Friday, March 12, 2010

Little bit of this n that........and the answer

It is rainy and windy here today so am going to treat myself to kind of a day off. It feels like a good day to catch up on some reading. But before I settle in it is post time.

Just odd bits of this n that for today.

Do you have a 'strawberry' in your house? My best friend refers to a 'strawberry' as a piece of decoration in your house that just doesn't really belong with the rest of the house. Here is my sort of 'strawberry'. I saw this armadillo in a shop some years ago and for some reason fell in love with it. He really does fit into the western/horse theme here, but stands out because well, he is an armadillo. Yeah, I know he is cheezy! Ha Ha
Have you ever gotten into your vehicle or in close quarters somewhere and smell a funky smell? But you just can't figure out where that smell is coming from! It takes awhile, then you realize its you. Well, not you per say, but say like a......barn jacket that is in serious need of a trip to the washing machine! Yup, this is my smelly barn jacket that is being washed as I speak. Didn't realize it was that funkified until I drove up to the feed store and kept smelling a 'smell'. Pretty bad huh? :)

The answer to yesterdays post is a Ground Squirrel. Sorry, this is no prize to be won other than a pat on the back for playing the sound game.

And speaking of sounds. I have been trying for a long time now to capture Mike the donkeys bray on video. His is one of the more unique brays I have heard. This isn't his best, but it gives you an idea of what it sounds like. To me he sounds like a warrior calling out his battle cry.
The girls and their aprons are doing great. And they are working wonderfully. I caught Bob a Loo the White Silky Bantam rooster getting a quickie from Rachael, and not a mark was left on her beck! Yay for the apron.
Until next time.............................


  1. man ...I just laughed my head off...I sure needed that! The one at the end was hysterical! I need a ring tone like that! (and I am still chuckling)

  2. So it was a squirrel? OK.

    you should pipe some opera over to Mike the donkey, I'm sure he would love listening to some of it.

  3. Hmm. Your description strikes me that my whole HOUSE is strawberries... ;)

    Squirrel. Ahhh. I feel better now. Little stinkers drive my poor dog bananas on occasion.

    And about the coat. Been there, smelled that, so on. Especially when with aforemetioned dog.


  4. Deb-- Glad it made you laugh. One of these days I'll get his whole bray on video. Cracks me up everytime I hear it. Hadn't thought of putting his bray on as a ringtone, but am going to have to do that!

    Joanna-- yup, a ground squirrel. Hmm, opera music. Might have to try it and see what happens. :)

  5. Hah! I love the sound of a donkey's bray. And, yes, it would make a great ringtone.

  6. My "strawberry" is a ceramic King Cobra. Yeah, that fits in on a cattle farm. I bought it over 20 years ago, man how time flys. Just can't seem to part with it. I will get a picture of it and blog about it one day. But it is totally out of the place. Oh, I know that funky smell, my coveralls smell like that. The girls will say, what have you been doing,cleaning the barn. As for those aprons, your chickens look right in style. lol

  7. I am with CAT, my whole house is also a strawberry, well kind of have a theme to each room and I am sure each of them has a strawberry.
    As for the ringtone I used to have one on my phone of a donkey braying assigned to my husband's I need to say more? lol. Sorry...couldn't resist because it's true, nowadays I don't use the word donkey in vain anymore....:)

  8. Well, now i can say i Have heard a Ground Squirrel!!
    Our strawberry at the moment are childrens toys, everything else is away so it doesn't get broken, and i can't really remember what we have!!
    Love the braying!

  9. Thanks for the news about the apron - glad to know it works!

  10. Mike's bray is definitely one of a kind. I love the trill he's got going on.

  11. What a great post. Mike's bray sounded typical enough at the start, but the end just had me laughing! Mike gets an A+ for originality. :)

    The smell thing - yup, we can relate to that one too. ;)

  12. I guess I missed your apron post, but I'm so glad they are working. I will look for the strawberry in my house, can't think of it right now. Does that mean my whole house is also a strawberry, I wonder?

  13. did I win a prize?????

    I am on a roll havin been runner up on randy's blog??

  14. Aw, I love the armadillo - what a friendly looking guy and I love his boots! :-)
    Mike! What a lovely singing voice you have! :-) I just played this for Jim and he wanted to know what kind of "bird that was at the end". LOL :-)


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