Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mmmmmmm, warm oatmeal.

Now that is it very cold in the mornings, the chickens get warm oatmeal. Stew Pot is a bit disgruntled that Shortbus was checking out the oatmeal bowl.
All I have to do is holler "Babies" and the girls come a runnin'.

Wait, wait we're coming. Don't eat it all.

Ahhhh, nice warm oatmeal to start the day.
Today I mashed a banana into it.
Until next time.............................


  1. Lucky chickens. Practically getting breakfast in bed! Sure hope that we aren't in for a winter of frigid temps.

  2. Wow, Just updated myself with your happenings. Quite a bit of differnece in temps bewteen us. We are hitting the high hot humid temps getting around to 38c which i think is around 100f.. Our Winters very rarely get as cold as you are now. The lowest we get to is maybe -6c which would be around 21f for you. I find it very interesting at how cold you are and how hot we are, at the same time of year! Amazing!! Stay warm! :)

  3. Thank you for such a warm posting on my blog. You sound like my kind of gal! Compassionate to her critters! I snorted when I saw your post on warm oatmeal...those are some lucky girls! :) No doubt they will reward you completely!!

  4. I love your chickens! It's so cute how they come running like that!! I just came in from my chicken coop, where my little babies all sat in my lap & snuggled. People who don't have chickens just don't know...

  5. Little Chicken Inger is such a lucky girl! She and I eat the same breakfast now. How cute is that? I showed her picture to my husband and I think he thought we were a little bit nuts! He understands about dogs and cats, chickens...not so much.

  6. Awww, my favorite pictures is the second one down where all the girls are coming running! Hilarious!

    And Inger....Chicken Inger is absolutely delightful. She is the tamest, sweetest chicken. She let me hold her and carry her around when I visited Cindy...I didn't want to put her down! Such a sweet little ball of white feathery fluff! :-)


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