Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Coming home to............................

This morning I had to drive my daughter to college which is four towns away so it takes awhile to get there and back. Got home, came in the house, made the chickens their oatmeal, checked my eBay listings while the oatmeal cooled, then out the door to let the chickens out. As I walked to the chicken house I heard one of the goats hollering. I didn't think much of it at first because if one is left behind they holler for the others to wait up. As I opened the door to the chicken coop the hollering was loud and upset. So I stepped by the fence to see Patti Cake ( mini mule) pestering one of the goats. Hmmm, something was not right. The goat was not moving but screaming at this point. Then I realized the situation. She had somehow got her head stuck in the fence! Crap!!!! Ran to the barn, grabbed the cutters and out to the front pasture. The whole time I am yelling at Patti Cake to leave the goat alone. She could easily kick the goat in her head either killing or maiming her badly.
After checking for injuries ( which there are a few bloody spots on the goats neck), the cutting of the fence began. There are actually two fences. One is a regular livestock fence and the other is a chain link I attached to the livestock wire to prevent little heads from getting stuck! Well, the two fences has worked for almost seven years with no problems until now! This is the hole that I cut out. It took a little wrangling on my part to get Gabby to back up. She is the one goat I have never been able to touch in all the years I have had her! So here it is, she is being touched by a human, which makes her backing up all that much more difficult. But after a bit, one arm around her chest, the other pushing down on her head she finally backed up. She was shaken up pretty bad so will check on her quite a bit today. Thankfully she had only been stuck for less than two hours, if even that. I know she wasn't stuck at 7 a.m. this morning.

Just a few of the pieces that were cut.

Baling twine is a must have when you need a quick repair. Gotta love the stuff.

Sorry about the quality of the pic. Danni, this is for you. We do too have mud!! :)

This was taken yesterday just before evening feeding. I was a little late do to picking my daughter up from college so the horses and donkeys had to wait a bit to get fed. By the sounds of everyone screaming you would think they hadn't been fed in months! Ha Ha Pearl was letting me know her unhappiness!
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  1. Oh, I'm so glad that Gabby doesn't appear to be seriously hurt! Good thing you're so alert. How did she get her head in there? It must have taken some real work on her part. But, then, animals do tend to work at scaring us.

    By the way, has Pearl ever considered a career as an opera singer?

  2. I love hearing the donkeys, would love to have some one day. Whew, glad the goat is OK. Not as severly as that but ours become stuck every once in awhile, sometimes in the hay racks, door openings, etc. I have a coupole of goats girls that I didn't raise, that don't like to be touched, friendly but shy of human touch.

  3. Poor Gabby, do you know what made her want to get thru the fence? Hope she is recovering well :)

  4. Lousie-- For the life of me I have no idea how she got her head stuck. Not a clue! You are so right, leave it to an animal to show you what needs to be looked at! :) And keeping us on our toes! Ha Ha

    Joanna--With you having goats I am sure you have moments like this too! And yes, you need a donkey! They are amazing critters. :)

  5. Cass-- Don't know why Gabby put her head through the fence. It's not like the grass is greener on that side. They can go to the back pasture anytime they want. All they have to do is walk through the gate from the front pasture! Animals!! Ha Ha :)

  6. How scary - poor Gabby! You are a good goat-momma - to the rescue with a pair of wire cutters!

  7. Wow, that is scary! Good thing you weren't gone for too long. There must have been something that looked really tasty on the other side of that fence! I loved Pearl's vocalizations. She was sure telling you, wasn't she?

  8. Wow hope the goat is ok....awwww animals, almost as bad as kids lol....The donkey singing reminds me of Danny at the Sanctuary, he is the most beautiful singer I have ever known, so your donkey has some competition here lol.

  9. Scary. Goats are always into something.

  10. It just goes to prove how inventful a goat can be. They sure can come up with some pretty strange situations. Pearl is amazing...I don't think I have ever heard one carry on like that. I love it! Hopefully Gabby doesn't try another spot in the fence. That looks like it was quite a job to get her out!!

  11. Poor Gabby. Good thing you came to the rescue! :)

  12. Hope Gabby is doing fine now. It's amazing what they can get themselves into, no matter how you try and keep them safe!

  13. its horrible when an animal is in pain.
    I HAVE lost 2 ducks and a hen in simular feel so responsible!

  14. Wow - those are impressive wire cutters!! :-)
    Sure glad she wasn't stuck for very long - poor little goat girl, I know that Patti Cake and I wouldn't want to be trapped like that knowing she was around! LOL
    Ohhhh....mud! Yes, that scene looks familiar. But we're in the home stretch now, Cindy - things have got to start drying up soon, right?


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