Thursday, December 31, 2009

Some Highlights of 2009

Today is the last day of 2009. My goodness what a year! It's been one trying, tough, hard year for a lot of folks. Even though the road has been a lot of uphill climbing, there are moments amongst the pot holes that will stand out. Those moments that will make you smile and forever stay etched in your memory. These are just a few of my highlights throughout 2009.

My baby, Holly, graduated high school in the top 5% of her class. She started college in the summer.Talk about one very proud mom! She is one great kid!

This is my sister Connie and her husband Crea. They came for a visit in May. This is the first time we have ever met one another! After many years of searching she found me last year. By the way, she is a fantastic sister!

This is my dear friend Danni. She and her husband Jim came for a visit. It was wonderful. She has a heart of gold and her love for animals is huge. If it wasn't for Danni having her own blog On the way to Critter Farm, I would never have started mine. Thanks for the friendship and all the help.

This is the first, real, honest to goodness farm fresh egg ever gifted from the girlies here. Never had chickens before so this egg was special. And yes, tasted sooo good!

Can't forget Patti Cake, the mini mule. She is the first mini mule I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. She was an owner surrender. Never knew anything about mules, but I have learned so much about them. Way different than a horse or donkey!

The girlies when they were three days old. First time ever raising chickens. Wow, they are fascinating. Just love my girls.

Of course can't forget to mention the three other little highlights this year. Squirrel, Rodent and Jove those mischevious kittens!

2009 has been a great year for friendships, both old and new. Just to name a few.

Rachael, who is one very strong willed woman who stands up for what is right and who is there to catch you and lift you back up. You can read her blog, It's All About The Animals

Inger, who is determined and has so many strengths. Her blog is Deseert Canyon Living.

Bonnie, who is a go getter and adores her horses. Blog is Stasser Equine Blogging.

Sheree, who is one of the sweetest gals around.

Cindy, who has had a tough year but she forges ahead.

Kim, who had her world turned upside down but that didn't stop her from reaching for the brass ring.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, prosperous 2010!!!

Until next year..........................


  1. You ain't too bad yourself kiddo! Love you sis! Thanks Leo!

  2. They say that we attract to us who we are inside. Cindy, thank you for being you. You are more precious than you know. Hugs and a wonderful 2010!

  3. What a wonderful year in review! May you have an ever better 2010! Happy New Year from Razzberry Corner!


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