Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This is not a sad post. It's a post about remembering the time that was gifted. A time that was shared with our animal family. Beavis 1991-2009 a good old cat.
Wyatt 2008-2009 got out of the house and hit on road

Spazzy ?-2009 got sick

Chicken Dog 1999-2009 cancer

Joey 1987 (?)- 2009 brain tumor

Otto 2008-2009 loss to Feline Leukemia

Kurt ?-2009 just disappeared

Winston 2008-2009 Got out of the house and lost to the road just like his brother Wyatt
And one more loss. No pic. Steven ?-2009 disappeared
Again, this is not a sad post. In fact it is one that is bringing a smile to my face because each one had their own personality and I was blessed to get to share their life with them while they were here.
May 2010 be a great year for all of you. May it bring health, happiness, laughter, prosperity and lots of memories.
Until next time.........................


  1. Wow, you lost alot of animals in 2009! I hope you don't lose as many in 2010! I know each of them blessed you with their love and personalities.

    Happy New Year, Little Farm with a Big Heart! May you be blessed even more in 2010!

  2. This brought tears to my eyes, so many losses. Your way of being happy for their time on this earth and their time with you is a better way to deal with all this loss. Happy New Year my dear friend.

  3. Wow. You did have allot of loss in 2009, but it is nice to be comforted by the joy they brought during the time they were with you. I hope 2010 will be a wonderful year for you and your family--four and two legged!


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