Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Squirrel and Chickens

Have you ever been busy doing something and then realize that something just isn't right? Stew Pot has been crowing a lot this morning. And it just seemed a bit closer than normal. I walked into the living room and this is what I see in the backyard. Stew Pot and the girlies have decided that there is new territory and they need to pick it clean.
After a few minutes Squirrel jumps up onto the sofa and realizes there are chickens in the yard. Hmmm, chickens in the yard!!

Squirrel is fascinated watching the chickens.

Oh look, here comes another chicken!
Sometimes the chickens remind me of a bunch of two year old children. They are always getting into something.
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  1. WOW - That's an incredible new banner photo...that's Table Rock, right? Beautiful! It was cloudy the day we came through, but it was still impressive.

    And that dern little dog...sounds like a good compromise to me, though. That lil' devil better mind his manners....

  2. Aw, great photos! Stewpot is SO handsome....the little midnight crower! :-)
    Cute how fascinated Squirrel is.

  3. The pic on the banner was taken from the top of the Lower Table Rock looking at the Upper Table Rock. Was hoping we could see our house from the one end of Lower Table Rock, but sadly no, too many trees from the base to our property to see.


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