Sunday, December 20, 2009

Grounded Chickens!

This is our exit gate driveway. You are probably asking yourself why I posted this picture.
See these beautiful chickens? Oh, and Shortbus on the left.

Such nice little chickens.

Beautiful girls who gift eggs.
Well, all of those beautiful chickens got grounded to their chicken house/pen yesterday.
They crossed the exit gate and were heading towards the road!
They have plenty of property to scratch but yet they chose to go pass the exit gate.
Talk about some unhappy chickens yesterday! Everytime I went outside they would see me and holler up a storm.
My reponse to them was,"You are all in trouble and are grounded for the day. So you just think about what you all did and I suggest that when you come out tomorrow that you do not go to the exit gate!"
I let them out this morning and they haven't even gotten anywhere close to the gate!!!
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  1. ...And people say you can't teach animals!!

  2. You sure have a way of communicating with animals.


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