Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sheets of ICE!!!!!

Yesterday's weather sure affected what was waiting outside this morning! Sheets of ice everywhere. Picture the ice on the windshield out on the roads. Our road hasn't been this quiet in a very long time! It's very enjoyable too!

Ice and icicles!

All of our vehicles have sheets of ice as well as icicles. Heck, everything here does.

Due to it being so cold, gotta make sure the girls stay somewhat warm and that their waterer doesn't freeze.

Not sure if you can see the differant tracks in the ice. This was taken last night when I locked up the girlies and Stew Pot. To the left are my boot prints. Down the center are chicken tracks. And on the left are kitty paw prints. It looked exactly the same this morning when I went out to feed.

According to the weather report, more freezing rain predicted for today. Although I am leaning towards, "Not going to happen".

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  1. It has rained and rained here and I'm not complaining even though the snow is gone for now, except for the higher elevations. We do need the rain and I love it. I hope the chickens stayed warm and that you don't slip on all that ice. Take good care.

  2. Looks like its time to keep the girls and Stew Pot in! At least until it warms up enough to melt the ice and snow... Our girls and boys have been in since our last blizzard, the snow is just too deep and its waaaay too cold... It should be warming up soon shouldn't it?? Stay safe up there Cindy! hugs

  3. Wow, look at those icicles!! We never got any precipitation, so the icy stuff completely bypassed us. The rain has hit though - it's coming down in BUCKETS!
    Good news here because the barn water pipes have finally thawed and I don't have to tote water any more! yay


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