Friday, December 4, 2009

Freezing Days

Thought I would share some pics of what it has been like here in Southern Oregon for the last five days!

We have had freezing fog day and night. Haven't seen the sun in five, yes, five days!
This is what it looks like here. It's foggy, freezing, cold and just plain icky.
Now that it is very cold, especially at night, the horses all get their blankets. Even though AJ has her jammies on, her tail has frost on it this morning.

See the white on Pearl's mane and forelock? That is frost! The donkeys that don't have stalls to themselves stay in the breezeway of the stall barn, but yet there is frost on their manes and tails.

This is what the chicken coop screen door looked like this morning. There is frost covering it!
According to the national weather service we may, just may get snow Sunday evening.
Right now all I want is for this awful freezing fog to go away. Far away.
And if anyone is curious as to how Arnold is doing today. He is doing much better. Now he has decided he doesn't want to eat all of his hay. Although he loves his Purina Equine Senior!
One of these days I'll have to introduce you to all the special needs animals here.
Until next time.....................


  1. It looks very cold, with frost on the animals and chicken coop door! It's snowing here in Maryland today - I hate the cold!

  2. I'm sorry about all the worries over Arnold. I'm glad he is feeling better. How great that you outlined the signs of donkey illness and distress in your last blog. I'm sure that will help donkey owners out there.


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