Thursday, December 17, 2009


Today I was going to show you some of our 'special needs' animals here. But changed my mind. Recently I started watching a program on the National Geographic channel called Rescue Ink. It's about a bunch of 'tough guys' that banded together to stop cruelty, abuse, etc... When I first started watching it I started thinking that I wasn't seeing much in the form of rescuing animals.

Then the more I watched it and went to their web site I realized that they not only stepped up to the plate for cruelty and abuse, they step up and help their fellow man/woman care for the animals that they have. One episode showed the guys helping a veteran (who was in the hospital). They went and got the veteran's dogs, found them a temporary home so the dogs would be cared for until the owner was released from the hospital and could care for their dogs again.

I started thinking this morning that we can all help someone who is having a hard time feeding, caring for, etc.... their animals. Maybe your neighbor would appreciate a bag of grain for their horses. Or a bale of hay.

Or a bag of dog/cat food given to a friend who could use it to feed their animals.

Warm blankets/towels taken to a house where you see an outside dog.

What I am getting at is this is the season of giving.

We should all step up and help when we see someone struggling.

That bag of food, or cat litter, or blanket will really brighten someones day. Maybe even relieve a little stress for them.

If you don't know of anyone or any animal that needs help, there is always your local pet shelter or rescue organization.
Playing Secret Santa is always a good idea!!!!!!!

I know I have talked about this same subject before, but it really is something we can all do.

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  1. Wonderful idea Cindy!! Thank you. Why don't you post the link to your blog on your Facebook page as well?? It may help spread your idea further and faster! Keep up the good work dear friend!

  2. Excellent post and a good reminder. Not all animals need to be removed from their owners if the neglect is slight and of simple ignorance or something else we can help with. I'm sure many animals would prefer to stay with the owners they love than to languish in a cage or die in a kill shelter. Of course not all situations can be resolved that way, but sometimes they can. Sometimes the person doesn't mean to be cruel, but is overwhelmed with events, lack of finances or are just clueless. Instead of getting angry--let's all help if we can.

  3. I know your spirit of giving goes on all year long. Thanks for these suggestions and for always thinking of the animals who need our love and care.

    You are the BEST!

  4. Great idea! I always like to help out the animals who need it. We have 2 kitties who now happily live inside who once were strays, and one outside tomcat who refuses to let us near him, but we feed him food every day & night, and he appreciates it! Plus a racoon family who eat well because of us. When we build fences for our property we're going to see if we can help out other animals in need... Happy Holidays!! :)


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