Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Oh my gosh it is freezing!!!! Found out it was 11 degrees last night. It was 15 when I got up this morning. As I write this it has climbed to 28 degrees and it is almost 1:00 pm.

Thanks to no snow and really no rain to speak of we are still having to have water delivered here. We have two huge water tanks to make sure there is plenty of water for us and the herd. Frank, the water delivery guy was telling me this morning that all of the water hoses and the pump on the truck were frozen this morning.

As we were standing there chit chatting while the water was being pumped into the above ground tank we noticed that one end of his hose was starting to freeze up! And that was with water being pumped through it!!! Now you know that it is cold when you can actually stand there and watch it happen.

Before Joe, the farrier and Frank the water guy showed up I had to break the ice in the water troughs. The pile of ice on the right is from two days ago. The pile in front is from yesterday. Today's pile of ice is now on the left ( sorry didn't take a pic of that).

I bought a de-icer for one of the water troughs. Wanted to make sure there was going to be water available through the night for the donkeys and goats. I have never used a de-icer before, but I can say, "Man that thing works great!". No ice at all.

Notice no ice in this trough compared to the inch thick ice on the other trough? I am going to buy another de-icer for the other trough.

This hunk of ice came out of a 5 gallon bucket that I use for the outside cats. And this was after I brought it into the house and ran hot water over it!
I have now placed the chickens water bucket under a heat lamp over night so they have access to ice free water. It was so cold in the coop this morning that when Stew Pot crowed I actually saw his breath!!!!! I am seriously considering putting in a small heater inside the coop to at least keep the chill off. Already have a place to put it so the chickens can't get to it.
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  1. I like the way you retrofitted the deicer to your stock tank - pvc is such a marvelous thing. Those deicers are worth their weight in gold...which you might need when your electric bill comes. My bill jumps a dollar a day when mine is plugged in, so don't be "shocked" when you see yours!


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