Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just a Little Bit

My oldest daughter Jennifer set up donation bins around town at various places to help out our local animal organizations. Even though times are tough and money is tight people still managed to put a little something in all the bins.
These are just two of the bins that she picked up this evening before she came out here. In fact these were the last two that needed to be picked up.
All in all the generous folks here in the valley donated blankets, food, litter, toys, dog sweaters, towels, and a cat scratching post. Some items are used and some are new.
Tomorrow Jennifer is going to drop off the donated items to the various animal organizations here.
It warms my heart that even though people are having tough times, they still dig deep and find something to help the animals.
Until next time...........................


  1. Wow - I love that Jennifer is doing this. She is a kind soul just like her mother, isn't she? :-)

  2. That is so sweet of Jennifer to help the animals!! Merry Christmas to her!

  3. Jennifer is just like her mom, isn't she? And the entrance to your farm is just gorgeous in the photo above. How did I know you were a real Christmas person? Merry Christmas to you and your family and the critters.


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