Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Digging Ditches!

For once I did not heed the weather forecast. Last night when I checked, it said there was a 90% chance of rain. Yeah, right! Heck yesterday morning it said we were going to get 20-30 mph winds. Did we, not here. We live in what us locals call a 'pocket', which means we don't always get the same weather as everyone else here in the valley. But I do try to be prepared just in case. Well, guess what? Yup, it started pouring in the middle of the night. When I went out to feed, the water was running in mini rivers all over the place and the donkeys that have full run of both pastures were standing in the breezeway to get out of the rain. Out in the stall area it was flooding! Great! Should have been prepared. Darn it!!!
After digging ditches, laying down these pipes to make the water go into them and away from the breezeway, the standing water started to drain. Yay!!!! What a mess!

A quick update of Squirrel and Jovi after surgery yesterday. Here is Jovi getting ready to curl up by the heat vent.

And Squirrel just wanting to be near someone.
The surgeries went well and these two rascally kittens will be back to normal in a few days.
I have already been telling Rodent that next Monday it's his turn!!!
Until next time.......................

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  1. I'm glad everyone is ok now! ...Poor Little Rodent - his day is coming!


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