Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Daily Egg Hunt

Want to come along and help find the eggs?
Let's look in here because the girls like to lay in here. Um, nope, no eggs.
Let's look in here. Sometimes they like to lay here. Nope, no eggs in this one.

Come on and let's walk on over to the hay barn. Every now and then there will be an egg or two. Whoops, looks like no eggs here either.

Ah ha!!!!! Bingo. Today they decided to lay on the opposite side of the hay barn.

One last peek inside the coop. Just in case we overlooked a spot.
Good job in finding this egg. Thanks. I didn't think to look under the empty grain bag I keep in there.
Four eggs gifted from four beautiful ladies. Not too bad for a cold December day.
Until next time..........................


  1. Ok, that's funny you have to hunt around for your eggs! Most of my chickens are still too young to lay, but by the time they all start we hopefully plan on having nest boxes built in the coop for them. Hopefully they lay their eggs in them - but since we plan on free-ranging them, most likely I'll be hunting high & low like you for the daily gifts! It's great your hens still lay in the cold wintertime!

  2. Interesting. I never hunt for the eggs, I only pick the ones in the nests in the coop. Doesn't mean they don't lay else where though... we've found some pretty big piles of eggs that have built up over the weeks and when we do, they all get pitched. Right now it has just been waaaay too cold to let the girls outside so they stay in the nice warm coop and lay all of their eggs. Even during this cold weather I will still get 12-23 a day... not too bad when all I use is one or two. ;-)


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