Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another Small Step Forward

Rodent, one of the rescued kittens, who has been very shy and almost unseen decided last evening that being a part of the family was worth a try. Jovi, the grey kitten in the front of the picture has come a long way. I actually petted the little booger the other night! Although I have to admit it was kind of sneaky on my part. He had jumped up onto one of the counters snooping around and while he was perusing I ran my hand down his back. He didn't move so I did it again. And once more. The fourth time he arched his back the way cats do when it feels good. Well, that was it. He turned around, realized he had been touched and took off! Although he didn't go very far.
Anyway, back to Rodent. You can see him behind Ozzy. This is the first time Rodent has stayed in the same room as us for any length of time. Even after a few snaps of the camera he continued to stay there! Slowly but surely he is continuing to take baby steps forward. Wonder what he is going to do when the tree comes down. Hmmmm. Guess we will find out soon enough.

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  1. I guess he couldn't resist the spirit of Christmas at your house. They are so adorable both of them and Ozzy too, of course.

  2. Hi, just caught myself up. (i'm at ben's dad's house, with their working computer yay!)Sorry to hear about your dog :(. Your cats are beautiful!

  3. That is so nice that you rescue kittens. They are all so cute! My wild girl Shadow wouldn't let me touch her for the longest time. Now she loves to be pet, but only on her conditions, when she wants it. And never on the belly. So we always pet her belly when she's not paying attention - and she acts like she's been violated! Next up for her is holding her - she acts like we are trying to kill her when we try to pick her up! She'll come around...I hope your Rodent comes around, too!


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