Friday, December 11, 2009

Is it Snow? Or Freezing Rain? Hmmmm

Today has been an odd weather day. Clear skies this morning. The the clouds rolled in. Then it got dark. Then it started raining. Then hailing. Then snowing. And now freezing rain. Danni here is as confused as the rest of us are. Which is it going to be? Rain? Snow?
Yeah, everything is starting to turn white. But it really isn't snow. And it really isn't hail.

"Is it over with yet out there" asks Stew Pot.

This wacky weather had Little Inger confused so she kept 'talking' to me telling me she wanted 'up'. So I carried her around while I took some pics. All the while she is 'talking'. One of these days I am going to learn chicken language!

Until next time...................


  1. *snort*!! That's quite a 'do my namesake is wearing these days. Is it me or are her head feathers jauntily cocked to one side? lol
    And awwwww, little sweet.

    It's unclear what the weather is going to do up here...forecast is still saying that snow is going to start coming down around 4:00am.
    I'll keep you posted. :-)

  2. Oh Cindy, talking chicken is easy... just follow their lead and repeat after them, you'll learn! :-D Little Inger was probably telling you her toes were cold and she needed them warmed... just a guess as I didn't hear her myself. ;-)


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