Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Big Boys Get Into It

Every now and then the 'big boys' get into a fight. Ozzy and Trash are brothers. We rescued them and their sister three years ago when they were about five days old. They were bottle babies.
They are very close, but every so often a scuffle breaks out between them. Ozzy weighs close to 20 pounds and Trash is a close second.

When these two get into it, the term, " The fur flies" is literal. Fur was flying everywhere. My vacuum is going to love all that fur!

I usually let them work it out themselves so long as there is no bloodshed and it doesn't get really out of hand. Thankfully their fights only last a few minutes.

Once they get it out of their system, they each go their separate ways for awhile and before you know it, they are snuggled up to each other as if nothing ever happened.
10 days to go for eggs to hatch!!!!
Until next time.......................


  1. the other day, we had to give two bucks a time out, Dud in one stall, and Pappy in another stall, until all settled down. :-)

  2. must be that time of the year...father and son felines got into it at my princess received an eye injury when a new kitty attacked her...he is now with another family...i hate cat fights, they can end up with a hefty vet bill for us!

  3. Joanna-- Love that term " time out".

    Kritter Keeper-- I know exactly what you mean about vet bills. Which is why when any of the cats are going for blood or bodily damage I intervene. Although I can't always be there to stop the outside cats which usually results in abcesses.

  4. The pics are cute...they actually remind me of my two oldest kids getting into a dust up today.......


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