Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Wow, seems time has slipped right on by since the last blog. Ever have a light bulb moment? Today was a light bulb for me.

I was watching the donkeys being the individuals that they are.

Cookie, the pretty longear on the right of the above picture, is a bit different than the other longears here. She is always in your face. Has to see what you are doing all the time. Nothing fazes her. And I mean nothing.

When I am cleaning the stalls some of the donks have to come in and see what I am doing ( yeah, like it isn't something they haven't seen done before!) Well, they get in the way and I shoo them out. And they leave.

Cookie on the other hand just looks at me and stands there. Not budging.

It dawned on me that out of all the donkeys here, Cookie is the only one who has never known cruelty or neglect. Her previous owner gave her to us because she didn't feel Cookie was getting all the attention she needed.

All of the other longears have a history of abuse and or neglect.

I have always wondered why Cookie was differant than the other ones. No fear. No worries. Life is good.
The reason I feel she is different is because she has never known a sad day. The others all have. They are more leery, watchful, etc....
Funny how a light bulb goes on and then you understand what has been in the back of your mind.
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  1. It's good to know that they all have such a good home now. I'm sure they know it too, but life has taught them to be leery and not quite believe it.


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