frantic because her babies are out of reach. The babies are screaming because they can't find their way back in.

I ended up putting the remaining chicks, Little Inger and Bonnie back into the coop. Then opened the side of the x-pen and shoo'ed the chicks back, opened the coop door and in ran the chicks. Yes. Yes, it was a chicken stampede.
As you can see in the expression on Shortbus he was a bit disgruntled he didn't get a meal.

I walked back into the house to grab the camera and I see a line of donkeys along the side of the chicken coop fence. Apparently they were standing there the whole time watching the chicken stampede!
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  1. Oh man..those little white flurry balls are absolutely adorable. I would be scared silly if the cat thought they were a meal and now I am worrying about the wild kitty this year getting hold of the new ones I ordered for May. ARRRGGH!! I had not thought about the WILD in that kitty and the fact that he gets around my place pretty stealthily! I won't be letting them out of the coop until they are a year old at that rate. YEESCH....but boy are your babies adorable. Too funny on the they were talking about that for a while.

  2. Well at least one part of your neighbour family seems to have a sense of responsibility. Now he just has to train the rest of them better. lol....
    omg never thought of chickens as being cute, but they are....and I love how the cat is looking for a free meal, ours used to do that too all the time when we had hamsters and guinea pigs. lol...of course those nosy longears won't miss a thing, do they?

  3. Awww, those babies are so cute. I'm glad that Shortbus didn't get his chicken dinner. But, I have to say that I'm not surprised that the donkeys were highly entertained by the whole thing.

    You asked the other day if I was on FB. I am, but, I don't pay much attention to it. I haunt the forums, Chronicle of the Horse, Exracers, even Alex Brown Racing, when I can stand it. When you mentioned the grey mare on a lot in the east, AC4H was the first place I went to. If you remember, I pulled Ducky's Ho Oh from New Holland, last November, with the help of AC4H. They do good work.

  4. I really love coing to the blogs that have dinkeys, so enjoy seeing 'em. NeighborMan sounds cool, hope he keeps his word.

  5. Even donkeys like to watch a good chicken roundup now and then.

  6. Love the picture of the donkeys watching the chicken stampede!

  7. Love the pictures Cindy! Your chicks are looking wonderful, and I am sure they were SO excited to be outside... it won't be too much longer and they will be flying over the side of your expen. :-)
    Funny, I've raised tons of chicks, at different times, and have never held them back to going outside with the hens... the door is up a bit higher and when they are ready they go. Yes, we have barn cats, but they NEVER bother the chicks or the chickens - EVER. ? Maybe because they have too many mice to play with? Or maybe because they're too lazy?? But we never had a problem with the cats when I was growing up either... Those "mama" hens are pretty good at teaching the chicks and keeping them safe too.

    Glad to hear that the Father is willing to make things "right"...


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