Saturday, January 16, 2010

Two Losses.

Well, 2010 isn't starting off so well. Can you see Cookie Cat inside the giraffe? Sadly we had to put her to sleep last week due to a tumour in her mouth which turned out to be cancer. She was estimated to be about 12. One Christmas morning some years ago I found her on our front porch. She was so skinny and scared and obviously had had kittens recently. I looked for the kittens, but couldn't find them. Someone had dumped her and her babies out like garbage. She sure was a cute little girl.

This is Apollo. It isn't one of the best pictures of him. He started having trouble breathing yesterday so off to the vet to find out he had fluid starting to build around his heart. Probably caused from a tumour. There was no cure so the decision was made to let him leave this world peacefully surrounded by those of us who loved him so much. Last year he was diagnosed with cancer in his eye and had to be removed. We started calling him the Pirate Dog. I know, not original. He was ten.
This is not a sad post. Just a tribute to a Cookie Cat and a Pirate Dog.
See you two on the other side.
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  1. I'm sorry for your losses. It's so sad to lose a pet, not to mention two. Take care.

  2. Thank you Razzberry. Have to agree, losing one is hard enough, but two in a weeks time is a bit tough. I am just thankful that there are lots and lots of memories, I was fortunate to share their years here, and getting to see them on the other side.

  3. Oh no....Cindy - I'm so sorry. I think Cookie was hiding from me when I was there, but I gave a lot of pats to Apollo, sweet boy that he was. I'm hugging you and D. and H. really hard right now, so sad for your loss.
    He was such a good dog.

  4. Thanks Danni. Cookie was hiding when you were here. She was afraid of strangers. Apollo was a really food dog. Big old goofball that he was.

  5. sweetie, i am so sorry for you! i know your pain but to have a double dose is awful! i lost jack then choo choo within two months. just know that your blog friends are thinking of you and i am sure your loved ones are too! prayers!

  6. Thanks Kritter Keeper. It really is tough as you very well know losing two within two months of each other. I have found although it is so heartbreaking, remembering the wonderful years we have with them sure helps lessen the pain just a bit.

  7. I'm so sorry -- there is nothing worse than losing a pet and then losing two of them so close together. I am sending lots of love your way,


  8. Its so hard when your pets are acually part of the family. Cyber hugs to you all

  9. Canyon Girl-- Thank you Inger. Hugs to you.

    Angela-- Yes, our animals are a part of our family as your are to you. Thanks for the hug.


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