Friday, January 15, 2010

Stop it! I'll do it!! I mean it!!!

Ah, kittens! Stop touching me! Just stop it!!!!
I mean it! If you touch me again I am going to beat you up!

I am not kidding! Don't even think about touching me! You'll be sorry! I'll do it!!

I told you that you would be sorry! Now I am going to kick you butt!!!
Nothing like having rotten kittens in the house!
Until next time...................


  1. I remember when our three cats all got pregnant at the same time. All three had four kittens each. All within a week! We had 12 kittens running around in the house!
    The kids loved it, still talk about it. I learnt my lesson and got all three fixed after that. I will never procratinate again.
    I did find lovely homes for all the kittens as alot of friend took multiples from me. This ment that the kittens all had friends to play with.

  2. Beautiful kittens! Love it, thank you for the chuckles!

  3. Angela--12 kittens running around at one time! WOW!!! I bet that was so much fun watching them play. And soo cute when they were sleeping.

    Barbee'- Glad you got a chuckle from the rascally kittens.

  4. i love kitties and yours are adorable! so entertaining! my little bridget is irrestable too.

  5. Who just doesn't love playful kittens?!! Great pics!!

  6. Great photos, makes me miss my cats. Coyotes got both of our cats last month haven't found replacements yet

  7. Farmers Wife- Thank you.

    Kritter Keeper-- Yup, nothing like kittens being adorable. Going to have to go to your blog and see your Bridget. By the way, I really like that name!

    Razzberry Corner-- Kittens do have a way of making you smile.

    Jim Fisher-- Sorry to hear about your kitties getting caught by the coyotes. The coyotes used to come down, but since getting the donkeys, well, coyote problem no more. I hope you find new kitties to bring into your life real soon.

  8. I finally caught up with your last several blog posts. And I want to know if Persistance is now your dog. He/she is awfully cute.

    What I really love about the kitty pictures is the look of "I'm so above it all," from the grownup cat that's also in there.


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