Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kittens are a growin'

It's been awhile since you have seen pics of the kittens. My goodness they are growing both physically and emotionally.
Can you see how big Squirrel is getting? She is now a self proclaimed Diva! Just ask her! She has to be everywhere we are. Lately her favorite spot is right next to Holly while she is preparing for her finals.
Rodent is growing very well. Although, well, must admit quite the challenge emotionally. I still do not know if Rodent is a he or a she! When it is just myself at home, Rodent comes out and watches everything intently. With more time and patience, Rodent will come around and be just like the rest of the spoiled rotten animals here.

Last but not least here is Jovi. My goodness he has come around. He now curls up next to one of us. Is curious about everything we do. And thanks to Squirrel aka the Diva, he now knows when it is dinner time for us because he sits under the table waiting for a tidbit.
Next month all three are getting spayed and/or neutered. Whether Rodent is ready or not to be touched, well, getting fixed is going to happen!
Until next time.......................

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  1. Thanks for this kitty update. I was wondering how they were doing. They look so good and I think they are beginning to know how lucky they are to be at your house.


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