Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

Happy 2010 to you. The start of a brand new year. Yay!!! The past couple of days we have had rain. A nice amount of it. In fact, enough to get our seasonal creek starting to flow. You can see it in the above picture about one third up from the bottom.
Today has also been pretty darn windy. I love the wind. It makes me think that it is blowing all the negative away. Which is very fitting because today is the first day of a new year.

And with wind comes energy. AJ ( purple blanket), Patti Cake (mini mule to the left) and Hoody in the background were all bucking and rearing everytime the wind gusted. Do you think I was able to catch a pic of them playing. Nope.

As I was standing there waiting for them to start playing again so I could get a pic, they decided to stand and stare and do nothing! Of course!! Ha Ha
Did you make a New Year's Resolution? Yup, I did. It is to find the humor and positive in everyday. Last year almost wore my optimistic attitude down, but not this year. Nope. Not gonna happen!
Happy 2010 to you.
Until next time...............................


  1. Isn't it amazing when they know just when you are getting ready to take a picture! Keep smiling and I love your positive attitude so keep that coming too!

  2. Similar to children when we try to get a candid photo! Cute pictures, though. Santa never brought my pony, so I love to look at your gang. Thanks.


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