Sunday, January 17, 2010

Persistence and the cats

I have no idea what got into Persistence this morning. Even though he is not my dog, he is over here all the time. This here is Goat. She is a pretty laid back kitty.
Persistence is trying with all his might to get Miss Kitty to play. He tries and tries to talk her into it.

He even shows her how much fun it will be.

Aw, come on. Play with me. Pleeeeeeze!!!

Play, play play!
Right after I took this pic, Miss Kitty had had enough and chased Persistence right into Goat, who in turn took off after Persistence chasing him straight into Stew Pot the rooster who chased him off back to me. Darn camera wasn't fast enough to catch all that.
Persistence then looks at me as if to say. " Um, all I wanted to do was play. What in the heck just happened there!"
So far I have not seen Persistence near any cat or chicken after what happened this morning.
The more that little dog is here the more I am really taking a liking to him!
Until next time........................


  1. Ha ha! The silly doggie learned his lesson trying to play with the cats! But everyone needs someone to play with!!

  2. give him a home! he obviously likes your the best! such cute pics...

  3. yup....he is definitely working his magic..he actually does have alot of style. He really is looking for a play buddy isn't he and not having much luck trying to get the cats to join in. I can tell you I would ask the owners to just give him up at this point..You are Hooked! :)


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