Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Helping Herd

This morning after coming back from feeding I noticed there was garbage scattered about in the back pasture. How wonderful! ( notice the sarcasm there?) It's been pouring which means that the garbage is soaking wet and not going to be fun picking up. Not that picking up garbage is in any way fun! So, off to the barn to get a grain bag and a muck fork. There is no way I am picking up somebody else's garbage even with gloves on. Nope, not going to happen.

It sure didn't take long for the herd to realize I had a familiar item in my hands. Before I knew it they all started making there way towards where I was.

Um, hate to tell ya' there Pewter but you don't want what is in there. I promise you! Turns out the garbage was bathroom garbage! Don't worry, no pictures of that.

Patti has to see what is in my hands before checking out the grain bag.

Hey Patti, bring that back! She started walking off with the bag. And look who is over here again! Yup, Little Dog or as I have been calling him now, Persistence. And guess who is responsible for the garbage mess? If you guessed Persistence, you are correct! I caught him coming over from our other neighbor with a piece of garbage from their place. Thanks DebH ( Dakotagoats) for the suggestion of the name Persistence. It fits!!!!

A.J. and Pattie still checking to make sure that there still isn't any grain in the bag.
It took awhile to get all the garbage, but even with the herds' 'help', the job is done.
Until next time......................


  1. what funny pictures! I can see how interesting to the critters all that action was.
    And on that pup, I don't know what it is about that little rascal, but he sure could get under your skin...but in a good way! Gotta give him credit for bringing you stuff though, I think he must be honoring you in his little doggy way. He really must think your place is his place by better just keep him!

  2. DebH, are you in on the conspiracy here about Persistence? The fam and friends are all saying the same thing. Since he is over here all the time, and he follows me everywhere now, to just keep the little booger! Well, if he stays, he is going to the vet to get fixed!

  3. LOVE those pictures Cindy!! What wonderful critters to help and pitch in when you need it! :-D


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