Monday, March 22, 2010

Neighbors' Dogs!!!!!

This morning has not started off well at all!!!! I had to drive up to the feed store and when I pulled into my driveway I see the one neighbor boy with a dog by my chicken coop. Then I see what appears to be one of my hens laying next to the coop.
We kind of have a long drive so by the time I pulled up to the house, I saw that one of my hens was indeed dead next to the coop. The neighbor girl was at the front door apparently ringing the door bell. She looked right at me and informed that they had just got a new dog yesterday and it got loose and you guessed it, came straight over here. Which meant it had to jump the fence. The little boy had put a leash on the dog by this time but it wasn't doing a lot of good. The dog was lunging and trying to get my cats!!!! By this time I had had it. Here it is their dog had just killed one of my hens and now was trying to get my cats! Completely uncontrollable dog! Then she looks right at me and asks if I would help her get the dog back over the fence!!! That was the last straw. I looked right at her and told her that her f***ing dog came onto my property and killed one of my hens and then tried going after my cats! I asked her if my chickens or dogs go onto their property! Uh, no!!!!! I told her to walk her damn dog down the driveway, around the fence line and take it home and keep the damn thing there! ( I did apologize for using the 'F' word in front of the young boy. She said she was sorry and walked back next door with that dog!
This is Jan who was killed by the dog. I found feathers all over the hay barn along with pieces of her! She had marks and missing pieces everywhere except for where her hen apron was. I felt so bad. I am guessing she tried getting to the safety of the coop but with the chicks I keep it closed during the day because the chicks aren't old enough to come out yet.
Then I realized I couldn't find my other chickens so I started hollering for them. I found them all except for Stew Pot. They were shaken up but thankfully unharmed. I put every one back into the coop to realize I didn't see or hear Little Inger, Bonnie or any of the chicks! When I walked into the chicken house there they all were huddled up into the furthest corner. They were all so scared. So, I calmed down all the chickens and chicks and went searching for Stew Pot.
It took some time before I finally found him. I kept hollering his name and lo and behold he started crowing! I followed the sound and found him across the road very upset. So, how to get him to come back across the road without getting hit by a car. Across the street I went hoping that he would either follow me back or I could get him across by shoo'ing him across. After a few minutes we both made it across the street and he took off straight to the coop. Other than a few ruffled feathers he is fine.
Can you tell I am really ticked?! The neighbors get a new dog ( when they have three already they keep in outside kennels and do nothing with), and I lose one of my best hens. I feel so bad I wasn't here to help her. Now I am nervous about letting them out at all. But I can't keep them locked up, that wouldn't be right.
Oh, and I accidentally washed one of the gate openers this morning! Wonder what else the rest of the day holds!
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  1. this happened to me 2 years ago and I lost 5...
    I think you were very restrained with this woman!!

    i would have belted her!!!
    so sorry AJ

  2. I'm so sorry that you lost your Jan. And, I would have been steaming mad, also. Don't feel bad for giving her a tongue lashing.

  3. Oh, I am so sorry! What a sad time! I have never experienced any of my hens going thru this, it would tear me up to know what she went thru. Jan was beautiful, and she looked so young... I hope the other chickens are ok. Do you think Stew Pot tried to fight off the dog? Don't roos fight when their hens are threatened?
    Keep us informed of how everyone is doing...

  4. Yup...I understand...but I would of took it out on the dog and gave him my sternest scolding that would of sent him home packin. I have had each one of my dogs..somewhere along the line, get a chicken. I give them a wailing after they never forget, but I have never used a hand on them nor a lash or even touched them. I let the fury of my chasing Them all around and scare the bejeebas out of them by just scolding like the dickens and hitting the ground with a whip or a branch. Plus it lets out alot of my pent up hostility. When I raise my voice around my place to scold someone..THEY LISTEN UP!! Dogs have a natural curiosity and a worse instinct to kill birds and it takes the Pack Dog to keep them at bay. I am sure the girl probably feels horrible and it was honorable that she stuck around and told you. I am sure you are just heartsick for your loss and I know the feeling. I would put a whip by the door and stand guard and the minute you see that dog venture onto your property , start smacking the ground and scare the crap out of him. He won't be back after just a couple times and THEY DO learn. I know!!

  5. Sorry to hear about your chicken. I guess it goes back to your post from yesterday all over again about being a responsible owner of animals. Just shaking my head at people sometimes. Glad all the other chicks are ok though!
    Don't feel bad about your language.

  6. John-- I sure felt like belting something! I did however get in the dogs face and tell it to knock it off. I am pretty sure I scared the crap out of the little boy with my language. When I get that mad my voice lowers and my teeth are pretty much clenched. Sorry to hear about yours.


    Lynn-I think that is what bothers me the most is the fact I wasn't here to protect her. My guess is yes Stew Pot tried his best ( there were a lot of his feathers too) to protect Jan, but the dog was too much.

    Deb--You actually had me laughing out loud envisioning you chasing a dog hollering and screaming with a stick in your hand. I actually did that to Stew Pot when he tried attacking me last year. The only thing I could think of was to chase him! He has never tried it since. You can bet if I see any of their dogs over here all I can say is that dog better run for its life! ( not that I would ever hurt it).

    Tina--Yes, it really does go back to yesterday's post about irresponsible owners. They should have been watching it closer especially since it is a new dog there. I shake my head a lot at people!

  7. Oh no! So sorry for your loss. That is one of my biggest fears about having chickens...not only neighbor dogs, but my own citified dogs who have never laid eyes on a live chicken. I agree with DebH's technique, and I got a big kick out of envisioning her chasing and screaming at a dog with a whip or branch but not laying a hand on him. Now, that is pure genius! I guess this is just one of those country-livin' lessons I would rather do without.

  8. Like you, I love dogs and all animals but I don't want somebody's else's dogs on my property. When asked about chicken safety, I'm always telling people to beware of neighborhood dogs first before wildlife predators. They're like, "really?"

    I think you made it very clear NO TRESPASSING, KEEP OUT which is good. I would have been extremely angry and brokenhearted at the same time.

  9. Aw crap. Cindy, I'm so sorry - sweet Jan. All we want to do is keep our animals safe. You did everything you could - I hope you are considering calling up your neighbor and having a talk with the adults in that household. It needs to be made really clear that you will not tolerate any of their animals appearing on your property again. ((hug))

  10. Sorry to hear about your chicken. Nothing "P's" me off more than people that drag in new dogs or any animal for that matter and don't even take care of them. We are having to tie Bo up when we aren't home because he keeps following the neighbors dog off. They keep dragging in "cute" puppies and when the new wears off, they turn them loose and let them fend for their self. She told my 11 year old she thought it was cruel to tie a dog up, my daughter said, "Don't you think it's cruel not to feed your dog." I hate tying my dog up, but my luck my dog will disappear and theirs will still be hanging around. That seems to be the way it always goes.

  11. So sorry to hear about Jan. I know that is heartbreaking. We try so hard to give our animals 'the good life'. People are really unbelieveable sometimes, esp. when it comes to care of their dogs. It just incenses me to read an ad in the paper that says--Big dog, free to country home, needs room to run. I mean, really? Then why not build a fence or something?? We had neighbors move in about a year ago. They profess to love dogs and even keep their dogs in the house--part of the time. The rest of the time they are out running up and down a busy road, who knows where they go, they aren't spayed. They've had two dogs die (one on the highway, the other from some neglected healthy problem, I think), since they've been here. Oh, but not to worry, they have since gotten another young dog, and joy of joys another puppy in the last few weeks. Jerks. I can only pray they can't figure some way to get into my property and go after the sheep or chickens.

  12. Cindy I am SO sorry to hear about this. My heart goes out to you.
    The trouble with a dog that attacks a chicken is that once they taste a chicken, they don't ever stop wanting it again.... we had this happen when I was growing up. Had dogs from the "neighborhood" come to our property which was several miles away and attack our chickens. Killed many of them. Myself, I have heard that a small gun loaded with rock salt has worked, some have used sling shots but they are not as handy. If I were you I would also contact the sheriffs dept. and file a complaint. The dog came onto your property and killed your livestock. There are laws against that. With that in place, then God willing the owners will be more careful to make certain that their dogs stay home. (Next time this dog may bring the others...) Also, with the complaint filed, you will have more leiniancy to use stronger force of protecting your livestock (chickens).

    It should not be this way, however there are times when we have to MAKE people be responsible for their animals as well as their actions.

    I'll be thinking of you my Friend ~ sending you giant hugs!


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