Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Someone's Being Broody!

For the past week I have noticed Little Inger wasn't coming out with the rest of the girlies. Everytime I went into the hen house Little Inger was in the same spot. Since I am new to chickens I became concerned. When I picked her up to see if maybe there was a wound or if she had 'poopy butt' she got really upset. When I set her back down she just flopped onto her side and stayed there which really scared me. Oh no, not Little Inger.

I called Rooster who is an employee up at my favorite feed store and told him what she was doing. He giggled and told me she was being 'broody'. She wants to sit on eggs and have babies! I asked him if it was okay to let her have babies in the winter. After all, it's so cold. Again he giggled and told me to let Mother Nature take her course. If Little Inger wants babies, to let her. So, guess what? Yup, Little Inger can sit on her eggs and if Mother Nature wants her to have babies, then it looks like their will babies.
And look. Little Dog was in our driveway today! Fine. So be it then. So long as he behaves himself he can stick around.

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  1. I can't wait to see if she'll have chickens and what they'll look like! Somehow I missed your new year's posts and the horse pics. My dogs do exactly the same thing when I want to capture a moment, just stop everything and stare at me and the camera.

  2. PS -- Who is the little dog? What's up with it? Have you been discovered once and again by some critter in need? Love the way that just happens to you. Animals are sooo SMART!!

  3. what a goofy girl to be broody...but its all a mystery anyway. It will be fun to see how long she stays broody. It isn't a bad sign, it's a good one and shows she has more instincts than some of the hatchery chicks. Someone told me that hatchery chicks are losing their instinct in that is just sad! On the pup, he is pretty cute actually, I think you better name him Persistence!

  4. That is so cute that your Little Inger wants to have babies! How exciting! Good luck!


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