Sunday, January 30, 2011

A stranger, a goat, a critter and a tree

The other day I was outside just enjoying the view when I noticed two of our cats chasing something. A quick run to where the cats were, I see this little guy scurrying and trying to hide from the cats. Another quick run to grab a bucket then back to the scene. After doing the 'kick away' dance to the cats, I finally convinced this little guy to go into the bucket. 
Once inside the bucket I put some shavings in the bottom, placed it inside one of the recycle containers until I could drive him up onto one of the hills behind the house. 
After about an hour or so I opened the lid to see the little guy had jumped out of the bucket. So, caught him again, put him back into the bucket, placed a lid on the bucket and drove him up on the hill and released him. 
Nature will do what nature does when it comes to cats and what they catch, but I don't want to see it or hear it. Yup, I will intervene in situations like this. When I do find dead little critters or birds I drive them on to the hill and feed the wildlife up there. Would much rather do that than let the little bodies decompose close to the house where the smell might attract larger wildlife.

While up on the hill gathering more wood I saw this old gnarled tree. The trunk and branches were all twisted. I thought it was interesting.

Same tree just different side.

The other day my oldest daughter came out to bring some hay and as she pulled into the driveway an older red pickup with a canopy pulled in right behind her. A Mexican who spoke very little English pointed at Oreo goat ( pic above) and said he wanted that goat. She said no. He pointed again and said he wanted that goat. She again said no. The she told him that our goats are out pets and they are old. He said that goats are good to eat until they are 14 years old! She again said, NO! Then she notices that there is a big old goat wandering around in the back of his pickup. The guy finally left without any of my goats.
I have since put chain and locks on all the gates. Not taking any chances with any of my animals.  

Sugar Dog thinking she can blend in with the chickens! Watch out Sugar, Stew Pot ( the rooster) isn't looking to thrilled to have you standing there.

Sorry for not posting the last few days. Internet has been running slow.

Now time to catch up with all of you!

Until next time...........................

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What started as a good day........

The night before last I took the dogs out for the last potty break before heading off to bed. As I was standing there I looked up to see a magnificent Barn Owl perched on top of the gate leading into the front pasture. That owl was just mesmerizing to watch. His head would turn side to side. He stayed there for quite awhile before he flew off. And what a wingspan he had! Wow!

Anyway, believing that seeing an owl so close was a good sign I went to bed thinking that good things were ahead.

Yesterday started off great. Sun was shining. Warm for a January day. All the animals were frisky and getting along. Smiles all around.

Then it all changed. My youngest and oldest daughter have been somewhat arguing for two weeks now. I thought they had worked it all out. Um, nope. Youngest daughter calls me, then oldest daughter calls me, and so on. Finally after several hours of the drama I told them both that they needed to speak to one another and straighten this crap out. Two hours later it was all settled. Good! Finally!

By this time it was close to feeding time so I started putting the hay in the back of the Gator to look up and see AJ ( horse pictured above) on the wrong side of the fence! She had jumped the fence and was grazing by the barn. Crap! Okay, to make sure no one else got out I started feeding everyone in the back pasture to make sure they were all occupied. Well, AJ decides that she wants back into the pasture so she jumps the fence to come back over. Only this time she didn't jump high enough and caught both front feet in the fence. Thank goodness she just stood there while I ran to get a halter and lead rope.

Got back to her, haltered here and tried picking her feet up to get them out of the fence. She decides to not cooperate! Mind you, she isn't struggling, just planting her big old fat feet and being stubborn. I finally get one foot out. By this time the fence is mashed down. I go over to the other foot to get that one out of the fence and she nips me! Why? Because apparently I wasn't moving fast enough and she wanted to go eat dinner with everyone else. She went to nip me again as I was bending over but thankfully I saw it coming so she got a smack on the nose. Talk about stink eye! Finally she cooperated enough to get her other foot out. She was walked out to the back pasture and turned loose with everyone else. As I took the halter off, she turned around, glared at me and took off, but not before a quick kick out towards me! 

Oh, and before I go back to get AJ's feet out of the fence I grabbed a pair of wire cutters from the Gator to find them rusted shut! Stupid me left them out in the elements! A good spray with WD-40 will take care of that!

Although before the drama of the day started, I find these old pieces of metal half buried in the front pasture. Pretty sure it used to be a cog or something on a tractor or some kind of farm equipment from years ago. Going to have to save up for a metal detector and search for more history pieces.

Today is a brand new day. The sun is shining. Time to get outside and repair the fence.

Until next time.......................

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What a lovely award!

Thank you Terry over at for a lovely award. Thank you.

Now I have to tell you 7 things about myself and pass this award on to 15 recently discovered bloggers. Some are recent, others are not.

Okay, here goes the 7 things. Are you ready?  

1.  When I was younger ( in my twenties) I had one hell of a temper. Never towards animals just people. I once jumped out of my car and went after a guy and his mouthy girlfriend whose car came within an inch of rear ending my car. They both saw me coming and rolled up their car windows. He sat there like an lump while the girlfriend kept mouthing off behind the safety of the glass. I told her that I would stay there until her fat ass got out of the car then I would kick it! The boyfriend quickly backed up his car and took off. When I got back into my car my Grandmother asked my why I did that. I told her because if that car hit us she could have been hurt. Yes, my Grandmother was in my car!

2.  My mother was very abusive both physically and mentally. I haven't seen or spoke with her in, let me think, almost eight years now. And no I do not feel bad about it nor lose any sleep over it. In fact the day I cut ties a lot of my issues were lifted. Me, issues? lol

3. I still miss my Pit Bull who passed away in 2000 at the age of 15 1/2. Best damn dog ever to have graced my life. I am going to get a tattoo of him! 

4.  I have not owned a dress in about thirty years! Although I did wear a bridesmaid dress at my best friends wedding about twenty years ago. Not a pretty sight! lol We still laugh about it.

5.  Have always wanted to carve my own carousel horse. A life sized one! 

6. Cannot stand being in crowds.

7. Have some major issues towards all alcoholics.

There. There are the seven things about me. 

Now to pass this award on.  I hereby pass this award on to:

And of course there is Sophie's blog. Jim's blog. John's blog. Danni's blog. Joanna's blog. Oh to heck with it, there are so many I love!

Until next time.........................

Monday, January 24, 2011

What a weekend!

On Saturday we needed to make a trail up on one of the hills so the dead logs up there can be chopped and loaded easier than trying to buck them up a hill. Three hours later the trail was cleared. I figure it was at least half a mile of trail clearing. Clearing a trail is hard work! But after it was done my first thought was, come nicer weather I'm going trail riding on one of the horses. Haven't been real trail riding in a long time. Really looking forward to that day!
This is the view from the top of one of the hills looking down on the property. See those little dots in the pasture area? Those are the horses and donkeys!  

Another landscape view from the top.

Another hill top view.

One of the books I checked out form the library is about the local history of the Applegate Valley which is where we live now. As I was reading it Saturday night I came across a chapter that very much caught my attention. It was about this piece of land we are living on!
Back in the 1870's there was a supply store on the property! The very first actual store in this area. It also talked about a small mill where they ground feed for livestock and flour! The original house was torn down in the 1950's and the house we are living in now was built. And guess what, there was a map of where everything was! The only thing left of yesteryear is the dairy barn.
So, on Sunday we went investigating looking for remnants of what was.
After climbing the opposite hill of where we were Saturday, we hiked down to the irrigation canal and started following it back to the house.
Here is a pile of rocks alongside the canal. They have been there a very long time.

Then I found really old, what looks like railroad ties, lining the irrigation canal.

While we were walking in the irrigation canal I noticed footprints. These are from a raccoon.

During this week I am going to start cutting and taking out as much of the blackberry bushes that have taken over where the old mill once was. Maybe, just maybe there will be some sort of remains left. 

I love history and to be fortunate to live on a piece of history has me wanting to learn more.

Who knows what will be found!

Until next time..........................

Friday, January 21, 2011

Early morning moon

I was up at four thirty this morning. Had another sleepless night so figured what the heck, just get up. While I was outside letting the dogs do their business, I looked up and watched the moon and clouds realizing how beautiful it was. Back into the house for the camera. After downloading the pics, this one really stood out. To me it looks like the moon and the light around it is in the shape of a heart.

After doing morning chores it was time to gather the wormers and worm the horses and donkeys. Some of them are so easy to worm where as the others are, shall I dare say, a pain in the ass! But everyone is wormed! I win!

Last night I started and finished one of the books from the library. Five to go!

On the news last night they said that one of the biggest companies here in the valley has filed for bankruptcy. That really saddened me because a lot of people are going to lose their jobs. I sure wish this economy would turn around.

Oh, no worries about selling my treasures on eBay. They will stay with me until I'm gone, then they have already been designated to my daughters. 

Will be trying the refried beans again probably next month.

Until next time................

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh how I missed......

Oh how I have missed going to the library. It has been months since I've been to one. As soon as we moved here to the new house I found out where the nearest library is. Today I finally went and as I walked around it was grab this book and that one and that one and so on. By the time I was done my arms were full and I had to realize that I didn't have to check them out all at once so I put some back. 
The prison books were mentioned from Joanna over at
My goodness I don't know what I would do without books!
Until next time.................

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Special to me treasures

I should be listing items on eBay, but after reading some of your blogs showing off your treasures, well, I thought I'd share a few of my own.

The candy dish in the very back of the pic belonged to my Grandmother. I lived with her for many years when I was a kid. She always had some kind of candy in it. When she passed I inherited the dish. I have no idea who the maker was or exactly how old it is. I do know that is was in her house in the early 1960's.

The two smaller pink and clear colored dishes I found in a now defunct antique shop several years ago. The plate on the left I found at the Goodwill for seventy nice cents. The plate was made in Bavaria and the colors go nicely with the candy dishes.

Oh, there are actually only four pieces in the pic. The cabinet has a mirror along the sides which makes it look like there is more in there than there really is.

Here is a close up of the candy dish.

This also belonged to my Grandmother. I remember being fascinated with it when I was very young. The covered wagon part has a switch that turns on a very small bulb to light it up. And the brake on the wagon when turned on makes the drivers hand go up and down as if he is urging his horses on. There used to be a whip the driver held, but over the years the whip got lost. This clock sat on my Grandmothers television ( remember those big console ones!) for as long as I can remember.

This collection is much, much newer. I have always had a fascination with royalty. Especially King Ludwig ll of Bavaria. I found him to be fascinating and ahead of his time.  He built some of the worlds most beautiful and famous castles. The more famous being Neuschwanstein. My youngest daughter has gone to Germany twice now and she brought back, yes, the cheezy souvenirs. And I love these cheezy souvenirs! The book I found at a bookstore. It is old and printed in Germany. It tells of the life of King Ludwig.

Anyway, these are just a few of my treasures.

On a side note about those refried beans. My sister who lives in Texas called me this morning and told me how to make the beans taste good. So as soon as I attempt beans again I will let you all know how they came out and share the recipe.

Until next time..............

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Just a quick post.

Had to go get chicken feed and hay and while I was at the feed store I ordered chicks. On order are 13 Americaunas, 6 assorted Bantams and 5 Guineas! Had no intention of ordering Guineas but all of a sudden Lynn's posts over at  popped into my mind. She has had quite the little adventure with her Guineas, so figured why the heck not get some of my own. 

I don't know much about Guineas other than they make great watch birds and they eat snakes. Heck, I didn't know squat about chickens until two years ago when I got my first, I suppose, flock of them. Figured I learned about chickens with the help of my sister and blog friends, I can learn about Guineas.

And since I already have donkeys guarding the pasture areas, having watch birds by the house would be a good idea. We'll see if it turns out to be a good idea or not.

The lady who took my order asked if I wanted to order any turkeys. Um, a big resounding negative on that one! I'll leave the turkeys to John at and Joanna at

I welcome any and all advice you would care to share about what you know about Guineas.

Oh, in case anyone was wondering how the homemade refried beans came out, I can describe them in one word..........bland!  So, what I am going to do is look at the ingredients on a can of refried beans and go from there.  Maybe the next batch will have some taste! lol

Until next time........................

Monday, January 17, 2011

Love a productive day!

I just love a productive day. This morning after feeding and watering the horses and donkeys I heard the familiar sound of a resident hawk. And this one was close! A quick check to see where the chickens were ( all hiding under my truck) the hawk flew right overhead onto a tree. I ran inside to get the camera hoping he would still be there. Yup, still sitting on the branch. It isn't a very good pic. He is in the center of the pic. Inching my way closer to get a better pic he flew off.

I had put off long enough setting up a space for my little office.  With the help of one of my daughters, we carried the roll top desk in. Now that I actually have an 'office' again I can get back to business selling on eBay.

I also set up the plastic garbage containers out in the breezeway for recycling. Time to get back to recycling!

For awhile now I have  been wanting to make my own homemade refried beans. Have never made them before but with the price of refried beans per can, my thought was to make my own, then freeze in small containers to have on hand when needed. They are still cooking in the slow cooker.  Later today they will be mashed a bit then tasted. Hmmmm, wonder how they will come out! If they are gross, looks like the chickens or the wildlife up on the hill will get them.

Was finally able to catch up on all the laundry and even put it all away!

Started organizing the garage/store room since when we moved in we didn't organize anything out there. While out there I found a box of books so brought them into the house and actually put them onto the bookshelf! 

I changed my mind on what breed of chickens I'm going to get. Instead of Buff Orpingtons I will order some Americaunas. Since they come in different colors ( egg color is a bonus) and they are excellent layers, it seems the perfect choice. I have also come to the conclusion that I will have to start selling the eggs to help pay for the feed. I feel bad having to do it with so many people struggling, but if I don't charge as much as other people do, well, then it will be a win win situation for everyone.  

Ozzy has the right idea. This is what I feel like doing now, but can't. Still have animal evening chores to do, cook dinner, mash the beans, etc.....

I really do love a productive day!

Until ext time.......................

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Sorry no pics for today's post.

Yesterday it was up on one of the hills behind the house for more firewood. We are only cutting the dead trees that have either fallen or are still standing but have died. I just cannot bring myself to cutting down a beautiful live tree no matter the species of it. Mother Nature is providing enough dead wood.

While on the hill cutting trunks into manageable pieces a family of I think, large field mice was disturbed from inside the cavity. At first there was only one mouse, but then a second and third appeared obviously scared, not knowing which way to go. All cutting stopped. As I stood there and watched this family of mice I couldn't help but feel bad for disturbing their home. They were so frightened. They didn't understand what was going on. So, I decided that the cutting of the trunk was to be stopped and we would move on. I put what was left of the trunk ( we had already taken most of it before seeing the family) into a pile, apologized to the little family and off we went. I'm sure some of you think it was crazy to leave good burnable wood behind just for a family of mice, but I just couldn't in all conscientious disturb them and the life they know. There is more dead wood up there. From now on I will pay closer attention to see if a family of who knows what is residing in the wood.

Until next time.............

Friday, January 14, 2011

Looking in the dining room window

As I was sitting here at the dining table catching up on some paperwork, a glance to the left and I see Aristotle peeking in from outside.

Then there were three! Little Inger ( white) and Benjamin ( right) wanted to see what Aristotle was so interested in.

Then there were four!
If you are wondering what all the tape is at the bottom of the window it is thanks to the inside cats who keep thinking they can jump onto the sill even though there is plastic over the window.

Little Inger.

Who needs a television when there is entertainment like this!

                               Another busy weekend ahead. Yup, more wood!

                               Until next time......................

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Horses and humor coming back

Yesterday as I was feeding, Pewter was trotting behind the Gator and the next thing I know her left back leg slipped out from under her and she almost hit the ground. Her leg kind of twisted so immediately I checked it out. All is fine. Thank goodness.  

Day before yesterday, again at feeding time, Hoody was running towards the Gator all excited and the next thing I see is all four of his feet came out from under him, he hit the ground so hard his whole body rolled over! He was up in an instant. Looked at me to ask if I knew what happened. Thank goodness he is also fine.

To watch the horses and donkeys at feeding time you would think they were never fed by how excited they get! They are fed hay twice a day, are on pasture 24/7, fresh clean water daily, yet they behave like they have never seen a bale of hay!

Yup, that's me being silly up on one of the hills getting firewood! My sense of humor is coming back! The other day I had to make a trip to town with my middle daughter. We went into a grocery store and there inside the entrance was a display of palm plants. As my daughter walked off I hid behind the display having the leaves give me cover. She turned around to see where I was. We both starting laughing. She shook her head and told me she was glad my humor was back. Although two store employees stopped what they were doing and asked if everything was okay ( although they were also laughing at my antic). As I walked by them, I told them yes everything was fine, that I was not a nut case and if they wanted to walk around the store with me they were more than welcome. They declined and thanked me for a good laugh.
Oh, in this pic I am wearing a pair of thermal pants, jeans, sweatshirt, flannel shirt and rain gear along with a beanie.

A hawk got one of my little speckled hens. Living very rural things like this are going to happen. 

One of the outside cats either got into a fight or just got something in her eye. Thankfully the animal medicine cabinet has just about everything in it so now she gets eye ointment for a few days until her eye is cleared up.

I have decided on getting  10 Buff Orpingtons chicks and three either Black Silkies or Frizzle Bantams.

Haven't seen Creepy Guy for awhile.

Oh, speaking of a sense of humor coming back. I have decided come tourist season and when the tour buses drive by, well, the passengers are going to get a good laugh or they will be shaking their heads wondering what kind of people live in Oregon! I have several ideas brewing in my head as to what to do.

Welcome back sense of humor!

Until next time.......................

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Does it ever end!

If there is a day that is dull and boring I would have to ask why. Seems there is always something going on here that keeps me on my toes.

Somehow I got poison oak in winter from going up on the hills behind the house getting wood. Being highly allergic to the stuff and knowing the signs of it  I can get a handle on it before having to go to the doctor and getting a shot. But it really is a pain in the ass!

Last evening the four goats decided they wanted to explore so they all squeezed under the panels I put up and started checking everything out. Trying to convince the girlie goats that for their own safety they needed to stay in the pasture with the horses and donkeys turned out to be quite the challenge. They were insisting on exploring where  I was insistent on them going back where they belong. After what seemed like an eternity ( mind you it was 30 degrees outside and the sun was going down), the goats finally decided to do what I asked.

Yesterday it was another day on one of the hills for more firewood. Better to have more than needed for when the day comes the temps are too cold to get up there and get some and you really need it.

Last night I swear every sound was amplified. The cats were arguing or getting into something. One dog was snoring so loud I am surprised it didn't wake the dead. So am a bit grumpy today from lack of sleep.

This morning my youngest daughter calls me to tell me that her boyfriend broke up with her last night because she wouldn't have sex with him!!! She is standing her ground and will not 'give it up' to just anyone until she knows for certain she is in a true relationship. I am very proud of her for keeping to her promise.

Yesterday afternoon the chickens, who have lots of acreage to go, decided to duck under the driveway gate and go right next to the road! And the road is actually a scenic highway so there is a lot of traffic. I can only imagine what the traffic will be like come summer time! Between the wineries that surround the area here, the lake and river, and just folks taking the scenic route, I can see lots of vehicles passing by everyday. Hmmm, maybe I will have to have some fun with the tourists as they pass by!

Okay, I have vented and whined enough!

So, how has your weekend been so far?

Oh, I was asked who the pinto is in the video. Click here and you will meet the big goober and how he came into my life.

Until next time..................................

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Video of the horses and donkeys at feeding time

It's been awhile since I've posted a video. Thought you might enjoy watching evening feeding. Oh, the old lady you see, well, that's me! :)

Until next time.......................

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Free to dream

With all the hype about the mega millions lottery on the news and the Internet, one just can't help but dream about 'what if'.
With that much money, even after taxes, this is what I would do with it.
First thing would be to buy a huge piece of horse property. I'm talking thousands of acres complete with barns, medical facility, etc... It would be a rescue facility for horses, donkeys and any other animal that needs a place to live the rest of their lives in peace.

And on the property there would be set aside property just for Mustangs. Our Mustangs are slowly becoming extinct due to greed and other factors. A gal by the name of Madeleine Pickens has a sanctuary just for the Mustangs. She is an incredible lady.

On the same piece of property, I would set up an exotic facility for unwanted, abused, etc.. wildlife for my dear friend Rachael   at whose passion is rescuing and rehabilitating  all animal life.  She is also an animal educator. She is crazy about Lions! And reptiles! 

After securing and outright buying the land, then it would be to pay off mortgages of everyone I know. Then they would never ever have to go through the loss of their homes.

Every animal shelter/rescue facility ( dogs, cats, horses, goats, etc...) would receive a truckload of food sent anonymously. Yeah, I know, there are thousands of animal shelters. But in those shelters are animals that need to eat which in turn helps the shelter financially at least for a short while.

After everything was settled, a huge party would be held. For those who couldn't drive to it, well, then they would be flown in! And in case you are wondering, you all would be invited! Now wouldn't that be fun!!!

There is so much more I would do.

Ah, the fun of it being free to dream big dreams!

What would you do if you won mega millions?

Until next time.................

Monday, January 3, 2011

A lot happens in two days!

Sorry once again for no pictures.

The past two days have been quite eventful.

One of my dearest friends called me yesterday to let me know her 16 year old son was in ICU at the hospital. Turns out her son did something over the top stupid and it nearly cost him his life.
He went to a concert New Years Eve with some friends. To make a long story short he took throughout the evening 2 of those Ecstasy pills, smoked pot and drank some wine. Then he and the friends went to another friends house where a party was going on. He decided during the wee morning hours to get into his vehicle and drive home. Thankfully his vehicle did not start. So, one of his friends got behind the wheel and they all decided to go to another friends house where they would be able to fix whatever was wrong with his vehicle. While on the way over, her son, who was in the backseat, went into seizures.  One of the friends mothers were home, saw what was happening, called 911 and he was rushed to the hospital where he remained in ICU until yesterday evening.

I just received a text message from my friend letting me know that her son had been released and they were on their way home. Time will tell if there is any permanent damage. 

The mail lady was thankful for the two boxes of plastic bags. Come to find out the post office no longer supplies the carriers with plastic bags anymore! 

Yesterday the rest of the logs were split and stacked. This coming weekend it looks like more firewood will be hauled down. That's okay though. I keep having visions of a nice toned summer bod! 

After stacking the firewood it was off to town in what I had hoped would be a rather short trip. Nope, turned into an almost four hour trip. But I got everything needed so won't be having to go to town again until this weekend when it is grocery shopping time! 

While I was in a store I saw a gal who had stopped by at one of our moving sales at the old house. So I stopped to see how she and her husband were doing. The last time we had spoke with each other they were on the brink of losing their house. Turns out they did lose their house a month after I lost mine. And what really is sad is the mortgage company kept telling them that they were reviewing their paperwork for the home loan modification up to the day of the auction! She found out they had lost their house when the realtor showed up to take pictures of the property. She told him what the mortgage company had said and he asked her if she knew that the house had reverted back to the bank that same morning! How's that for finding out you lost your house!  She told me she was so worried about me and the animals and didn't know where we had moved. I told her about this place, gave her my address and invited her to come and visit. She always loved seeing the donkeys in the pasture at the old house. My heart just aches for her ( and anyone else who has lost or is losing their home).

I have asked around about Creepy Guy and no one seems to know anything about him.

Today has been catch up on the house cleaning, laundry, cleaning the chicken coop, scrubbing water troughs, etc..... 

Tomorrow my oldest daughter is coming over to help put up some livestock panels so I can enlarge the pasture for the horses and donkeys. They have eaten down the pasture pretty good.

In the morning I am going to catch up with all of you to see what the heck has been happening in your lives.

Until next time.............................

Saturday, January 1, 2011

By Summer.......

Sorry, no pics today. Have been up on one of the hills behind the house cutting down dead trees, cutting them into logs, rolling/throwing the logs down the hill, loading the logs up, driving to the house and then stack the wood.

Spent six hours up there! Just made some pancakes. Then a thought popped into my head.

If I keep this up, there might be a chance by this summer that I will be in really good shape. To be more specific, to drop some weight and tone up. The thought of days long gone came to mind.

 Remember that one year in your life where you just knew that that was the year you looked your absolute best? My year was when I was 23. That was almost 27 years ago! 

I know, I know, those hard body days are in the distant past never to be retrieved. After all, skin isn't what it used to be, certain parts on the body are, well, giving into gravity, etc....

Hmmmm, guess we will have to wait and see!

Creepy Guy update. Haven't seen him for awhile until this morning. As he walked past the pasture one of the donkeys  was standing by the fence. Creepy Guy turned his head and barked at the donkey and kept walking!

Mail lady update. I left both boxes of plastic bags along with a note stating I didn't realize she wanted her bag back and please accept both boxes. That way when I receive a package, she will already  have a plastic bag on hand!

Hope you all had a very safe and most wonderful start to the New Year.

Until next time.........................